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When you become a partner with Petra, you get more than access to great products to resale... You will receive the following benefits!

  • Same Day Shipping
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed
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  • Free Freight on Qualifed Orders

12v Lead Acid Battery

wholesale local pickup in Edmond, Oklahoma
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  • UPG™ 85968/D5719

    Sealed Lead Acid Battery (12V; 10Ah; UB12100S)

    • Used in UPS backup systems, spotlights, flashlights, exit lighting & other equipment• 12V • 10Ah • UB12100S
    • Part No. 165073
    • SKU UBCD5719
    • Vendor SKU 85968/D5719
    • Retail Price$47.79
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    UPG™ 85989/D5779

    Sealed Lead Acid Battery (12V; 8Ah; .250 Tab Terminals; UB1280F2)

    • Used in UPS backup systems, spotlights, flashlights, exit lighting & other equipment
    • 12V
    • 8Ah
    • .250 tab terminals
    • UB1280F2
    • Part No. 165070
    • SKU UBCD5779
    • Vendor SKU 85989/D5779
    • Retail Price$30.79
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    UPG™ D1761

    Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger (12V Dual-Stage with Screw Terminals; 1,000mAh)

    • For use with sealed lead acid batteries
    • 12V dual stage charger
    • Screw terminals
    • 1,000mAh
    •  14.8V fast charge
    •  13.6V trickle charge
    • Part No. 170535
    • SKU UBCD1761
    • Vendor SKU D1761
    • Retail Price$24.95
  • Dantona® CAM-322P

    CAM-322 Replacement Battery

    • 12V
    • Long-lasting
    • 2,300mAh
    • Lead acid
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Compatible with Intermec® 6820, Blaupunkt® CR-1500, Blaupunkt® CR-1800, Blaupunkt® CR-2000S, Blaupunkt® RTV-260, Bosch® VCC-516, Bosch® VCC-526, Bosch® VCC-550, Bosch® VRP-30, Canon® CR-30A, Canon® CV-T60, Canon® CV-T65, Canon® CV-T70, Canon® F-1000A, Canon® VC-10A, Canon® VC-20A, Canon® VC-30A, Canon® VC-40A, Canon® VC50A, Canon® VR-30A, Canon® VR-40A, Canon® VR-50A, Canon® YR20A, Canon® YR30A, Canon® YR40A, Chinon® CV-765, Chinon® CV-770, Chinon® CV-C70, Chinon® CV-C800, Chinon® CV-T122, Chinon® CV-T124, Chinon® CV-T60, Chinon® CV-T60G, Chinon® CV-T65, Chinon® CV-T7, Chinon® CV-T70, Chinon® CV-T72, Chinon® CV-T73, Chinon® CV-T80, Curtis Mathes® 768, Curtis Mathes® 770, Curtis Mathes® 772, Curtis Mathes® 773, Curtis Mathes® AV800, Curtis Mathes® BV773, Curtis Mathes® BV800, Curtis Mathes® BV880, Curtis Mathes® CV800, Curtis Mathes® CV820, Curtis Mathes® DV800, Curtis Mathes® HV773, Curtis Mathes® PV800, Curtis Mathes® QD00004, Emerson® VHS, General Electric® 1CVD5021, General Electric® 1CVD5021X, General Electric® 1CVD5023, General Electric® 1CVD5025, General Electric® 1CVD5025B, General Electric® 1CVD5025X, General Electric® 1CVD5026, General Electric® 1CVD5027, General Electric® 1CVD5028, General Electric® 1CVD5028B, General Electric® 1CVK5040, General Electric® 1CVM8080, General Electric® 1CVP5021, General Electric® 1CVP5022, General Electric® 1CVP5022B, General Electric® 1CVP5022X, General Electric® 1CVP5024, General Electric® 1CVP5026, General Electric® 1CVP5026X, General Electric® 1CVP5027, General Electric® 1CVP5028, General Electric® 1CVP5028B, General Electric® 1CVP5030, General Electric® 1CVP6022, General Electric® 1CVP6024, General Electric® 1CVP6026, General Electric® 1CVP6028, General Electric® 1CVP6030, General Electric® 2-9809, General Electric® 4020, General Electric® 4022, General Electric® 4024, General Electric® 5022, General Electric® 5024, General Electric® 5025, General Electric® 5026, General Electric® 5027, General Electric® 5028, General Electric® 5030, General Electric® 5036, General Electric® 5200, General Electric® 5424, General Electric® 5426, General Electric® 5428, General Electric® 5430, General Electric® 5440, General Electric® 5442, General Electric® 5458, General Electric® 5740, General Electric® 5747, General Electric® 9-6909, General Electric® 9-9605, General Electric® 9-9606, General Electric® 9-9607, General Electric® 9-9608, General Electric® 9-9609, General Electric® 9-9610, General Electric® 9-9805, General Electric® 9-9806, General Electric® 9-9807, General Electric® 9-9808, General Electric® 9-9810, General Electric® 9-9815, General Electric® CG-700, General Electric® CG-701, General Electric® CG-710, General Electric® CG-911, General Electric® CG-9805, General Electric® CG-9806, General Electric® CG-9807, General Electric® CG-9808, General Electric® CG-9809, General Electric® CG-9810, General Electric® CG-9815, General Electric® CG-9820, General Electric® CG-9825, General Electric® CG-9915, General Electric® CG-9920, General Electric® CV-8080, Grundig® VS-160, Grundig® VS-170, Grundig® VS-180, JCPenney® 686-5100, JCPenney® 686-5110, JCPenney® 686-5111, JCPenney® 686-5115, JCPenney® 686-5116, JCPenney® 686-5335, JCPenney® 686-5340, JCPenney® 686-5350, JCPenney® 686-6016, JCPenney® 855-8967, JCPenney® 855-9163, JVC® GS-1000, Magnavox® 8292, Magnavox® 8293, Magnavox® 8294, Magnavox® 8380, Magnavox® 8474, Magnavox® 8475, Magnavox® CV5320AV, Magnavox® CVJ310, Magnavox® CVJ312, Magnavox® CVJ320, Magnavox® CVJ322, Magnavox® CVJ340, Magnavox® CVJ350, Magnavox® CVJ360, Magnavox® CVK332, Magnavox® CVK342, Magnavox® CVK352, Magnavox® CVK360, Magnavox® CVK610, Magnavox® CVL335, Magnavox® CVL345, Magnavox® HVS125, Magnavox® VHS125, Magnavox® VR6570, Magnavox® VR8208, Magnavox® VR8290GY, Magnavox® VR8292, Magnavox® VR8293, Magnavox® VR8294, Magnavox® VR8380, Magnavox® VR8400, Magnavox® VR8450, Magnavox® VR8451, Magnavox® VR8453, Magnavox® VR8454, Magnavox® VR8455, Magnavox® VR8456, Magnavox® VR8457, Magnavox® VR8471, Magnavox® VR8472, Magnavox® VR8474, Magnavox® VR8475, Magnavox® VR8480, Magnavox® VR8484, Magnavox® VR8485, Magnavox® VR8486, Magnavox® VR8570, Magnavox® VR8572, Magnavox® VR8585, Magnavox® VR8590, Magnavox® VR8592, Magnavox® VR9143, Magnavox® VR9244, Magnavox® VR9246, Minolta® MV500S, Minolta® MV900S, NEC® V-200, NEC® V-30, NEC® V-300, NEC® V-40, NEC® V-400, NEC® V50U, Olympus® BP-3, Olympus® VC-104, Olympus® VC-105, Olympus® VC-106, Olympus® VF-BP3U, Olympus® VF-BP7, Olympus® VF-BP7U, Olympus® VX-106, Olympus® VX-307, Olympus® VX-308, Olympus® VX-403, Olympus® VX-404, Olympus® VX-406, Olympus® VX-407, Olympus® VXS405, Panasonic® 5800, Panasonic® 5850, Panasonic® 8100, Panasonic® 8410, Panasonic® 8484, Panasonic® 8485, Panasonic® 8500, Panasonic® 8600, Panasonic® 9600, Panasonic® AG-160, Panasonic® AG-170, Panasonic® AG-180, Panasonic® AG18U, Panasonic® AG-190, Panasonic® AG-195P, Panasonic® AG-2400, Panasonic® AG-400P, Panasonic® AG-450, Panasonic® AG-456P, Panasonic® AG-460, Panasonic® AG-6400, Panasonic® AGBP202, Panasonic® AGBP212, Panasonic® AG-BP212DX, Panasonic® AG-V50, Panasonic® EB-362, Panasonic® NV-5800, Panasonic® NV-5810, Panasonic® NV-5850, Panasonic® NV-8000, Panasonic® NV-8100, Panasonic® NV-8110, Panasonic® NV-8484, Panasonic® NV-8485, Panasonic® NV-8500, Panasonic® NV-8600, Panasonic® NV-9000, Panasonic® NV-9000A, Panasonic® NV-9600, Panasonic® NV-M10, Panasonic® NV-M1000, Panasonic® NV-M5, Panasonic® NV-M7, Panasonic® NV-M70, Panasonic® NV-M9, Panasonic® NV-MS1, Panasonic® NV-MS2, Panasonic® PK-700, Panasonic® PK-802, Panasonic® PK-805, Panasonic® PK-903, Panasonic® PK-956, Panasonic® PK-957, Panasonic® PK-958, Panasonic® PK-959, Panasonic® PK-973, Panasonic® PK-975, Panasonic® PK-976, Panasonic® PK-980, Panasonic® PV-210, Panasonic® PV-220, Panasonic® PV-2200, Panasonic® PV-300, Panasonic® PV-320, Panasonic® PV-330, Panasonic® PV-350, Panasonic® PV-400, Panasonic® PV-420, Panasonic® PV-425, Panasonic® PV-430, Panasonic® PV-460, Panasonic® PV-5110, Panasonic® PV-520, Panasonic® PV-5200, Panasonic® PV-530, Panasonic® PV-535, Panasonic® PV-5350, Panasonic® PV-5420, Panasonic® PV-555, Panasonic® PV-575, Panasonic® PV-5800, Panasonic® PV-5810, Panasonic® PV-5850, Panasonic® PV-6110, Panasonic® PV-645, Panasonic® PV-650, Panasonic® PV-660, Panasonic® PV-8000, Panasonic® PV-8100, Panasonic® PV-8110, Panasonic® PV-822, Panasonic® PV-8440, Panasonic® PV-845, Panasonic® PV-8484, Panasonic® PV-8485, Panasonic® PV-8500, Panasonic® PV-8600, Panasonic® PV-8650, Panasonic® PV-9000, Panasonic® PV-9000A, Panasonic® PV-9600A, Panasonic® PV-D1218, Panasonic® PV-D909, Panasonic® PV-M429, Panasonic® PV-S350, Panasonic® PV-S420, Panasonic® PV-S440, Panasonic® PV-S445, Panasonic® PV-S460, Panasonic® PV-S540, Panasonic® PV-S545, Panasonic® PV-S550, Panasonic® PV-S565, Panasonic® PV-S575, Philco® V1728SL, Philco® V1728SL01, Philco® V1728TL01, Philco® V1728TS, Philco® V1729TL01, Philco® VCR801AV, Philco® VCR802AV01, Philco® VCR807, Philco® VCR809AV01, Philco® VCR901, Philips® CPJ-360, Philips® CPJ-810, Philips® CPJ-815, Philips® CPK-834, Philips® CPK-855, Philips® CVJ-360, Philips® VE257, Philips® VE551XE, Philips® VKR-2000, Philips® VKR-6820S, Philips® VKR-6850, Philips® VKR-6851, Philips® VKR-6855, Quasar® 2100, Quasar® 5400, Quasar® 5441, Quasar® 5450, Quasar® 5451, Quasar® 5452, Quasar® 5741, Quasar® 5744, Quasar® 5748, Quasar® 5750, Quasar® 5751, Quasar® 5757, Quasar® VE257, Quasar® VE551XE, Quasar® VM-11, Quasar® VM-20, Quasar® VM-2100, Quasar® VM-21AC, Quasar® VM-22AC, Quasar® VM-23AC, Quasar® VM-24AC, Quasar® VM-25AC, Quasar® VM-26AC, Quasar® VM-27AC, Quasar® VM-29AC, Quasar® VM-34, Quasar® VM-35, Quasar® VM-37, Quasar® VM-708, Quasar® VM-709, Quasar® VP-2100, Quasar® VP-5400, Quasar® VP-5430, Quasar® VP-5440, Quasar® VP-5441, Quasar® VP-5442, Quasar® VP-5450, Quasar® VP-5451, Quasar® VP-5452, Quasar® VP-5740, Quasar® VP-5741, Quasar® VP-5742, Quasar® VP-5744, Quasar® VP-5747, Quasar® VP-5748, Quasar® VP-5750, Quasar® VP-5751, Quasar® VP-5756, Quasar® VP-5757, RCA® CVA155, Sears® 5367, Sears® 5368, Sears® 53683, Sears® 5369, Sears® 53691, Sears® 5370, Sears® 53703, Sears® 5399, Sylvania® 4520, Sylvania® 4525, Sylvania® 4527, Sylvania® 4530, Sylvania® 4540, Sylvania® 4546, Sylvania® VC157, Sylvania® VC4511SL01, Sylvania® VC4512SL01, Sylvania® VC4513SL01, Sylvania® VC4514SL, Sylvania® VC4515SL01, Sylvania® VC4520, Sylvania® VC4525SL01, Sylvania® VC4527SL01, Sylvania® VC4546, Sylvania® VCC151AV01, Sylvania® VCC152, Sylvania® VCC157, Sylvania® VCC159, Sylvania® VCC161, Technika C-5010, Technika C-6000, Technika C-6010, Technika C-7100, Technika C-7500, Technika CX-700, Technika CX-711, Technika CX-811, Technika CX-971, Wards® 10650, Wards®10651, Wards® 10652, Wards® 10687, General Electric® 41679, General Electric® 41825, General Electric® 41826, General Electric® 41827, General Electric® 41828, General Electric® 41829, General Electric® 41830, General Electric® 41835, General Electric® 41887, General Electric® 41888, General Electric® 41889, General Electric® 41890, General Electric® 41891, General Electric® 41892, General Electric® 41897, General Electric® 41981 Bosch® BA32-1, Canon® BP-100, Canon® BP-30, Canon® BP-30A, Canon® BP-31, Canon® BP-32, Canon® BP-E30A, Chinon® CV-BP-30A, Chinon® CV-BP-31, Chinon® CV-BP-32, Chinon® CV-BP80, Chinon® CV-BP82, Curtis Mathes® KB00003, Curtis Mathes® VSBS-0011, Elmo® BP-10, Elmo® ER-10, Elmo® PVB P80, Empire™ EPP-100C, Energizer® CV-3012, General Electric® 1CVA125, General Electric® 1CVA155, Grundig® BP-122, JCPenney® 686-5360, JCPenney® 688-2922, Magnavox® AR8378BK01, Magnavox® V80039BK01, Magnavox® V80086BK01, Magnavox® VR8208AV01, Magnavox® VR8245BK01, Magnavox® VR8294AF, Magnavox® VR9240AV, Magnavox® VSBS0011, Maxell - M1220, Minolta® BP-2, Minolta® BP-25, Motorola® SNN4139A, NEC® VB-30U, Panasonic® 2312AVBNC, Panasonic® 2312P, Panasonic® BP-80, Panasonic® BP-88Q, Panasonic® EPK1185, Panasonic® LC-S2012A, Panasonic® LC-S2012AV, Panasonic® LC-S2312, Panasonic® LC-SA122R3BU, Panasonic® LC-SA122R3CU, Panasonic® LC-SA122R3U, Panasonic® PV-BP80, Panasonic® PV-BP88, Panasonic® PV-BP88A/1H, Panasonic® VSB0011, Panasonic® VSBS001, Panasonic® VW-VB30, Panasonic® VW-VB31, Panasonic® VW-VBF2E, Panasonic® VW-VBM10, Panasonic® VW-VBM7E, Philips® AR8378BK, Philips® V80039BK, PowerDex PC1220, Power-Sonic® PS-1223, Quasar® VE551, Radio Shack® 23-187, Saft® RC1220, SWITCH VC4506, SWITCH -VC4530, SWITCH -VC4540SL01, SWITCH VC4545, SWITCH VCC151AVO1, SWITCH VCC-157, Sylvania® VC4540SL01, Sylvania® VC4545, Twin 23-0038, Twin TW1218, Twin TW620, Twin TW813, Twin TW909, Universal Battery UB1223A, Zenith® VAC905, Energizer® CV3012, Panasonic® LCS2012A, Panasonic® LCS2012AV, Panasonic® LCS2312, Panasonic® LCSA122R3BU, Panasonic® LCSA122R3CU, Interstate® CAM0260 & Forbatt FB1223
    • Part No. 333909
    • SKU DOTCAM322
    • Vendor SKU CAM-322P
    • Retail Price$47.99
  • Battery Tender® 021-0123

    12-Volt Battery Tender® Junior

    • For all lead-acid, flooded or sealed maintenance-free batteries
    • Complete 4-step charging program
    • Automatically switches to float/maintenance voltage after fully charging the battery
    • Solid-state 2-color LED indicates stage of charger
    • Sparkproof
    • Reverse-polarity protected
    • 12ft output cord
    • 5-year warranty
    • Part No. 229999
    • SKU BAT0210123
    • Vendor SKU 021-0123
    • Retail Price$39.95
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    UPG™ 85980/D5722

    Sealed Lead Acid Battery (12V; 35Ah; UB12350)

    • Used in UPS backup systems, spotlights, flashlights, exit lighting & other equipment
    • 12V
    • 35Ah
    • UB12350
    • Part No. 165077
    • SKU UBCD5722
    • Vendor SKU 85980/D5722
    • Retail Price$98.99
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    UPG™ 85977/D5745

    Sealed Lead Acid Battery (12V; 18Ah; UB12180)

    • Used in UPS backup systems, spotlights, flashlights, exit lighting & other equipment
    •  12V
    • 18Ah
    • UB12180
    • Part No. 165076
    • SKU UBCD5745
    • Vendor SKU 85977/D5745
    • Retail Price$54.99
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    UPG™ 85983/D5741

    Sealed Lead Acid Battery (12V; 5Ah; .187 Tab Terminals; UB1250)

    • Used in UPS backup systems, spotlights, flashlights, exit lighting & other equipment
    • 12V
    • 5Ah
    • .187 tab terminals
    •  UB1250
    • Part No. 165068
    • SKU UBCD5741
    • Vendor SKU 85983/D5741
    • Retail Price$19.79
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    UPG™ 85986/D5743

    Sealed Lead Acid Battery (12V; 8Ah; .187 Tab Terminals; UB1280)

    • Used in UPS backup systems, spotlights, flashlights, exit lighting & other equipment
    • 12V
    • 8Ah
    •  .187 tab terminals
    •  UB1280
    • Part No. 165069
    • SKU UBCD5743
    • Vendor SKU 85986/D5743
    • Retail Price$30.79
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    UPG™ 85971/D5744

    Sealed Lead Acid Battery (12V; 12Ah; .187 Tab Terminals; UB12120)

    • Used in UPS backup systems, spotlights, flashlights, exit lighting & other equipment
    • 12V
    • 12Ah
    • .187 tab terminals
    • UB12120
    • Part No. 165074
    • SKU UBCD5744
    • Vendor SKU 85971/D5744
    • Retail Price$43.99
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    UPG™ D1730

    Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger (12V Dual-Stage with Screw Terminals; 500mAh)

    • For use with sealed lead acid batteries
    • 12V dual stage charger
    • Screw terminals
    • 500mAh
    • 14.6V fast charge
    • 13.6V trickle charge
    • Part No. 170534
    • SKU UBCD1730
    • Vendor SKU D1730
    • Retail Price$19.95
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    UPG™ 85945

    UB1270 Sealed Lead Acid Battery

    • UB1270
    • 12V
    • 7 AH
    • Sealed lead acid AGM
    • Weight: 4.5lbs
    • Part No. 202934
    • SKU UBC85945
    • Vendor SKU 85945
    • Retail Price$28.59
  • UPG™ D1724

    Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger (6V/12V Switchable Single-Stage with Alligator Clips)

    • For use with sealed lead acid batteries
    •  6V/12V switchable singe stage charger
    • Alligator clips
    • 500mAh
    • Part No. 170532
    • SKU UBCD1724
    • Vendor SKU D1724
    • Retail Price$14.95
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    Dantona® CAM-350P

    CAM-350 Replacement Battery

    • 12V
    • Long-lasting
    • 2,000mAh
    • Lead acid
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Compatible with Chinon® CV-T63, Chinon® CV-T84, Chinon® VSBS0016, Curtis Mathes® DV700, Curtis Mathes® FV500, Curtis Mathes® FV600, Curtis Mathes® FV700, Curtis Mathes® FV800, Curtis Mathes® GV700, Curtis Mathes® GV800, Curtis Mathes® KV770, Curtis Mathes® QD00001, Curtis Mathes® QD00010, General Electric® CG-650, General Electric® CG-670, General Electric® CG-671, General Electric® CG-680, General Electric® CG-681, General Electric® CG-684, General Electric® CG-686, General Electric® CG-687, General Electric® CG-705, General Electric® CG-895, General Electric® CG-9902, General Electric® CG-9906, General Electric® CG-9907, General Electric® CG-9908, General Electric® CG-9910, General Electric® CG-9911, JCPenney® 686-6015, JCPenney® 686-6062, JCPenney® 855-8462, JCPenney® 855-8520, JCPenney® 855-8959, JCPenney® 890-1886, JCPenney® 890-1902, JCPenney® 890-2454, Magnavox® CK300, Magnavox® CVK300, Magnavox® CVK310, Magnavox® CVK315, Magnavox® CVK320, Magnavox® CVK321, Magnavox® CVK325, Magnavox® CVL300, Magnavox® CVL301, Magnavox® CVL310, Magnavox® CVL318, Magnavox® CVL319, Magnavox® CVL320, Magnavox® CVL325, Magnavox® CVM310, Magnavox® CVM315, Magnavox® CVM320, Magnavox® CVM325, Magnavox® CVN310AV, Magnavox® CVN310AV01, Magnavox® CVN320AV, Magnavox® CVN320AV01, Magnavox® CVR-325AV, Magnavox® CVR330AV, Magnavox® CVR330AV01, Magnavox® CVR335AV, Magnavox® CVR335AV01, Magnavox® VHS130, Memorex - 16-837, Memorex - SM4200, Memorex - SM4300, Memorex - SM4400, Olympus®VF-BP8U, Panasonic® AFX12, Panasonic® AG185U, Panasonic® AG-186, Panasonic® AG-188U, Panasonic® AG455, Panasonic® AG-456U, Panasonic® AGB202P, Panasonic® AGBP20, Panasonic® AG-BP20DX, Panasonic® AGBP20P, Panasonic® CV-3112, Panasonic® LC-SD122BU, Panasonic® NV-M3000, Panasonic® PV-500, Panasonic® PV-501, Panasonic® PV-502, Panasonic® PV-505, Panasonic® PV-510, Panasonic® PV-515, Panasonic® PV-6005, Panasonic® PV-602, Panasonic® PV-604, Panasonic® PV-6055, Panasonic® PV-605S, Panasonic® PV-606, Panasonic® PV-610, Panasonic® PV-615, Panasonic® PV-700, Panasonic® PV-704, Panasonic® PV-705S, Panasonic® PV-710, Panasonic® PV-7100, Panasonic® PV-715S, Panasonic® PV-720, Panasonic® PV-720D, Panasonic® PV-750, Panasonic® PV-760, Panasonic® PV-770, Panasonic® PV-800, Panasonic® PV-800K, Panasonic® PV-808, Panasonic® PV-810, Panasonic® PV-900, Panasonic® PV-900D, Panasonic® PV-908, Panasonic® PV-910, Panasonic® PV-918D, Panasonic® PV-940, Panasonic® PV-950, Panasonic® PV-960, Panasonic® PV-9600, Panasonic® PV-M620, Panasonic® PV-M813, Panasonic® PV-S70, Panasonic® PV-S760, Panasonic® PV-S770, Philco® VKR110, Philips® CCK310, Philips® CCK321, Philips® CPK-816, Philips® CPK-832, Philips® CPL-820, Philips® CPL-827, Philips® CPL-870, Philips® CPL-915, Philips® VE258, Quasar® VE258, Quasar® VM-21, Quasar® VM-32AC, Quasar® VM-33AC, Quasar® VM-700, Quasar® VM-701, Quasar® VM-705, Quasar® VM-706, Quasar® VM-710, Quasar® VM-710K, Quasar® VM-711, Quasar® VM-712, Quasar® VM-713, Quasar® VM-714, Quasar® VM-715, Quasar® VM-716, Quasar® VM-717, Quasar® VM-718, Quasar® VM-719, Quasar® VM-735, Quasar® VM-735K, Quasar® VM-737, Quasar® VM-745, Samsung® SC-F32, Samsung® SC-F704, Samsung® SC-F755, Samsung® SC-F765, Sears 53661, Sears 53662, Sears 53671, Sears 53672, Sears 53684, Sears 53685, Sharp - VL-L64U, Sylvania® VKC210, Sylvania® VKC221, Sylvania® VKC242, Sylvania® VLC218, Sylvania® VLC225, Sylvania® VMC226AV01, Sylvania® VSB0016, Technika® CX-921 Chinon® CV-BP89, Curtis Mathes® VSBS-0016, Empire™ EPP-130C, Energizer® CV-3112, General Electric® 1CVA156, JCPenney® 686-6023, JCPenney® 688-6023, JCPenney® 855-3026, JCPenney® 855-8611, Magnavox® V80096BK01, Panasonic® BP-50, Panasonic® LC-S2012D, Panasonic® LC-S2012DVBN, Panasonic® LC-SD122U, Panasonic® PV-BP50, Panasonic® PV-BP50A/1H, Philips® V80096BK, Power-Sonic PS1221, Radio Shack® 23-287, Saft® RC1250, Samsung® SV-LB6, Sears® 53991, Twin 23-41513, Twin 23-44, Zenith® VAC907, Energizer® CV3112, Panasonic® LCS2012D & Panasonic® LCS2012DVBN
    • Part No. 333910
    • SKU DOTCAM350
    • Vendor SKU CAM-350P
    • Retail Price$49.99
  • Kinetik® 40921

    HC BLU Series Battery (HC600, 600 Watts, 18 Amp-Hour Capacity, 12 Volts)

    • Designed for car audio
    • Sealed lead acid
    • Advanced Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology
    • More power per sq in
    • Vibration-resistant
    • Mounts in any position
    • Sealed & nonspillable
    • DOT approved
    • Non-hazmat
    • HC600
    • 12V
    • 600W
    • 18Ah
    • 6mm thread
    • Weight: 11.9lbs
    • Dim without terminal: 6.57"H x 3.01"W x 7.13"D
    • Part No. 269198
    • SKU UBC40921
    • Vendor SKU 40921
    • Retail Price$89.99
  • iLive ISB785B

    Bluetooth® Tailgate Speaker with Disco Ball

    • Bluetooth® streaming
    • Supports A2DP
    • Aux input
    • 20 FM station presets
    • Built-in speaker
    • 2 microphone inputs
    • LED light effects
    • Party disco ball
    • Roller wheels
    • Retractable pull handle
    • Battery lasts approximately 5.5 hours at 50% volume
    • Includes microphone, AC/DC power adapter & 12V sealed lead-acid battery
    • Part No. 293511
    • SKU GPXISB785B
    • Vendor SKU ISB785B
    • Retail Price$119.99
  • Michelin ML0728

    Michelin® Multifunction Portable Power Source XR1

    • 1,000 peak amps
    • 300 cranking amps
    • Bluetooth® connection
    • 12V sealed lead-acid battery
    • Jumpstarting protection: antisparking (via safety switch)
    • 8-gauge 40" jumper cable
    • 260psi air compressor with 24" hose
    • Analog pressure gauge
    • Air compressor protection: high temperature automatic shutdown
    • 200W AC continuous (400W peak surge) power inverter
    • Two 110V, 60HZ AC outlets
    • Built-in external fuse (replaceable) protects inverter
    • Fuse: 25A
    • DC socket: 12V, 10A max with auto circuit breaker
    • USB power port: 5V, 2.1A
    • 3.5mm aux audio input
    • AM/FM radio
    • 30-lumen LED work light
    • LED voltmeter
    • Resilient, high-impact plastic case with rubber tire tread armor
    • Charging time, AC: 48 hours; DC: 12 hours
    • Dim: 11"H x 12"W x 8.3"D
    • Weight: 16.4lbs
    • Includes air hose nozzle adapter tips & 12V & AC charging adapters
    • Part No. 335445
    • SKU WGNML0728
    • Vendor SKU ML0728
    • Retail Price$229.95
  • Related Products Solar Powered
    Wagan Tech® 7561

    Power Dome™ PLEX Jump Starter, Air Compressor and Inverter

    • Jump starter features:
    • Battery jump starter: 300 cranking amps; 1,000 peak amps
    • 12-volt, 14 Ah sealed lead-acid battery
    • Antisparking (via safety switch) and reverse polarity (indicator light protection)
    • 6 gauge, 24 in. jumper cable
    • Air compressor features:
    • 260 PSI air compressor with analog pressure gauge
    • High-temperature automatic shutdown
    • Includes air hose nozzle adapter tips
    • Power inverter features:
    • 400 watts AC continuous; 800 watts peak surge
    • Two 115-volt, 60 Hz AC outlets
    • 40 amp built-in external fuse (replaceable) inverter overload protection
    • Additional features include:
    • 12-volt, 11 amps max outlet
    • 5-volt, 2.1 amp USB power port
    • AM/FM radio with 3.5 mm aux input
    • 50 lumen, 5-LED work light
    • Analog voltmeter
    • AC charging time: 34 hours
    • DC charging time: 12 hours
    • Ability to accept 12-volt solar panel for charging
    • Includes charging adapters for vehicle (12-volt DC) and home (110-volt AC)
    • Dimensions: 12 in. W x 9 in. L x 11.5 in. H
    • Weight: 17.5 lbs.
    • Part No. 336587
    • SKU WGN7561
    • Vendor SKU 7561
    • Retail Price$249.95
  • Blaupunkt®

    BP1483 Retro Powered Speaker with Bluetooth®

    • 2,000 watts max; 30 watts RMS
    • Class AB amp
    • Wood cabinet with black leather wrap for the ultimate retro look and feel
    • 10 in. woofer with 19.4 oz. magnet
    • 9.8 in. voice coil
    • 3 in. midrange
    • 3 in. tweeter
    • Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
    • Sensitivity: 90 dB (±2 dB)
    • Inputs: 1/4 in. microphone, 3.5 mm aux, SD™ Card, USB and Bluetooth®
    • Individual controls for Master, Bass, Treble, Echo, Guitar and Microphone
    • Built-in 12-volt 4.5 amp lead-acid battery with up to 40 hours of run time
    • Extendable trolley handle and wheels
    • 1-year warranty
    • Includes wireless remote, audio cable and power cable
    • Part No. 338241
    • SKU BLABP1483
    • Vendor SKU BP1483
    • Retail Price$349.99
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