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  • Related Products Dishwasher Connector
    No Logo 496

    Dishwasher Connector Kit with 2 Worm Gear Clamps

    • Rigid construction
    • Will not collapse
    • Part No. 133695
    • SKU PAS496
    • Vendor SKU 496
    • Retail Price$3.99
  • Related Products Cat5 | Crimper | Tools
    IDEAL® 30-496

    Telemaster Crimp Tool

    • Multifunction tool for round voice/data cables cuts, strips & crimps for easy 1-tool application
    • Round cable stripping chamber for CAT-5E/6 cables
    • Provides crimping of the primary RJ45 modular plug strain relief & plug pins
    • For RJ11/12/14 (6 position-1, 2, 3 pair) & RJ45 (8 position-4 pair) modular plugs
    • Locking tab keeps tool in closed position when not in use
    • Steel frame
    • Rounded-edge, textured handle grips
    • Designed for professional use in data & voice applications
    • Part No. 219048
    • SKU IDI30496
    • Vendor SKU 30-496
    • Retail Price$57.73
  • Ultralast

    BATT-104 Replacement Battery

    • 3.6V
    • Long-lasting
    • NiMH
    • 830mAh
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Comparable to Lenmar® LENCB0104
    • Compatible with Panasonic® KX-TG2302B, Panasonic® KX-TG2312, Panasonic® KX-TG2313, Panasonic® KX-TG2314, Panasonic® KX-TG2322, Panasonic® KX-TG2335, Panasonic® KX-TG2336, Panasonic® KX-TG2343, Panasonic® KX-TG2344, Panasonic® KX-TG2346, Panasonic® KX-TG2355, Panasonic® KX-TG2356, Panasonic® KX-TG2357, Panasonic® KX-TG2386, Panasonic® KX-TG2480, Panasonic® KX-TG5050, Panasonic® KX-TG5055, Panasonic® KX-TG5200, Panasonic® KX-TG5210, Panasonic® KX-TG5212, Panasonic® KX-TG5213, Panasonic® KX-TG5220, Panasonic® KX-TG5230, Panasonic® KX-TG5240, Panasonic® KX-TG5421, Panasonic® KX-TG5422, Panasonic® KX-TG5423, Panasonic® KX-TG5428B, Panasonic® KX-TG5428R, Panasonic® KX-TG5431, Panasonic® KX-TG5432, Panasonic® KX-TG5433, Panasonic® KX-TG5436, Panasonic® KX-TG5438, Panasonic® KX-TG5439, Panasonic® KX-TG5451, Panasonic® KX-TG5452, Panasonic® KX-TG5453, Panasonic® KX-TG5471, Panasonic® KX-TG5561, Panasonic® KX-TG5566, Panasonic® KX-TG5571, Panasonic® KX-TG5576, Panasonic® KX-TG5583, Panasonic® KX-TG5621, Panasonic® KX-TG6500B, Panasonic® KX-TG6502B, Panasonic® KX-TGA450B, Panasonic® KX-TGA500, Panasonic® KX-TGA520M, Panasonic® KX-TGA650B, Panasonic® KX-TH102-C, Radio Shack® 23-908, Panasonic® KX-TG2388, Panasonic® KX-TG4500 (HANDSET) Empire™ CPH-496, Energizer® ER-P104, General Electric® TL26411, Panasonic® #29, Panasonic® HHR-P104, Panasonic® HHR-P104A, Panasonic® TYPE 29, Philips® SJB4162, Radio Shack® 230-0968, Radio Shack® 23-968, Saft® STB104 & Panasonic® KXTH102-C
    • Part No. 333421
    • SKU DOT104
    • Vendor SKU BATT-104
    • Retail Price$8.99
1 - 3 of 3
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