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    AT&T® TL32100 Cordless Phone Replacement Battery

    • Fits American Telecom® E30021CL, E30022CL, E30025CL; AT&T®/Lucent® TL32100, TL32200, TL32300, CL80100, CL81100, CL81200, CL81300, CL82100, CL82200, CL82300, CL82350, CL82400, CL82500, LS6325-5, CL82600, CL84100, CL84200,EL52100, EL52200, EL52300, EL52400,TL30100, TL32100, TL32200, TL32300, TL86109, TL86009, TL90070 TL91270, TL91370, TL92220, TL92270, TL92320 TL92370, TL92420, TL92470; VTech® CS6419, CS6419-2, CS6429, CS6429-2, CS6429-3, CS6309, CS6319, CS6319-2, CS6328, CS6329, CS6329-2, CS6329-3, CS6329-4, CS6329-5, CS6114, LS6305, LS6315, LS6315-2, LS6325, LS6325-2, LS6325-3, LS6325-4
    • Replaces American Telecom® LH070-3A43C2BRML1P; AT&T®/Lucent® BT166342, BT-166342, BT266342, BT-266342, 02165; Dantona® BATT-E30025CL; Empire® CPH515J, CPH-515J; Lexel® LH070-3A43C2BRML1P, LH070-3A43C2BRML.1P; Sanik 2SN-AAA60H-S-X2F, 2SNAAA70H-S-X2F, 2SNAAA70HSX2F; RadioShack® 23-1226, 2301226, 23-1193, 2301193; VTech® BT183342, BT-183342, BT283342, BT-283342, VTech® 89134701, 89-1347-01-00, 89134702, 89-1347-02-00
    • 2.4V
    • 750mAh
    • NiMH
    • 1-year warranty
    • Part No. 211356
    • SKU LENCBZ318A
    • Vendor SKU CBZ318A
    • Retail Price$17.95
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