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When you become a partner with Petra, you get more than access to great products to resale... You will receive the following benefits!

  • Same Day Shipping
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed
  • No Minimum Order
  • Free Freight on Qualifed Orders

Battery Switch

Replenish your holiday inventory at the B2B Store in Edmond, Oklahoma.
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  • Dantona® CAM-322P

    CAM-322 Replacement Battery

    • 12V
    • Long-lasting
    • 2,300mAh
    • Lead acid
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Compatible with Intermec® 6820, Blaupunkt® CR-1500, Blaupunkt® CR-1800, Blaupunkt® CR-2000S, Blaupunkt® RTV-260, Bosch® VCC-516, Bosch® VCC-526, Bosch® VCC-550, Bosch® VRP-30, Canon® CR-30A, Canon® CV-T60, Canon® CV-T65, Canon® CV-T70, Canon® F-1000A, Canon® VC-10A, Canon® VC-20A, Canon® VC-30A, Canon® VC-40A, Canon® VC50A, Canon® VR-30A, Canon® VR-40A, Canon® VR-50A, Canon® YR20A, Canon® YR30A, Canon® YR40A, Chinon® CV-765, Chinon® CV-770, Chinon® CV-C70, Chinon® CV-C800, Chinon® CV-T122, Chinon® CV-T124, Chinon® CV-T60, Chinon® CV-T60G, Chinon® CV-T65, Chinon® CV-T7, Chinon® CV-T70, Chinon® CV-T72, Chinon® CV-T73, Chinon® CV-T80, Curtis Mathes® 768, Curtis Mathes® 770, Curtis Mathes® 772, Curtis Mathes® 773, Curtis Mathes® AV800, Curtis Mathes® BV773, Curtis Mathes® BV800, Curtis Mathes® BV880, Curtis Mathes® CV800, Curtis Mathes® CV820, Curtis Mathes® DV800, Curtis Mathes® HV773, Curtis Mathes® PV800, Curtis Mathes® QD00004, Emerson® VHS, General Electric® 1CVD5021, General Electric® 1CVD5021X, General Electric® 1CVD5023, General Electric® 1CVD5025, General Electric® 1CVD5025B, General Electric® 1CVD5025X, General Electric® 1CVD5026, General Electric® 1CVD5027, General Electric® 1CVD5028, General Electric® 1CVD5028B, General Electric® 1CVK5040, General Electric® 1CVM8080, General Electric® 1CVP5021, General Electric® 1CVP5022, General Electric® 1CVP5022B, General Electric® 1CVP5022X, General Electric® 1CVP5024, General Electric® 1CVP5026, General Electric® 1CVP5026X, General Electric® 1CVP5027, General Electric® 1CVP5028, General Electric® 1CVP5028B, General Electric® 1CVP5030, General Electric® 1CVP6022, General Electric® 1CVP6024, General Electric® 1CVP6026, General Electric® 1CVP6028, General Electric® 1CVP6030, General Electric® 2-9809, General Electric® 4020, General Electric® 4022, General Electric® 4024, General Electric® 5022, General Electric® 5024, General Electric® 5025, General Electric® 5026, General Electric® 5027, General Electric® 5028, General Electric® 5030, General Electric® 5036, General Electric® 5200, General Electric® 5424, General Electric® 5426, General Electric® 5428, General Electric® 5430, General Electric® 5440, General Electric® 5442, General Electric® 5458, General Electric® 5740, General Electric® 5747, General Electric® 9-6909, General Electric® 9-9605, General Electric® 9-9606, General Electric® 9-9607, General Electric® 9-9608, General Electric® 9-9609, General Electric® 9-9610, General Electric® 9-9805, General Electric® 9-9806, General Electric® 9-9807, General Electric® 9-9808, General Electric® 9-9810, General Electric® 9-9815, General Electric® CG-700, General Electric® CG-701, General Electric® CG-710, General Electric® CG-911, General Electric® CG-9805, General Electric® CG-9806, General Electric® CG-9807, General Electric® CG-9808, General Electric® CG-9809, General Electric® CG-9810, General Electric® CG-9815, General Electric® CG-9820, General Electric® CG-9825, General Electric® CG-9915, General Electric® CG-9920, General Electric® CV-8080, Grundig® VS-160, Grundig® VS-170, Grundig® VS-180, JCPenney® 686-5100, JCPenney® 686-5110, JCPenney® 686-5111, JCPenney® 686-5115, JCPenney® 686-5116, JCPenney® 686-5335, JCPenney® 686-5340, JCPenney® 686-5350, JCPenney® 686-6016, JCPenney® 855-8967, JCPenney® 855-9163, JVC® GS-1000, Magnavox® 8292, Magnavox® 8293, Magnavox® 8294, Magnavox® 8380, Magnavox® 8474, Magnavox® 8475, Magnavox® CV5320AV, Magnavox® CVJ310, Magnavox® CVJ312, Magnavox® CVJ320, Magnavox® CVJ322, Magnavox® CVJ340, Magnavox® CVJ350, Magnavox® CVJ360, Magnavox® CVK332, Magnavox® CVK342, Magnavox® CVK352, Magnavox® CVK360, Magnavox® CVK610, Magnavox® CVL335, Magnavox® CVL345, Magnavox® HVS125, Magnavox® VHS125, Magnavox® VR6570, Magnavox® VR8208, Magnavox® VR8290GY, Magnavox® VR8292, Magnavox® VR8293, Magnavox® VR8294, Magnavox® VR8380, Magnavox® VR8400, Magnavox® VR8450, Magnavox® VR8451, Magnavox® VR8453, Magnavox® VR8454, Magnavox® VR8455, Magnavox® VR8456, Magnavox® VR8457, Magnavox® VR8471, Magnavox® VR8472, Magnavox® VR8474, Magnavox® VR8475, Magnavox® VR8480, Magnavox® VR8484, Magnavox® VR8485, Magnavox® VR8486, Magnavox® VR8570, Magnavox® VR8572, Magnavox® VR8585, Magnavox® VR8590, Magnavox® VR8592, Magnavox® VR9143, Magnavox® VR9244, Magnavox® VR9246, Minolta® MV500S, Minolta® MV900S, NEC® V-200, NEC® V-30, NEC® V-300, NEC® V-40, NEC® V-400, NEC® V50U, Olympus® BP-3, Olympus® VC-104, Olympus® VC-105, Olympus® VC-106, Olympus® VF-BP3U, Olympus® VF-BP7, Olympus® VF-BP7U, Olympus® VX-106, Olympus® VX-307, Olympus® VX-308, Olympus® VX-403, Olympus® VX-404, Olympus® VX-406, Olympus® VX-407, Olympus® VXS405, Panasonic® 5800, Panasonic® 5850, Panasonic® 8100, Panasonic® 8410, Panasonic® 8484, Panasonic® 8485, Panasonic® 8500, Panasonic® 8600, Panasonic® 9600, Panasonic® AG-160, Panasonic® AG-170, Panasonic® AG-180, Panasonic® AG18U, Panasonic® AG-190, Panasonic® AG-195P, Panasonic® AG-2400, Panasonic® AG-400P, Panasonic® AG-450, Panasonic® AG-456P, Panasonic® AG-460, Panasonic® AG-6400, Panasonic® AGBP202, Panasonic® AGBP212, Panasonic® AG-BP212DX, Panasonic® AG-V50, Panasonic® EB-362, Panasonic® NV-5800, Panasonic® NV-5810, Panasonic® NV-5850, Panasonic® NV-8000, Panasonic® NV-8100, Panasonic® NV-8110, Panasonic® NV-8484, Panasonic® NV-8485, Panasonic® NV-8500, Panasonic® NV-8600, Panasonic® NV-9000, Panasonic® NV-9000A, Panasonic® NV-9600, Panasonic® NV-M10, Panasonic® NV-M1000, Panasonic® NV-M5, Panasonic® NV-M7, Panasonic® NV-M70, Panasonic® NV-M9, Panasonic® NV-MS1, Panasonic® NV-MS2, Panasonic® PK-700, Panasonic® PK-802, Panasonic® PK-805, Panasonic® PK-903, Panasonic® PK-956, Panasonic® PK-957, Panasonic® PK-958, Panasonic® PK-959, Panasonic® PK-973, Panasonic® PK-975, Panasonic® PK-976, Panasonic® PK-980, Panasonic® PV-210, Panasonic® PV-220, Panasonic® PV-2200, Panasonic® PV-300, Panasonic® PV-320, Panasonic® PV-330, Panasonic® PV-350, Panasonic® PV-400, Panasonic® PV-420, Panasonic® PV-425, Panasonic® PV-430, Panasonic® PV-460, Panasonic® PV-5110, Panasonic® PV-520, Panasonic® PV-5200, Panasonic® PV-530, Panasonic® PV-535, Panasonic® PV-5350, Panasonic® PV-5420, Panasonic® PV-555, Panasonic® PV-575, Panasonic® PV-5800, Panasonic® PV-5810, Panasonic® PV-5850, Panasonic® PV-6110, Panasonic® PV-645, Panasonic® PV-650, Panasonic® PV-660, Panasonic® PV-8000, Panasonic® PV-8100, Panasonic® PV-8110, Panasonic® PV-822, Panasonic® PV-8440, Panasonic® PV-845, Panasonic® PV-8484, Panasonic® PV-8485, Panasonic® PV-8500, Panasonic® PV-8600, Panasonic® PV-8650, Panasonic® PV-9000, Panasonic® PV-9000A, Panasonic® PV-9600A, Panasonic® PV-D1218, Panasonic® PV-D909, Panasonic® PV-M429, Panasonic® PV-S350, Panasonic® PV-S420, Panasonic® PV-S440, Panasonic® PV-S445, Panasonic® PV-S460, Panasonic® PV-S540, Panasonic® PV-S545, Panasonic® PV-S550, Panasonic® PV-S565, Panasonic® PV-S575, Philco® V1728SL, Philco® V1728SL01, Philco® V1728TL01, Philco® V1728TS, Philco® V1729TL01, Philco® VCR801AV, Philco® VCR802AV01, Philco® VCR807, Philco® VCR809AV01, Philco® VCR901, Philips® CPJ-360, Philips® CPJ-810, Philips® CPJ-815, Philips® CPK-834, Philips® CPK-855, Philips® CVJ-360, Philips® VE257, Philips® VE551XE, Philips® VKR-2000, Philips® VKR-6820S, Philips® VKR-6850, Philips® VKR-6851, Philips® VKR-6855, Quasar® 2100, Quasar® 5400, Quasar® 5441, Quasar® 5450, Quasar® 5451, Quasar® 5452, Quasar® 5741, Quasar® 5744, Quasar® 5748, Quasar® 5750, Quasar® 5751, Quasar® 5757, Quasar® VE257, Quasar® VE551XE, Quasar® VM-11, Quasar® VM-20, Quasar® VM-2100, Quasar® VM-21AC, Quasar® VM-22AC, Quasar® VM-23AC, Quasar® VM-24AC, Quasar® VM-25AC, Quasar® VM-26AC, Quasar® VM-27AC, Quasar® VM-29AC, Quasar® VM-34, Quasar® VM-35, Quasar® VM-37, Quasar® VM-708, Quasar® VM-709, Quasar® VP-2100, Quasar® VP-5400, Quasar® VP-5430, Quasar® VP-5440, Quasar® VP-5441, Quasar® VP-5442, Quasar® VP-5450, Quasar® VP-5451, Quasar® VP-5452, Quasar® VP-5740, Quasar® VP-5741, Quasar® VP-5742, Quasar® VP-5744, Quasar® VP-5747, Quasar® VP-5748, Quasar® VP-5750, Quasar® VP-5751, Quasar® VP-5756, Quasar® VP-5757, RCA® CVA155, Sears® 5367, Sears® 5368, Sears® 53683, Sears® 5369, Sears® 53691, Sears® 5370, Sears® 53703, Sears® 5399, Sylvania® 4520, Sylvania® 4525, Sylvania® 4527, Sylvania® 4530, Sylvania® 4540, Sylvania® 4546, Sylvania® VC157, Sylvania® VC4511SL01, Sylvania® VC4512SL01, Sylvania® VC4513SL01, Sylvania® VC4514SL, Sylvania® VC4515SL01, Sylvania® VC4520, Sylvania® VC4525SL01, Sylvania® VC4527SL01, Sylvania® VC4546, Sylvania® VCC151AV01, Sylvania® VCC152, Sylvania® VCC157, Sylvania® VCC159, Sylvania® VCC161, Technika C-5010, Technika C-6000, Technika C-6010, Technika C-7100, Technika C-7500, Technika CX-700, Technika CX-711, Technika CX-811, Technika CX-971, Wards® 10650, Wards®10651, Wards® 10652, Wards® 10687, General Electric® 41679, General Electric® 41825, General Electric® 41826, General Electric® 41827, General Electric® 41828, General Electric® 41829, General Electric® 41830, General Electric® 41835, General Electric® 41887, General Electric® 41888, General Electric® 41889, General Electric® 41890, General Electric® 41891, General Electric® 41892, General Electric® 41897, General Electric® 41981 Bosch® BA32-1, Canon® BP-100, Canon® BP-30, Canon® BP-30A, Canon® BP-31, Canon® BP-32, Canon® BP-E30A, Chinon® CV-BP-30A, Chinon® CV-BP-31, Chinon® CV-BP-32, Chinon® CV-BP80, Chinon® CV-BP82, Curtis Mathes® KB00003, Curtis Mathes® VSBS-0011, Elmo® BP-10, Elmo® ER-10, Elmo® PVB P80, Empire™ EPP-100C, Energizer® CV-3012, General Electric® 1CVA125, General Electric® 1CVA155, Grundig® BP-122, JCPenney® 686-5360, JCPenney® 688-2922, Magnavox® AR8378BK01, Magnavox® V80039BK01, Magnavox® V80086BK01, Magnavox® VR8208AV01, Magnavox® VR8245BK01, Magnavox® VR8294AF, Magnavox® VR9240AV, Magnavox® VSBS0011, Maxell - M1220, Minolta® BP-2, Minolta® BP-25, Motorola® SNN4139A, NEC® VB-30U, Panasonic® 2312AVBNC, Panasonic® 2312P, Panasonic® BP-80, Panasonic® BP-88Q, Panasonic® EPK1185, Panasonic® LC-S2012A, Panasonic® LC-S2012AV, Panasonic® LC-S2312, Panasonic® LC-SA122R3BU, Panasonic® LC-SA122R3CU, Panasonic® LC-SA122R3U, Panasonic® PV-BP80, Panasonic® PV-BP88, Panasonic® PV-BP88A/1H, Panasonic® VSB0011, Panasonic® VSBS001, Panasonic® VW-VB30, Panasonic® VW-VB31, Panasonic® VW-VBF2E, Panasonic® VW-VBM10, Panasonic® VW-VBM7E, Philips® AR8378BK, Philips® V80039BK, PowerDex PC1220, Power-Sonic® PS-1223, Quasar® VE551, Radio Shack® 23-187, Saft® RC1220, SWITCH VC4506, SWITCH -VC4530, SWITCH -VC4540SL01, SWITCH VC4545, SWITCH VCC151AVO1, SWITCH VCC-157, Sylvania® VC4540SL01, Sylvania® VC4545, Twin 23-0038, Twin TW1218, Twin TW620, Twin TW813, Twin TW909, Universal Battery UB1223A, Zenith® VAC905, Energizer® CV3012, Panasonic® LCS2012A, Panasonic® LCS2012AV, Panasonic® LCS2312, Panasonic® LCSA122R3BU, Panasonic® LCSA122R3CU, Interstate® CAM0260 & Forbatt FB1223
    • Part No. 333909
    • SKU DOTCAM322
    • Vendor SKU CAM-322P
    • Retail Price$47.99
  • Related Products Battery Charger
    Battery Tender® 021-0123

    12-Volt Battery Tender® Junior

    • For all lead-acid, flooded or sealed maintenance-free batteries
    • Complete 4-step charging program
    • Automatically switches to float/maintenance voltage after fully charging the battery
    • Solid-state 2-color LED indicates stage of charger
    • Sparkproof
    • Reverse-polarity protected
    • 12ft output cord
    • 5-year warranty
    • Part No. 229999
    • SKU BAT0210123
    • Vendor SKU 021-0123
    • Retail Price$39.95
  • Battery Tender® 021-0128

    12-Volt 1.25-Amp Battery Charger

    • Temperature compensated to ensure optimum charge voltage according to ambient temperature
    • Automatically switches from full charge to float charging mode
    • Charges as fast or faster than 3A charger
    • Reverse-polarity protection to ensure user safety
    • Red & green indicator lights
    • Complete 4-step charging program
    • Includes quick-connect ring terminal harness for hard-to-reach areas & alligator clips for an alternate connection
    • 10-year warranty
    • Part No. 236848
    • SKU BAT0210128
    • Vendor SKU 021-0128
    • Retail Price$69.95
  • Related Products Battery Doctor
    Battery Doctor® 20505

    On/off 20-Amp Plastic Toggle Switch

    • 2-position on/off toggle switch
    • Plastic construction
    • .25" blade terminals
    • Requires .5" hole for mounting
    • Includes nut & backup collar for mounting
    • Rated 20A @ 12V
    • Black
    • Retail packaging
    • Part No. 296349
    • SKU WIR20505
    • Vendor SKU 20505
    • Retail Price$3.99
  • Related Products Ups | Apc | Battery Backup
    APC® J35B

    8-Outlet J-Type Rack-Mountable Energy-Saving Power Conditioner with Battery Backup

    • 8 outlets—6 UPS, 2 surge
    • 345 Joules
    • 1,500VA output capacity
    • Green product—saves money & energy by utilizing switching outlets that will turn on or off based upon control outlet's settings & power use
    • Surge & spike protection
    • Isolated noise filter banks
    • Automatic voltage regulation
    • Telephone & coaxial protection
    • LCD display
    • Adjustable alarms & display brightness
    • Compact, console-style design
    • Dim: 3.84"H x 16"W x 17"D
    • 3-year product warranty
    • $350,000 connected equipment warranty
    • Part No. 179451
    • SKU APNJ35B
    • Vendor SKU J35B
    • Retail Price$402.99
  • Comfort Zone® CZ5USBBK

    Battery/USB Oscillating Desk Fan

    • Oscillation switch
    • USB cord input
    • Quiet & efficient
    • Black
    • Part No. 319600
    • Vendor SKU CZ5USBBK
    • Retail Price$15.99
  • Adesso® WKB-1500GB

    Tru-Form Media™ 1500 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard & Laser Mouse

    • 2.4GHz radio frequency wireless technology works up to 30ft
    • Ergonomic design with split key zones & gently sloped shape encourages natural position of hands, wrists & forearm in maximum comfort for long use
    • 20 built-in hotkeys for controlling multimedia tools & browsing Internet
    • Membrane key switches provide better tactile response & quieter typing experience & last up to 5 million keystrokes
    • Switch at the top of mouse allows quick & easy switching (800dpi/1200dpi/1600dpi)
    • 2 convenient side Internet forward & back buttons for quick Internet navigation
    • Battery-saving on/off power switch on the base of device extends battery life
    • Part No. 294883
    • SKU AEOWKB1500GB
    • Vendor SKU WKB-1500GB
    • Retail Price$69.99
  • Related Products Sangean
    Sangean® DT180BLK

    Pocket AM/FM Digital Radio

    • PLL-synthesized digital tuning system
    • 15 direct-recall presets—5 AM/10 FM
    • Pocket size
    • Auto seeks station
    • Stereo/mono switch
    • Battery power indicator
    • 90-min auto shutoff
    • Deep bass boost system
    • Lock switch
    • Includes earbuds
    • Dim: 3.7"H x 2"W x .7"D
    • Black
    • Part No. 150540
    • SKU SNGDT180B
    • Vendor SKU DT180BLK
    • Retail Price$63.95
  • Audio-Technica® ATH-ANC50IS

    QuietPoint® ATH-ANC50iS Active Noise-Canceling Headphones with Microphone

    • Reduces environmental noise up to 87%
    • Clear & impactful High-Resolution Audio
    • On/off switch in earcup—no external modules
    • Audio continues to work even after battery depletes
    • 40mm drivers
    • Freq resp: 20Hz–20kHz
    • Imp: 33Ω passive/150Ω active
    • Up to 40 hours battery life
    • Detachable 3.9ft smartphone-compatible cable with in-line microphone & controls for answering calls & controlling music
    • Includes zippered pouch, airline adapter & AAA battery
    • Part No. 319096
    • Vendor SKU ATH-ANC50IS
    • Retail Price$99.00
  • Taylor® Precision Products 3516

    Digital Instant-Read Thermometer

    •  .4" LCD display
    • Accurate from -40°F–302°F
    • 1-sec temperature updates
    • On/off switch
    • Durable stainless steel stem
    • Protective pocket case with clip
    • Includes extra battery
    • Part No. 199736
    • SKU TAP3516
    • Vendor SKU 3516
    • Retail Price$10.99
  • Related Products Wireless Headphones | Headphones
    Power Acoustik® WLHP-100

    Wireless IR Headphones

    • Adjustable headphone straps
    • Single-channel UHF IR receiver
    • On/off switch saves battery life
    • Variable volume control
    • Auto level control
    • Auto off & auto mute
    • Requires 2 AAA batteries
    • Part No. 153226
    • SKU POWWLHP100
    • Vendor SKU WLHP-100
    • Retail Price$39.99
  • Related Products Rechargeable Battery
    Walker's Game Ear® GWP-RCHUE

    Rechargeable Ultra Ear Hearing Enhancer

    • Lightweight, compact behind-the-ear design
    • dB limiting @ 105dB
    • On/off switch
    • Usable in either ear
    • Rechargeable battery offers 48 hours of use on a single charge
    • Includes 3 sizes of eartips, 3 bottom cell batteries, brush & wax pick, screwdriver & USB charging cable
    • Part No. 323435
    • Vendor SKU GWP-RCHUE
    • Retail Price$29.99
  • Related Products Cr123
    BLACKHAWK!® 75206BK

    180-Lumen Night-OPS XIPHOS Pistol Light (Right Hand)

    • 180 lumens
    • Easy-to-use tail cap switch
    • 3 functions: momentary, constant & strobe
    • Injection-molded carbon-fiber/polymer body
    • Stainless steel & black oxide-finish metal
    • Corrosion-resistant black anodized aluminum
    • Ambidextrous operation of all programmed functions
    • Intelligent circuit design eliminates afterglow
    • No tools required for installation or battery removal
    • Antireflective glass lens for maximum light output
    • High-impact lifetime LED resists high G-forces from recoil & drops
    • Improved tail cap & switch
    • Low battery indicator
    • Max output: 180 lumens
    • Dia: 1.1"
    • Length: 3.1"
    • Weight (with/without batteries): 2.5oz/1.9oz
    • For right-hand use
    • Part No. 319092
    • SKU BSH75206BK
    • Vendor SKU 75206BK
    • Retail Price$204.45
  • Related Products Tripp Lite | Inverter | Power Inverter
    Tripp Lite® PV3000HF

    3,000-Watt-Continuous PowerVerter® Compact Inverter for Trucks

    • 6,000W max
    • 3,000W RMS
    • 4 AC outlets
    • Converts DC battery power into 120V AC power
    • Quick installation
    • Provides a quiet alternative to generator noise
    • Ultra-compact, lightweight metal case design
    • Cooling fans provide cooler operation, lengthening inverter service
    • Mounting flanges provide safe, fixed installation
    • Low-battery & overload alarm/shutdown
    • 3-position rocker switch enables on/off power control, plus remote setting
    • Powers TVs, DVD players, microwaves, tools, coffee makers & game systems less than 3,000W
    • RoHS compliant
    • Includes remote LED/switch module & 25ft cable
    • 1-year warranty
    • Part No. 140269
    • SKU TRPPV3000HF
    • Vendor SKU PV3000HF
    • Retail Price$712.00
  • XOVision® IR620

    IR Wireless Foldable Headphones

    • Compatible with IR transmitters for wireless audio playback
    • On/off switch & volume control
    • Extra foam cushioning & adjustable headband for comfortable fit
    • Foldable earcup design provides convenient storage options
    • Auto shutoff conserves battery life
    • Black
    • Part No. 279750
    • SKU SHAGIR620
    • Vendor SKU IR620
    • Retail Price$14.99
  • Related Products Bluetooth Speaker | Qfx | Party Speaker
    QFX® PBX-5

    1,500-Watt Rechargeable Bluetooth® Party Speaker

    • 6.5" woofer
    • Bluetooth® streaming
    • USB port
    • FM tuner
    • RGB LED with on/off switch
    • LED screen display
    • Metal grille-covered speakers
    • Microphone input
    • Aux input
    • 7.4V 1,500mAh rechargeable battery
    • DC 9V
    • AC adapter: 100V–240V, 60Hz–50Hz
    • Part No. 323855
    • Vendor SKU PBX-5
    • Retail Price$79.99
  • Related Products Qfxpbx8 | Qfx
    QFX® PBX-8

    8" Rechargeable Bluetooth® Party Speaker

    • 8" woofer
    • Bluetooth® streaming
    • 12W max
    • 9W RMS
    • USB port
    • FM tuner
    • RGB LED with on/off switch
    • LED screen display
    • Metal grille-covered speakers
    • Microphone & aux inputs
    • 7.4V 1,500mAh rechargeable battery
    • Part No. 329577
    • Vendor SKU PBX-8
    • Retail Price$79.99
  • Naxa® NAS-3087

    BOOMER IMPULSE FLASH Bluetooth® LED Boom Box

    •  Stereo speakers & 3" subwoofer
    •  Multicolor LED lighting effects with on/off switch
    •  Plays MP3s directly from USB flash drives or microSD™ Card
    •  3.5mm aux input
    •  Built-in FM radio
    •  Built-in 800mAh rechargeable battery
    •  Includes USB charging cable, 3.5mm aux cable & carrying strap
    • Part No. 330573
    • SKU NAXS3087
    • Vendor SKU NAS-3087
    • Retail Price$24.99
  • Related Products Voice Recorder | Digital Recorder
    GPX® PR047B

    MP3 Digital Voice Recorder

    • 4GB preinstalled flash memory
    • 2 recording speeds: SP/LP
    • Digital audio: MP3
    • Voice-activated recording
    • Clip-on microphone
    • Earbuds
    • LCD display
    • Mini USB port
    • 3.5mm headphone output
    • Built-in microphone
    • Built-in speaker
    • Skip forward/back/search buttons
    • Play/pause button
    • Hold function
    • On/off switch
    • Digital volume control
    • EQ presets
    • Recording indicator
    • Low battery indicator
    • Battery power indicator
    • Approximate battery life: 13.5 hours recording, 9 hours headphone playback & 3.5 hours speaker playback
    • Includes mini USB to USB cable, 3.5mm audio cable & telephone cable
    • Requires 2 AAA batteries
    • Part No. 323840
    • SKU GPXPR047B
    • Vendor SKU PR047B
    • Retail Price$39.99
  • Related Products Power Inverter | Inverter
    Tripp Lite® PV700HF

    700-Watt-Continuous PowerVerter® Ultra-Compact Inverter

    • 1,400W max
    • 700W RMS
    • 3 AC outlets
    • Provides 120V AC power for a variety of mobile applications
    • Ultra-compact extruded aluminum housing stands up to the toughest environments
    • Cooling fan lengthens inverter service life & maintains cool operation
    • Integrated mounting feet assure safe fixed installation
    • Low-battery alarm/shutdown detects low battery voltage & shuts down inverter
    • Overload alarm/shutdown detects wattage overload on inverter outlets & shuts down inverter as a protective measure
    • DC input terminals provide a solid connection to battery with user-supplied cables
    • Lighted on/off switch shows inverter operations in cramped or dark environments
    • Grooved surface for more efficient cooling
    • RoHS compliant
    • 1-year warranty
    • Part No. 207335
    • SKU TRPPV700HF
    • Vendor SKU PV700HF
    • Retail Price$144.58
  • iLive Platinum ISWFV387G

    Bluetooth® Speaker with Amazon® Alexa®

    • Voice-activated Amazon® Alexa®
    • Built-in Wi-Fi®, Wi-Fi® Direct & multiroom play
    • Multi-user capable
    • 3.5mm aux input
    • Streams from iHeartRadio®, TIDAL® or audio stored directly on smart device
    • Built-in microphone
    • Micro USB port for battery recharging
    • Play/pause/pairing button
    • On/off switch
    • Digital volume control
    • LED light ring
    • LED function indicator
    • Charge indicator
    • Wireless range: 33ft Bluetooth®, 98ft Wi-Fi®
    • Cloth speaker grille
    • Built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery
    • Up to 3 hours of play time on batteries
    • Up to 5 hours of play time on batteries at 50% volume
    • Includes iLive Wi-Fi® app download, 3.5mm audio cable, micro USB to USB cable, warranty & user's guide
    • Part No. 328192
    • SKU ILSWFV387G
    • Vendor SKU ISWFV387G
    • Retail Price$69.99
  • Related Products Cb | Cb Radio | Midland
    Midland® 75-785

    7-Watt 40-Channel Portable CB Radio

    • 7W input, 4W output
    • Full 40-channel PLL operation with pinpoint channel-tuning accuracy
    • High/low power switch reduces power consumption for short-range usage
    • Automatic noise control—push button up/down for channel selection
    • Built-in electrostat electronic microphone delivers clear, crisp talk power
    • Jacks for antenna, speaker-microphone, DC power & in-unit battery charging (not included)
    • Includes flexible rubber antenna with BNC connector, 12V DC power cord with lighter, socket plug & user manual
    • Requires 9 AA batteries
    • Part No. 131495
    • SKU MDL75785
    • Vendor SKU 75-785
    • Retail Price$59.99
  • Related Products Headphones | Wireless Headphones
    Power Acoustik® HP-11S

    1-Channel Wireless IR Headphones

    • Single-channel IR wireless headphones with swiveling, fold-flat earpads for seat pocket storage
    • Adjustable straps for maximum comfort
    • On/off switch saves battery life
    • Auto off & auto mute
    • Variable volume control
    • Auto level control
    • MP3 player input via 3.5mm input
    • Requires 2 AAA batteries
    • Includes EVA hard carrying case
    • 1 pair
    • Part No. 160293
    • SKU POWHP11S
    • Vendor SKU HP-11S
    • Retail Price$79.99
  • Related Products Wireless Headphones
    Power Acoustik® HP-22IRT

    2 Sets of Single-Channel IR Wireless Headphones with Transmitter

    • Single-channel IR wireless headphones with swiveling, fold-flat earpads
    • Adjustable straps for maximum comfort
    • On/off switch saves battery life
    • Auto off & auto mute
    • Variable volume control
    • Auto level control
    • MP3 player input via 3.5mm input
    • Includes 2 AAA batteries, FM transmitter & EVA hard carrying case
    • 2 pairs
    • Part No. 160294
    • Vendor SKU HP-22IRT
    • Retail Price$129.99
  • Related Products Wireless Headphones
    Power Acoustik® HP-900S

    2-Channel RF 900MHz Wireless Headphones with Swivel Earpads

    • 2-channel, 900MHz wireless headphones with swivel, fold-flat earpads for seat pocket storage
    • Dual stereo audio inputs
    • Channel selectable from each headphone
    • Adjustable straps
    • Auto mute control
    • Auto power off
    • On/off switch saves battery life
    • Variable volume control
    • Auto level control
    • MP3 player input via 3.5mm input
    • 100ft operational distance
    • Includes 2 AAA batteries & EVA hard carrying case
    • 1 pair
    • Part No. 160295
    • SKU POWHP900S
    • Vendor SKU HP-900S
    • Retail Price$79.99
  • Related Products Wireless Headphones | Power Acoustik
    Power Acoustik® HP-902RFT

    2 Sets of 2-Channel RF 900MHz Wireless Headphones with Transmitter

    • 2-channel, 900MHz wireless headphones with swivel earpads
    • Selectable program source inputs
    • Auto mute control
    • Built-in monitoring function
    • MP3 player input via 3.5mm input
    • On/off switch saves battery life
    • Variable volume control
    • Auto level control
    • Requires 2 AAA batteries per headphone
    • Includes EVA hard carrying case & wireless transmitter
    • Part No. 160296
    • Vendor SKU HP-902RFT
    • Retail Price$199.99
  • Related Products Wireless Headphones
    Power Acoustik® HP-12S

    2-Channel Wireless IR Headphones

    • Earpads fold flat for seat pocket storage
    • Channel selectable from each headphone
    • Adjustable headphone straps for comfort
    • Auto mute control
    • Variable volume control
    • Auto level control
    • Auto power-off function
    • On/off switch saves battery life
    • MP3 player input via 3.5mm input
    • Includes 3 AAA batteries & EVA hard carrying case
    • Part No. 180112
    • SKU POWHP12S
    • Vendor SKU HP-12S
    • Retail Price$39.99
  • Related Products Radio
    Sangean PR-D5-BK

    Digital Portable Stereo Receiver with AM/FM Radio (Black)

    • Digital portable stereo receiver with PLL synthesized tuner & 10 presets
    • Radio data system function with radio text, station name & auto clock time
    • Backlit LCD display
    • 200mm ferrite AM antenna provides unmatched AM reception
    • Rotary volume & tuning controls
    • Features humane wake system alarm, auto seek function, sleep timer, stereo/mono selector switch & battery life indicator
    • Includes AC power adapter
    • Requires 6 C batteries
    • Black
    • Part No. 204942
    • Vendor SKU PR-D5-BK
    • Retail Price$99.50
  • Pelican™ 2365-015-110

    65-Lumen 2365 LED Flex Neck Flashlight

    • 65 lumens
    • Magnetic base attaches metal surfaces & the 15" flexible neck
    • 265ft beam distance
    • Push-button tail switch
    • Water-resistant (IPX4)
    • 7 hours of burn time on 2 AA batteries
    • Aluminum battery with Type II anodized aluminum
    • 21.92"
    • Weight: 9.3oz
    • Part No. 241598
    • SKU PLO236515110
    • Vendor SKU 2365-015-110
    • Retail Price$52.45
  • Dorcy® 41-4416

    200-Lumen LED Metal Gear Focusing Flashlight

    • 200 lumens
    • Projects light more than 200ft
    • Anodized aluminum construction
    • Features adjustable beam
    • Contains dual-function tail cap switch, twist on/off functionality or true tactical push-button switch
    • Up to 13-hour run time
    • Includes 3 AA batteries
    • Part No. 198826
    • SKU DCY414416
    • Vendor SKU 41-4416
    • Retail Price$24.99
  • Cyclops® CYC-X255H

    255-Lumen EVO Handheld Spotlight

    • 255 lumens
    • 1W CREE® High power LEDs for long range
    • Rubberized grip with trigger pulse switch
    • Integrated power meter display
    • Always-on lock switch
    • 140-min burn time
    • Includes 4 AA batteries
    • Part No. 222979
    • Vendor SKU CYC-X255H
    • Retail Price$39.99
  • Related Products Mouse
    Adesso® IMOUSE E60B

    iMouse™ E60 Wireless Antistress Gel Mouse (Black)

    • 2.4GHz radio frequency wireless technology works up to 30ft
    • Ergonomic gel surface conforms to hand's curves to reduce stress & bring comfort
    • Optical sensor technology keeps the device precisely on point & lets user work on most glass, wood, marble & leather surfaces without a mouse pad
    • 800dpi resolution is ideal for precise control & navigation
    • Battery-saving on/off power switch on mouse base can be used to extend battery life & reduce the need to change batteries
    • Black
    • Part No. 294891
    • Vendor SKU IMOUSE E60B
    • Retail Price$24.99
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