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When you become a partner with Petra, you get more than access to great products to resale... You will receive the following benefits!

  • Same Day Shipping
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed
  • No Minimum Order
  • Free Freight on Qualifed Orders

110 Cords

Wholesale tools at the price you need at the B2B Store in Edmond, Oklahoma.
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  • Steren® CL-900-110

    AC/DC Switching Power Supply

    • Electronic switching power supply
    • Universal 110V AC 50Hz–60Hz AC/DC adapter
    • EMI suppression
    • Max output: 1A
    • Short-circuit protection
    •  Switchable output polarity
    • Universal output plugs
    • Includes adapter tips for compatibility with a wide variety of digital cameras & electronic equipment
    •  6ft cord
    • Part No. 260664
    • SKU STRNCL900110
    • Vendor SKU CL-900-110
    • Retail Price$19.99
  • Related Products Dishwasher | Washing Machine Hose
    Certified Appliance Accessories® DWKIT1

    Dishwasher Installation Kit

    • Kit contains:
    • 6ft braided stainless steel dishwasher hose with stainless steel couplings & brass stems; 3/8" brass compression x 3/4" MIP (Male Iron Pipe) elbow preattached on 1 end
    • 3/8" brass compression x 3/4" 90° FGH (Female Garden Hose) elbow with washer
    • 6ft UL® listed 110-volt AC power cord with wires stripped & tinned on 1 end & 90° plug on other end
    • 1-1/4" metal worm clamp
    • 3 yellow wire connectors
    • Cord strain-relief bracket
    • 5-year warranty
    • Part No. 250409
    • SKU DWKIT1
    • Vendor SKU DWKIT1
    • Retail Price$29.99
  • RCA 1103-1BKGA

    Slim-Line Corded Telephone

    • Works during a power outage
    • Handset volume control
    • Ringer volume control
    • Black
    • Part No. 250542
    • SKU RCP11031BKGA
    • Vendor SKU 1103-1BKGA
    • Retail Price$10.99
  • RCA 1103-1WTGA

    Slim-Line Corded Telephone (White)

    • Slim-line design
    • Works during a power outage
    • Handset volume control
    • Ringer volume control
    • White
    • Part No. 250543
    • SKU RCP11031WTGA
    • Vendor SKU 1103-1WTGA
    • Retail Price$10.99
  • Related Products Koblenz | Vacuum
    Koblenz® KC-1100

    Mystic Canister Vacuum Cleaner

    • 1,200W motor
    • Efficient floor-sweeping system
    • Maximum suction level traps dust
    • 3-stage filtration
    • Compact design
    • Mechanical suction release
    • Filter bag
    • Retractable cord
    • Includes floor & carpet brush, hose with coupling & tubes, pick-up tool & 3 bags
    • Orange/Gray
    • Part No. 293052
    • SKU KBZKC1100
    • Vendor SKU KC-1100
    • Retail Price$74.99
  • Related Products Homedics | Diffuser
    HoMedics® ARMH-110GY

    Aroma Essential Oils Personal Portable Diffuser

    • Waterless operation uses essential oils pad to release scent
    • Color-changing light creates a peaceful environment
    • 2 power supply options: USB cord or 2 alkaline batteries
    • 2 fan speeds: continuous or intermittent
    • Gray
    • Part No. 324458
    • Vendor SKU ARMH-110GY
    • Retail Price$14.99
  • Related Products Telephone
    RCA 1104-1BKGA

    Slim-Line Phone with Caller ID

    • Works during a power outage
    • Handset volume control
    • Black
    • Part No. 250544
    • SKU RCP11041BKGA
    • Vendor SKU 1104-1BKGA
    • Retail Price$14.99
  • Related Products Phone | Telephone
    VTech® CD1103

    Trimstyle Telephone

    • Requires no AC power
    • Last number redial
    • Incoming calls & ringer volume control
    • White
    • Part No. 268610
    • SKU VTECD1103
    • Vendor SKU CD1103
    • Retail Price$9.95
  • CyberPower®

    LX1100G PC Battery Backup

    • 1,110VA/660W capacity
    • Line interactive topology
    • Simulated sine waveform
    • 120V AC ± 5% output
    • NEMA 5-15P plug type with 5ft cord
    • 10 outlets (5 surge, 5 surge & battery backup)
    • Telephone, network & coaxial data line protection
    • PowerPanel® Personal Edition management software
    • ENERGY STAR® qualified
    • UL®/cUL® listed
    • 3-year warranty with $350,000 connected equipment guarantee
    • Part No. 335583
    • SKU CYBLX1100G
    • Vendor SKU LX1100G
    • Retail Price$119.99
  • Conair® HC1100R

    20-Piece Li-Ion Haircut Kit

    • Professional stainless steel blade technology
    • Li-Ion technology provides sustained power performance
    • 3-hour quick charge for 75 min of use
    • 15-min quick charge for 15 min of use
    • Taper control for custom settings
    • High-power motor for ultrapowerful cutting
    • Corded or cordless
    • Kit includes:
    • 10 guide combs
    • Barber scissors & comb
    • Styling comb
    • Cleaning brush & oil
    • Barber cape
    • Styling clip
    • Blade cover
    • Deluxe storage case
    • Part No. 274904
    • SKU CNRHC1100R
    • Vendor SKU HC1100R
    • Retail Price$71.99
  • Naxa® NT-110

    10" Portable TV & Digital Multimedia Player with Car Package

    • 1024 x 600 screen
    • Digital ATSC TV tuner receives free over-the-air HD TV stations
    • External antenna for enhanced TV reception
    • Plays digital media from USB flash drives & SD™ Card (max 32GB)
    • Supports JPEG, MP3, MPEG2, MPEG2_HD, MPEG4, MPEG4_SD, MPEG4_HD, H.264 & FLV
    • A/V input & external antenna input
    • 3.5mm headphone jack & built-in stereo speakers
    • Works with AC power, DC power & rechargeable 2,200mAh battery
    • Includes remote, stand, AC power adapter, DC car power cord, antenna extension adapter, external antenna & A/V cable
    • Part No. 330606
    • SKU NAXT110
    • Vendor SKU NT-110
    • Retail Price$129.99
  • Ultralast®

    3-1/2AA-B Replacement Battery

    • 3.6V
    • NiCd
    • Long-lasting
    • 400mAh
    • Rechargeable
    • Comparable to Lenmar® LENCBC316
    • Compatible with AT&T® 24027, AT&T® 4068, AT&T® 4905, AT&T® 4935, AT&T® 4952, Belkin® F8V182, BellSouth® HAC33013, Gemini TA248, Helios HS-C0302, ITT® PC 1510, ITT® PC 1600, Lucent Technologies 24027, Lucent Technologies 4068, Lucent Technologies 4905, Lucent Technologies 4935, Lucent Technologies 4952, Maxell® MCP3626, Northwestern Bell® 3200, Panasonic® KX-P372DH, Panasonic® KX-T150W, Panasonic® KX-T180W, Panasonic® KX-T3080R, Panasonic® KX-T3610, Panasonic® KX-T3620, Panasonic® KX-T3640, Panasonic® KX-T3702, Panasonic® KX-T3705, Panasonic® KX-T3710, Panasonic® KX-T3712, Panasonic® KX-T3720, Panasonic® KX-T3725, Panasonic® KX-T3730, Panasonic® KX-T3732, Panasonic® KX-T3800, Panasonic® KX-T3800R, Panasonic® KX-T3805, Panasonic® KX-T3807, Panasonic® KX-T3822, Panasonic® KX-T3822R, Panasonic® KX-T3823, Panasonic® KX-T3823R, Panasonic® KX-T3824, Panasonic® KX-T3832, Panasonic® KX-T3838, Panasonic® KX-T3848, Panasonic® KX-T3848R, Panasonic® KX-T3850R, Panasonic® KX-T3855R, Panasonic® KX-T3860, Panasonic® KX-T3870, Panasonic® KX-T3875, Panasonic® KX-T3908, Panasonic® KX-T3908B, Panasonic® KX-T3908W, Panasonic® KX-T3910, Panasonic® KX-T3912, Panasonic® KX-T3920, Panasonic® KX-T3925, Panasonic® KX-T3930, Panasonic® KX-T3932, Panasonic® KX-T3935, Panasonic® KX-T3940, Panasonic® KX-T3945, Panasonic® KX-T3950, Panasonic® KX-T3960, Panasonic® KX-T3962, Panasonic® KX-T3965, Panasonic® KX-T3967, Panasonic® KX-T3968, Panasonic® KX-T3980, Panasonic® KX-T3980R, Panasonic® KX-T4108, Panasonic® KX-T4109, Panasonic® KX-T4168, Panasonic® KX-T4169, Panasonic® KX-T4200, Panasonic® KX-T4200R, Panasonic® KX-T4300, Panasonic® KX-T4310, Panasonic® KX-T4330, Panasonic® KX-T4330R, Panasonic® KX-T4340, Panasonic® KX-T4342, Panasonic® KX-T4350, Panasonic® KX-T4350R, Panasonic® KX-T4360, Panasonic® KX-T4365, Panasonic® KX-T4370, Panasonic® KX-T4400, Panasonic® KX-T4410, Panasonic® KX-T4500, Panasonic® KX-T4550, Panasonic® KX-T4560, Panasonic® KX-T4600, Panasonic® KX-TC100, Panasonic® KX-TC109, Panasonic® KX-TC150, Panasonic® KX-TC150W, Panasonic® KX-TC155, Panasonic® KX-TC157, Panasonic® KX-TC160, Panasonic® KX-TC165, Panasonic® KX-TC170, Panasonic® KX-TC170W, Panasonic® KX-TC180, Panasonic® KX-TC180B, Panasonic® KX-TC185, Panasonic® KX-TC187, Panasonic® KX-TC187B, Panasonic® KX-TC190, Panasonic® KX-TC280, Panasonic® KX-TC280B, Panasonic® KX-TC282, Panasonic® KX-TC289, Panasonic® KX-TC410W, Panasonic® KX-TC415, Panasonic® KX-TC4169, Panasonic® KX-TC417, Panasonic® KX-TC4310, Panasonic® KX-TCC106, Panasonic® KX-TCC116, Panasonic® KX-TCC425, Panasonic® KX-TCM410, Panasonic® KX-TCM412, Panasonic® KX-TCM415, Panasonic® KX-TCM418, Panasonic® KX-TCM418B, Panasonic® KX-TCM420, Panasonic® KX-TCM422, Panasonic® KX-TCM424, Panasonic® KX-TCM440, Quasar® QT-A36A, Radio Shack® 23-281A, Radio Shack® 43-1020, Radio Shack® 43-1020A, Radio Shack® 43-1036, Radio Shack® 43-1047, Radio Shack® 43-1049, Radio Shack® 43-1049A, Radio Shack® 43-1050, Radio Shack® 43-1050A, Radio Shack® 43-1053, Radio Shack® 43-1054, Radio Shack® 43-1057, Radio Shack® 43-556, Radio Shack® 43-564, Radio Shack® 43-573, Radio Shack® 43-574, Radio Shack® 43-696, Radio Shack® 43-696A, Radio Shack® 43-698, Radio Shack® 43-774, Radio Shack® 43-775, Radio Shack® 43-775A, Radio Shack® ET 520, Radio Shack® ET 547, Radio Shack® ET 549, Radio Shack® ET 550, Radio Shack® ET 551, Radio Shack® ET 553, Radio Shack® ET 554, Radio Shack® ET 557, Radio Shack® ET 598, Radio Shack® ET 696, Radio Shack® TAD 1015, Radio Shack® TAD 1016, Sony® SPP-111, Sony® SPP-205, Sony® SPP-250, Sony® SPP-55, Sony® SPP-57, Sony® SPP-58, Sony® SPP-65, Sony® SPP-71, Sony® SPP-72, Sony® SPP-73, Sony® SPP-A11, Sony® SPP-A110, Sony® SPP-A20, Sony® SPP-A250, Sony® SPP-A40, Sony® SPP-A400, Sony® SPP-A450, Sony® SPP-A57, Sony® SPP-A60, Sony® SPP-A700, Sony® SPP-AQ120, Sony® SPP-AQ150, Sony® SPP-AQ25, Sony® SPP-AQ500, Sony® SPP-AQ600, Sony® SPP-AQ700, Sony® SPP-D15, Sony® SPP-ID300, Sony® SPP-ID400, Sony® SPP-M502, Sony® SPPQ-110, Sony® SPPQ-120, Sony® SPPQ-150, Southwestern Bell S60508, Tele-Phone TEL-5000, Tele-Phone TEL-5050, Tele-Phone TEL-6000, Tele-Phone TEL-6050, Tele-Phone TEL-7000, Toshiba® FT-1000, Toshiba® FT-1500, Toshiba® FT-200, Toshiba® FT-2000, Toshiba® FT-2500, Toshiba® FT-6002, Toshiba® FT-6003, Toshiba® FT-6003BK, Toshiba® FT6004, Toshiba® FT-6004, Toshiba® FT-6102, Toshiba® FT-6202, Toshiba® FT-6203, Toshiba® FT-6302, Toshiba® FT-6303, Toshiba® FT-6303BK, Toshiba® FT-6503, Toshiba® FT-6503BK, Toshiba® FT-6603, Toshiba® FT-7257, Toshiba® FT7505, Toshiba® FT-7505, Toshiba® FT-7515, Toshiba® FT-7515BK, Toshiba® FT-7517, Toshiba® FT-7807, Toshiba® FT-7907, Toshiba® FT-8900, Toshiba® FT-9003, Toshiba® FT-9003BK, Toshiba® FT-9066, Toshiba® FT-9506, Toshiba® RC002203, Toshiba® RC003029, Toshiba® RC004273, Toshiba® RC004362, Uniden® CT-301, Uniden® DX-3555, Uniden® DX-3565, Uniden® DX-4519, Uniden® DX-4534, Uniden® DX-634, Uniden® DX-8200, Uniden® DX-834, Uniden® DX85, Uniden® DX-AI685, Uniden® DXI860, Uniden® EX-155, Uniden® EX-200, Uniden® EX-400, Uniden® EX-442, Uniden® XC-1660, Uniden® XC1665, Uniden® XC-302, Uniden® XC-305, Uniden® XC-310, Uniden® XC-312, Uniden® XC-314, Uniden® XC-315, Uniden® XC-320, Uniden® XC-330, Uniden® XC-340, Uniden® XC-345, Uniden® XC-3510, Uniden® XC-3514, Uniden® XC-3515, Uniden® XC-351Y, Uniden® XC-3530, Uniden® XC-3545, Uniden® XC-365, Uniden® XC-600, Uniden® XC-610, Uniden® XC-611, Uniden® XC-615, Uniden® XC-645, Uniden® XC-6450, Uniden® XC-645C, Uniden® XC-660, Uniden® XC-714, Uniden® XC-716, Uniden® XC-717, Uniden® XC-718, Uniden® XCA-4500, Uniden® XCA-4510, Uniden® XCA-4515, Uniden® XCA-555, Uniden® XCA-556, Uniden® XCA-650, Uniden® XCA-660, Uniden® XCA-680, Uniden® XCI-665, Uniden® XE-355, Uniden® XE-365, Uniden® XE-660, Uniden® XE-665, Uniden® XE-667, Uniden® XE-785 AT&T® STB124, BellSouth® TL6156, CH Batteries - CT02-400, Empire™ CPB-403B, Energizer® P3302, GE®/SANYO PCH02, General Electric® BT-11, General Electric® TL26156, Jasco® TL96156, Lucent Technologies STB124, Panasonic® KX-A36A, Panasonic® P-P301, Panasonic® PQP 25F 301A New, Philips® SJB5192, Radio Shack® 23-281, Saft® STB124, SANYO 3N-270AA(SJC-1), Sony® 1-528-376-31, Sony® BP-T16, Toshiba® TRB-6500, Uniden® BBTY-0275001 & Uniden® BT-185
    • Part No. 333417
    • SKU DOT312AAB
    • Vendor SKU 3-1/2AA-B
    • Retail Price$6.49
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