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When you become a partner with Petra, you get more than access to great products to resale... You will receive the following benefits!

  • Same Day Shipping
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed
  • No Minimum Order
  • Free Freight on Qualifed Orders

15 0312

Replenish your holiday inventory at the B2B Store in Edmond, Oklahoma.
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  • Browning® BR-FILTER

    15-Amp Noise Filter

    • Heavy-duty suppression of alternator & ignition noise
    • Land mobile class in-line filter
    • 250W
    • High-inductance iron core coil
    • 10,000 MFD bypass electrolytic capacitor
    • Dim: 1-3/4"H x 2-1/4"W x 3-1/2"D
    • Part No. 199551
    • Vendor SKU BR-FILTER
    • Retail Price$25.99
  • Tripp Lite® P312-015

    3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable, 15ft

    • Molded cables with built-in strain relief
    • Connects stereo audio equipment
    • For use with external multimedia speakers, MP3 players & PCs
    • 3.5mm male to male connectors
    • RoHS compliant
    • Lifetime limited warranty
    • 15ft
    • Part No. 259907
    • SKU TRPP312015
    • Vendor SKU P312-015
    • Retail Price$8.34
  • Manhattan® 312721

    SVGA to HD15 Cable, 15ft

    • HD15 male to HD15 male
    • Connects SVGA source to SVGA display
    • Fully shielded to reduce EMI for improved video transmission
    • Molded PVC boot with strain relief
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • Part No. 245376
    • SKU ICI312721
    • Vendor SKU 312721
    • Retail Price$8.99
  • Certified Appliance Accessories® 15-0312

    15-Amp Grounded Appliance Extension Cord, 12ft

    • 3 prong
    • 90°-angle plug head fits flush against wall
    • Extends length of appliance power cord
    • Rated 15A, 125V & 1,875W
    • UL® (Underwriters Laboratories™) listed
    • 5-year limited warranty
    • Retail sleeved
    • Gray
    • Part No. 134440
    • SKU 15-0312
    • Vendor SKU 15-0312
    • Retail Price$14.99
  • Dantona®

    NM-MR90Y Replacement Battery

    • 11.1V
    • Long-lasting
    • 2,200mAh
    • Li-Ion
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Compatible with Dell® Ins14v-A316, Dell® Ins14vr, Dell® Inspiron® 14 (3421), Dell® Inspiron® 14 (Ins14VD-2306), Dell® Inspiron® 14 (Ins14VD-2308?, Dell® Inspiron® 14 (Ins14VD-2316), Dell® Inspiron® 14 (Ins14VD-2408), Dell® Inspiron® 14 (Ins14VD-2418), Dell® Inspiron® 14 (Ins14VD-2518?, Dell® Inspiron® 14 (Ins14VD-A516), Dell® Inspiron® 14R (5421), Dell® Inspiron® 15 (3521), Dell® Inspiron® 15R (5521), Dell® Inspiron® 17 (3721), Dell® Inspiron® 17R (5721), Dell® Vostro 2421, Dell® Vostro 2521 Dell® 0MF69, Dell® 24DRM, Dell® 312-1387, Dell® 312-1390, Dell® 312-1392, Dell® 312-1433, Dell® 49VTP, Dell® 4DMNG, Dell® 4WY7C, Dell® 68DTP, Dell® 6HY59, Dell® 6K73M, Dell® 6KP1N, Dell® 6XH00, Dell® 8RT13, Dell® 8TT5W, Dell® 9K1VP, Dell® DJ9W6, Dell® FW1MN, Dell® G019Y, Dell® G35K4, Dell® MK1R0, Dell® MR90Y, Dell® N121Y, Dell® PVJ7J, Dell® T1G4M, Dell® V1YJ7, Dell® V8VNT, Dell® VR7HM, Dell® W6XNM, Dell® X29KD, Dell® XCMRD, Dell® XRDW2 & Dell® YGMTN
    • Part No. 334082
    • Vendor SKU NM-MR90Y
    • Retail Price$59.99
  • Tram® 11861

    Amateur Dual-Band Hi-Gain Hi-Power Magnet Antenna

    • 2.4dBd gain on 144MHz–148MHz, 1/2 wave
    • 5dBd gain on 440MHz–450MHz, 5/8 over 5/8 wave
    • Pretuned
    • 180W power rating
    • Quality 1-piece coil & 3-1/2" magnet housing
    • Total height: 37"
    • Black, chrome-plated stainless steel whip
    • 15ft low-loss RG58 cable with PL-259
    • Part No. 266811
    • SKU WSP11861
    • Vendor SKU 11861
    • Retail Price$49.99
  • Dantona®

    NM-T54FJ Replacement Battery

    • 11.1V
    • Long-lasting
    • 4,400mAh
    • Li-Ion
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Compatible with Dell® Latitude E5520, Dell® Inspiron® 17R (7720), Dell® Latitude E6530, Dell® Vostro 3560, Dell® Vostro 3460, Dell® Inspiron® 17R (5720), Dell® Inspiron® 15R (7520), Dell® Inspiron® 15R (5520), Dell® Inspiron® 14R (5420), Dell® Inspiron® 14R (7420), Dell® Latitude E5420, Dell® Latitude E5420m, Dell® Latitude E5420 ATG, Dell® Latitude E5430, Dell® Latitude E5520m, Dell® Latitude E5530, Dell® Latitude E6520, Dell® Latitude E6430 ATG, Dell® Latitude E6430, Dell® Latitude E6420 XFR, Dell® Latitude E6420 ATG, Dell® Latitude E6420 Dell® 009K6P, Dell® 04NW9, Dell® 05G67C, Dell® 08858X, Dell® 09K6P, Dell® 0F33MF, Dell® 0FRR0G, Dell® 0HCJWT, Dell® 0NHXVW, Dell® 0PRRRF, Dell® 0T54F3, Dell® 0T54FJ, Dell® 0X57F1, Dell® 312-1163, Dell® 312-1242, Dell® 312-1311, Dell® 451-11694, Dell® 8858X, Dell® 8P3YX, Dell® 911MD, Dell® F33MF, Dell® FRR0G, Dell® HCJWT, Dell® KJ321, Dell® M5Y0X, Dell® NHXVW, Dell® P14F, Dell® P14F001, Dell® P15F, Dell® P15F001, Dell® P15F002, Dell® P15G, Dell® P15G001, Dell® P16G, Dell® P16G001, Dell® P16G002, Dell® P8TC7, Dell® P9TJ0, Dell® PRRRF, Dell® T54F3, Dell® T54FJ, Dell® X57F1Â & Dell® YKF0M
    • Part No. 334084
    • Vendor SKU NM-T54FJ
    • Retail Price$49.99
  • Denaq®

    19.5-Volt DQ-PA-10-7450 Replacement AC Adapter for Dell® Laptops

    • Input: 100V–240V, 1.5A, 50Hz/60Hz
    • Output: 19.5V, 4.62A
    • Safety fuses guard against power surges
    • Compatible with Dell® Inspiron® 1501, Dell® Inspiron® 6400, Dell® Inspiron® E1505, Dell® Vostro 1000, Dell® Latitude D531, Dell® Latitude D531N, Dell® Latitude D820, Dell® Latitude D830, Dell® Precision M4300, Dell® Precision M65, Dell® Inspiron® 1521, Dell® Inspiron® 1720, Dell® Inspiron® 1721, Dell® Vostro 1500, Dell® Vostro 1700, Dell® Inspiron® 1150, Dell® Latitude D400, Dell® Latitude D500, Dell® Latitude D505, Dell® Latitude D510, Dell® Latitude D520, Dell® Latitude D610, Dell® Inspiron® 8500, Dell® Inspiron® 8600, Dell® Latitude D800, Dell® Precision M60, Dell® Inspiron® 9200, Dell® Inspiron® E1705, Dell® Inspiron® 13R, Dell® Inspiron® 1420, Dell® Inspiron® 14R, Dell® Inspiron® 15R, Dell® Inspiron® 17R, Dell® Inspiron® 600M, Dell® Inspiron® 9300, Dell® Inspiron® 9400, Dell® Inspiron® M411R, Dell® Inspiron® M501, Dell® Inspiron® M5010, Dell® Inspiron® M5010D, Dell® Inspiron® M5010R, Dell® Inspiron® M501D, Dell® Inspiron® M501R, Dell® Inspiron® M5030, Dell® Inspiron® M5030D, Dell® Inspiron® M5030R, Dell® Inspiron® M511R, Dell® Inspiron® N3010, Dell® Inspiron® N3010D, Dell® Inspiron® N3010D-148, Dell® Inspiron® N3010D-168, Dell® Inspiron® N3010D-178, Dell® Inspiron® N3010D-248, Dell® Inspiron® N3010D-268, Dell® Inspiron® N3010R, Dell® Inspiron® N3110, Dell® Inspiron® N4010, Dell® Inspiron® N4010-148, Dell® Inspiron® N4010D, Dell® Inspiron® N4010D-158, Dell® Inspiron® N4010D-248, Dell® Inspiron® N4010D-258, Dell® Inspiron® N4010R, Dell® Inspiron® N4050, Dell® Inspiron® N4110, Dell® Inspiron® N5010, Dell® Inspiron® N5010D-148, Dell® Inspiron® N5010D-168, Dell® Inspiron® N5010D-258, Dell® Inspiron® N5010D-278, Dell® Inspiron® N5010R, Dell® Inspiron® N5030, Dell® Inspiron® N5030D, Dell® Inspiron® N5030R, Dell® Inspiron® N5110, Dell® Inspiron® N7010, Dell® Inspiron® N7010D, Dell® Inspiron® N7010R, Dell® Inspiron® N7110, Dell® Latitude 100L, Dell® Latitude D410, Dell® Latitude D420, Dell® Latitude D430, Dell® Latitude D620, Dell® Latitude D630, Dell® Latitude D810, Dell® Latitude D830N, Dell® Latitude E4300, Dell® Latitude E4310, Dell® Latitude E5400, Dell® Latitude E5410, Dell® Latitude E5500, Dell® Latitude E5510, Dell® Latitude E6400, Dell® Latitude E6400 ATG, Dell® Latitude E6400 XFR, Dell® Latitude E6500, Dell® Latitude X300, Dell® Precision M20, Dell® Precision M2300, Dell® Precision M2400, Dell® Precision M4400, Dell® Precision M70, Dell® Studio 15, Dell® Studio 1535, Dell® Studio 1536, Dell® Studio 1537, Dell® Studio 1555, Dell® Studio 1557, Dell® Studio 1558, Dell® Studio 1735, Dell® Studio 1736, Dell® Studio 1737, Dell® Vostro 1450, Dell® Vostro 3450, Dell® Vostro 3550, Dell® Vostro 3750, Dell® XPS M1530, Dell® 310-2862, Dell® 310-3399, Dell® 310-4002, Dell® 310-6325, Dell® 310-6557, Dell® 310-7698, Dell® 310-7699, Dell® 310-7712, Dell® 310-7743, Dell® 310-7744, Dell® 310-7860, Dell® 310-9047, Dell® 310-9049, Dell® 310-9375, Dell® 310-9376, Dell® 312-0578, Dell® 312-0579, Dell® 312-0596, Dell® 312-0597, Dell® 320-1389, Dell® 9T215, Dell® C2894, Dell® CF820, Dell® CF989, Dell® Dell Inspiron 13R, Dell® Dell Inspiron 1420, Dell® Dell Inspiron 14R, Dell® Dell Inspiron 1501, Dell® Dell Inspiron 1521, Dell® Dell Inspiron 15R, Dell® Dell Inspiron 1720, Dell® Dell Inspiron 1721, Dell® Dell Inspiron 17R, Dell® Dell Inspiron 600M, Dell® Dell Inspiron 6400, Dell® Dell Inspiron 8500, Dell® Dell Inspiron 8600, Dell® Dell Inspiron 9200, Dell® Dell Inspiron 9300, Dell® Dell Inspiron 9400, Dell® Dell Inspiron E1505, Dell® Dell Inspiron E1705, Dell® Dell Inspiron M411R, Dell® Dell Inspiron M501, Dell® Dell Inspiron M5010, Dell® Dell Inspiron M5010D, Dell® Dell Inspiron M5010R, Dell® Dell Inspiron M501D, Dell® Dell Inspiron M501R, Dell® Dell Inspiron M5030, Dell® Dell Inspiron M5030D, Dell® Dell Inspiron M5030R, Dell® Dell Inspiron M511R, Dell® Dell Inspiron N3010, Dell® Dell Inspiron N3010D, Dell® Dell Inspiron N3010D-148, Dell® Dell Inspiron N3010D-168, Dell® Dell Inspiron N3010D-178, Dell® Dell Inspiron N3010D-248, Dell® Dell Inspiron N3010D-268, Dell® Dell Inspiron N3010R, Dell® Dell Inspiron N3110, Dell® Dell Inspiron N4010, Dell® Dell Inspiron N4010-148, Dell® Dell Inspiron N4010D, Dell® Dell Inspiron N4010D-158, Dell® Dell Inspiron N4010D-248, Dell® Dell Inspiron N4010D-258, Dell® Dell Inspiron N4010R, Dell® Dell Inspiron N4050, Dell® Dell Inspiron N4110, Dell® Dell Inspiron N5010, Dell® Dell Inspiron N5010D-148, Dell® Dell Inspiron N5010D-168, Dell® Dell Inspiron N5010D-258, Dell® Dell Inspiron N5010D-278, Dell® Dell Inspiron N5010R, Dell® Dell Inspiron N5030, Dell® Dell Inspiron N5030D, Dell® Dell Inspiron N5030R, Dell® Dell Inspiron N5110, Dell® Dell Inspiron N7010, Dell® Dell Inspiron N7010D, Dell® Dell Inspiron N7010R, Dell® Dell Inspiron N7110, Dell® Dell Latitude 100L, Dell® Dell Latitude D400, Dell® Dell Latitude D410, Dell® Dell Latitude D420, Dell® Dell Latitude D430, Dell® Dell Latitude D500, Dell® Dell Latitude D505, Dell® Dell Latitude D510, Dell® Dell Latitude D520, Dell® Dell Latitude D531, Dell® Dell Latitude D531N, Dell® Dell Latitude D610, Dell® Dell Latitude D620, Dell® Dell Latitude D630, Dell® Dell Latitude D800, Dell® Dell Latitude D810, Dell® Dell Latitude D820, Dell® Dell Latitude D830, Dell® Dell Latitude D830N, Dell® Dell Latitude E4300, Dell® Dell Latitude E4310, Dell® Dell Latitude E5400, Dell® Dell Latitude E5410, Dell® Dell Latitude E5500, Dell® Dell Latitude E5510, Dell® Dell Latitude E5520, Dell® Dell Latitude E6400, Dell® Dell Latitude E6400 ATG, Dell® Dell Latitude E6400 XFR, Dell® Dell Latitude E6500, Dell® Dell Latitude X300, Dell® Dell Precision M20, Dell® Dell Precision M2300, Dell® Dell Precision M2400, Dell® Dell Precision M4300, Dell® Dell Precision M4400, Dell® Dell Precision M60, Dell® Dell Precision M6400, Dell® Dell Precision M65, Dell® Dell Precision M70, Dell® Dell Studio 15, Dell® Dell Studio 1535, Dell® Dell Studio 1536, Dell® Dell Studio 1537, Dell® Dell Studio 1555, Dell® Dell Studio 1557, Dell® Dell Studio 1558, Dell® Dell Studio 1735, Dell® Dell Studio 1736, Dell® Dell Studio 1737, Dell® Dell Vostro 1000, Dell® Dell Vostro 1450, Dell® Dell Vostro 1500, Dell® Dell Vostro 1700, Dell® Dell Vostro 1710, Dell® Dell Vostro 3450, Dell® Dell Vostro 3550, Dell® Dell Vostro 3750, Dell® Dell XPS M1530, Dell® DF266, Dell® DF349, Dell® F8834, Dell® FF313, Dell® LA90PS0-00, Dell® NADP-90KB, Dell® NF599, Dell® PA-10, Dell® PA-1900-01D3, Dell® U7809, Dell® UC473, Dell® Latitude E5520, Dell® Precision M6400 & Dell® Vostro 1710
    • Part No. 333960
    • SKU DOTDQPA107450
    • Vendor SKU DQ-PA-10-7450
    • Retail Price$32.99
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