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When you become a partner with Petra, you get more than access to great products to resale... You will receive the following benefits!

  • Same Day Shipping
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed
  • No Minimum Order
  • Free Freight on Qualifed Orders

  • Appliance Alliance will find your connectors and hoses and cables

Appliance Alliance™

Everything but the Kitchen Sink.

Professional installers need access to the right parts at the right times. When they need to find a partner they can trust for white goods and accessories, they join Petra’s Appliance Alliance™. Petra is dedicated to helping you directly with wholesale dishwasher connectors, range cords, washing machine hoses and more. Many items come in clamshell packaging for direct sale or bulk packaging to carry on installation jobs. We are the exclusive US distributor of Certified Appliance Accessories®. We work with you directly to get the job done right the first time—every time.

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Winter Is Coming & It's Getting Colder! Choosing the Right Heater May Not Be As Easy As Your Customers Think

Heating technology has come a long way since the crude fire pits of caveman days. Today’s customers face numerous options when selecting an efficient source of heat, which many will need for poorly insulated older homes, for other spaces like the garage or the office, or simply because they’re dissatisfied with the level of heating already available to them.

The choice can be daunting, but with winter fast approaching, it’s a choice that many will be making sooner rather than later.


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