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When you become a partner with Petra, you get more than access to great products to resale... You will receive the following benefits!

  • Same Day Shipping
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed
  • No Minimum Order
  • Free Freight on Qualifed Orders


wholesale local pickup in Edmond, Oklahoma
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  • Related Products Vibrator
    Clarity® 95657.001

    Wake Assure™ Jolt Alarm Clock

    • Ideal for home or travel
    • 1-min alarm duration with 5-min–60-min snooze
    • 2 vibration intensity levels
    • 5 alarm settings—Off/Ringer/Vibration/Ringer + Flash/Ringer + Vibration
    • For use on night stand or can be placed under pillow
    • Also functions as timer & flashlight
    • Includes lanyard, pillow clip, 1 AAA battery & 2 AA batteries
    • Part No. 331834
    • SKU CLAR95657
    • Vendor SKU 95657.001
    • Retail Price$44.95
  • Related Products Ultralast

    BATT-27910 Replacement Battery

    • 3.6V
    • NiMH
    • Long-lasting
    • 750mAh
    • Rechargeable
    • Comparable to Lenmar® LENCBD958
    • Compatible with AT&T® E1937B, AT&T® E560-2, AT&T® E560-5, AT&T® E5912, AT&T® E5926, AT&T® E5927, AT&T® E5927B, AT&T® E5937B, AT&T® E5947B, AT&T® E597-1, AT&T® E598-2, AT&T® LX0605, AT&T® TL70008, AT&T® TL71108, AT&T® TL71208, AT&T® TL71308, AT&T® TL78108, AT&T® TL78208, AT&T® TL78308, AT&T® TL78408, Clarity® C410, Clarity® C4105, Clarity® C420, Clarity® C4205, Clarity® C4210, Clarity® C430, Clarity® C435, Clarity® C440, Clarity® C600, Clarity® W425, Clarity® W425 Pro, Comdial® DX-80, GE®/SANYO 49281, General Electric® 2-6980GE1, General Electric® 2-6992GE1, General Electric® 2-1006GE3, General Electric® 2-1028GE3, General Electric® 2-1091GE3, General Electric® 2-2620GE2, General Electric® 2-26993GE1, General Electric® 2-27980GE3, General Electric® 2-6930GE1, General Electric® 2-6939GE2, General Electric® 2-6985GE1, General Electric® 2-7907GE1, General Electric® 2-7910, General Electric® 2-7910GE1, General Electric® 2-7910GE3, General Electric® 2-7918GE1, General Electric® 2-7920, General Electric® 2-7920GE3, General Electric® 2-7920GE4, General Electric® 2-7920GE5, General Electric® 2-7920GE7, General Electric® 2-7928GE1, General Electric® 2-7928GE2, General Electric® 2-7928GE5, General Electric® 2-7928GE6, General Electric® 2-7930, General Electric® 2-7930GE3, General Electric® 2-7930GE4, General Electric® 2-7931, General Electric® 2-7931GE4, General Electric® 2-7935GE3, General Electric® 2-7936GE3, General Electric® 2-7938GE6, General Electric® 2-7939GE3, General Electric® 2-7980GE3, General Electric® 2-7990, General Electric® 2-7990GE3, General Electric® 2-7993, General Electric® 2-7993GE3, General Electric® 2-7998GE5, General Electric® 2-7998GE6, General Electric® 2-8110EE1, General Electric® 2-8111EE2, General Electric® 2-8112EE2, General Electric® 2-8112EE3, General Electric® 2-8128EE2, General Electric® 2-9110EE2, General Electric® 2-9111EE2, General Electric® 2-9112EE2, Lucent Technologies E1937B, Lucent Technologies E560-2, Lucent Technologies E560-5, Lucent Technologies E5912, Lucent Technologies E5926, Lucent Technologies E5927, Lucent Technologies E5927B, Lucent Technologies E5937B, Lucent Technologies E5947B, Lucent Technologies E597-1, Lucent Technologies E598-2, Lucent Technologies LX0605, Lucent Technologies TL70008, Lucent Technologies TL71108, Lucent Technologies TL71208, Lucent Technologies TL71308, Lucent Technologies TL78108, Lucent Technologies TL78208, Lucent Technologies TL78308, Lucent Technologies TL78408, Motorola® MD7151, Motorola® MD7161, Motorola® MD7161-3, Motorola® MD7250, Motorola® MD7251, Motorola® MD7260, Motorola® MD7261, Motorola® MD751, Motorola® MD761, Northwestern Bell® 35858, Radio Shack® 23-1317, Radio Shack® 43-2105, Radio Shack® ET-2105, RCA® 2-5110, VTech® 5829, VTech® 5839, VTech® 5851, VTech® 5859, VTech® 6725, VTech® 6763, VTech® 6765, VTech® 6772, VTech® 6773, VTech® 6775, VTech® 6783, VTech® 6785, VTech® 6803, VTech® 6807, VTech® 6820, VTech® 6821, VTech® 6861, VTech® 6866, VTech® 6870, VTech® 6872, VTech® 6879, VTech® 6880, VTech® 6882, VTech® 6889, VTech® 6897, VTech® DS4121-4, VTech® DS4122-3, VTech® E5939B, VTech® i6717, VTech® i6725, VTech® i6727, VTech® i6757, VTech® i6765, VTech® i6767, VTech® i6775, VTech® i6777, VTech® i6778, VTech® i6787, VTech® i6788, VTech® i6789, VTech® ii6777, VTech® ii6787, VTech® VT-I6725, VTech® VT-I6765, VTech® VT-I6775, Walker Clarity® C4105, Walker Clarity® C4205, Walker Clarity® C4210, Walker Clarity® Clarity C4105, Walker Clarity® Clarity C4205, Walker Clarity® Clarity C4210, Clarity® C-430, General Electric® 10990, General Electric® 11355, General Electric® 14366, General Electric® 21671, General Electric® 32905, General Electric® 34001, General Electric® 41680, General Electric® 41690, General Electric® 41764, General Electric® 41780, General Electric® 41781, General Electric® 41782, RCA® 30437, RCA® 41680 AT&T® 27910, AT&T® 5-2459, AT&T® 5-2523, AT&T® 80-5848-00-00, AT&T® 89-0099-00-00, AT&T® B27910, AT&T® TL72108, AT&T® TL72208, AT&T® TL72308, AT&T® TL72408, AT&T® TL74108, AT&T® TL74208, AT&T® TL74258, AT&T® TL74308, AT&T® TL74358, AT&T® TL74408, AT&T® TL74458, AtLinks 5-2683, BYD®H-AAA550BX3, BYD®H-AAA600BX3, Comdial® 7265-HS, Empire™ CPH-464D, GE®/SANYO GES-PC3F03, GE®/SANYO PC3F03, General Electric® 5-2459, General Electric® 5-2522, General Electric® 5-2523, General Electric® 5-2539, General Electric® 5-2705, General Electric® 5-2721, General Electric® TL96158, GP 70AAH3BMJZ, GP GP60AAAH3BMJ, GP GP65AAAH3BMJ, GP GP70AAH3BMJZ, Jasco® TL96158, Lucent Technologies 27910, Lucent Technologies 5-2459, Lucent Technologies 5-2523, Lucent Technologies 80-5848-00-00, Lucent Technologies 89-0099-00-00, Lucent Technologies B27910, Lucent Technologies TL72108, Lucent Technologies TL72208, Lucent Technologies TL72308, Lucent Technologies TL72408, Lucent Technologies TL74108, Lucent Technologies TL74208, Lucent Technologies TL74258, Lucent Technologies TL74308, Lucent Technologies TL74358, Lucent Technologies TL74408, Lucent Technologies TL74458, Motorola® 525734-001, Motorola® TL26158, Philips® SJB2142, Radio Shack® 230-0969, Radio Shack® 23-0959, Radio Shack® 23-894, Radio Shack® 23-959, Radio Shack® 960-1882, RCA® 5-2683, Saft® STB958, Sanik 3SN-AAA55H-S-J1, Sanik 3SN-AAA60H-S-J1, Sanik 3SN-AAA65H-S-J1, Sanik 3SN-AAA70H-S-J1, Sanik 3SN-AAA75H-S-J1F, Sanik 3SN-AAA80H-S-J1, SANYO GES-PC3F03, VTech® 6822, VTech® 89-1323-00-00, VTech® BT5633 & VTech® BT6823
    • Part No. 333428
    • SKU DOT27910
    • Vendor SKU BATT-27910
    • Retail Price$7.49
  • Sennheiser® 506514

    PXC 550 Noise-Canceling Bluetooth® Over-Ear Headphones with Microphone

    • NoiseGard™ hybrid adaptive noise cancellation
    • Up to 30 hours of continuous use
    • NFC-enabled pairing
    • Unrivaled speech clarity for personal & business calls
    • Touch-sensitive trackpads located on the earcups
    • Lightweight, fold-flat collapsible frame
    • Includes USB cable, travel case & IFE adapters
    • Part No. 326007
    • SKU SNH506514
    • Vendor SKU 506514
    • Retail Price$399.95
  • Etymotic Research® ER135-QSA-BG

    BEAN® Quiet Sound Amplifier® (Brushed Gold; Single)

    • Smooth, near-undetectable operation
    • Boosts soft high-pitched sounds heard in speech, providing clarity for conversations—particularly in less-than-ideal listening environments 
    • 2-position switch offers 2 levels of enhancement
    • Includes eartips, #10 zinc air batteries, replacement filters, filter tool & leather case
    • Brushed Gold
    • Single
    • Part No. 325358
    • Vendor SKU ER135-QSA-BG
    • Retail Price$214.00
  • Related Products Wireless Headphones
    Sennheiser® 506820

    RS 5000 Wireless TV In-Ear Headphones

    • Lightweight assistive listening system
    • Adds clarity & comfort to TV listening
    • Ability to adjust volume, sound profile & speech intelligibility
    • Base station transmitter plugs into TV or set-top box's headphone output, analog output or digital audio output
    • Transmits via RF signal up to 229.65ft (line of sight) for freedom of movement
    • Comfortable silicone rubber ear couplings in 2 sizes
    • Freq resp: 15Hz–16kHz
    • 3.7V Li-Poly rechargeable battery on receiver provides up to 12 hours of run time
    • Weight (receiver): 2.15oz
    • Operating freq: 2.4GHz–2.48Ghz
    • Up to 3 hours to recharge
    • Includes pair of earpads for small ears, 1.5ft TV optical cable, 1.5ft 3.5mm TV audio connection cable, docking station & power supply with country adapters for Europe, UK, US & Australia
    • Part No. 332646
    • SKU SNH506820
    • Vendor SKU 506820
    • Retail Price$249.95
  • Related Products Phone
    AT&T® CL84102

    DECT 6.0 Corded/Cordless Phone System with Digital Answering System & Caller ID/Call Waiting

    • Long-range coverage & clarity due to unique antenna design & advances in noise-filtering technology
    • 50-name/number Caller ID log
    • Caller ID announce feature
    • Digital answering system features call screening, call intercept, remote access, message retrieval from handset, message time stamp & up to 14 min of digital recording time
    • Push-to-Talk feature doubles as multiple-handset walkie-talkie to communicate with up to 4 units
    • HD audio with equalizer for customized audio—selection of 4 preset audio profiles or can personalize bass, treble & natural tones for individual hearing needs
    • Handset & base speakerphone
    • High-contrast backlit LCD & lighted keypad
    • Large tilt backlit base display
    • Expandable up to 12 handsets
    • Line power mode
    • 50-name & number phone book directory
    • Intercom between handset & base unit
    • Conference between outside line & up to 4 cordless handsets
    • 9-number speed dial
    • Compatible with AT&T® cordless headset
    • Voicemail waiting indicator
    • Quick access key for voicemail box
    • Last 10-number redial
    • Mute
    • Any key answer
    • Table or wall mountable
    • Hearing aid compatible
    • En/Sp/Fr setup menu
    • Includes base, handset with cord, 1 accessory handset, chargers & batteries
    • 2.4V/400mAh NiMH battery
    • Part No. 209139
    • SKU ATTCL84102
    • Vendor SKU CL84102
    • Retail Price$69.95
  • Related Products Humminbird
    Humminbird® 410230-1

    HELIX® 5 CHIRP SI GPS G2 Fishfinder

    • 5" color display with LED backlight
    • 800 x 480 resolution
    • Side Imaging® sonar scans up to 240ft left & right of boat location, revealing 180° side-to-side perspective on structure, cover & contour changes with crystal clarity
    • Down Imaging® 455kHz/800kHz sonar creates stunning detail of fish, reefs, timber, brush, bridge pilings & more below the boat
    • SwitchFire® sonar with Clear & Max modes
    • CHIRP digital sonar
    • DualBeam PLUS™ sonar for great detail & wide coverage area
    • Internal, precision GPS with built-in GPS antenna
    • Upgradeable software
    • Built-in UniMap™ covers the contiguous US coastline, inland lakes and rivers at 30m per pixel resolution
    • AUTOCHARTt® Live creates detailed maps with depth, vegetation & bottom hardness
    • SmartStrike™ map card highlights areas of the lake where fish are most likely to be biting
    • microSD™ Card slot
    • 2,750 waypoints/47 routes
    • Compatible with several optional mapping suites
    • 500W RMS/4,000W peak-to-peak
    • 1,500ft depth capability
    • Includes transom mount transducer, cable & gimbal mount
    • Part No. 320732
    • SKU HUM4102301
    • Vendor SKU 410230-1
    • Retail Price$499.99
  • AT&T® TL86109

    DECT 6.0 2-Line Connect to Cell™ Corded/Cordless Bluetooth® Phone System with Digital Answering System & Caller ID (Corded Base System & Single Handset)

    • Bluetooth® connectivity to base automatically connects when paired device is within range
    • Ability to make & receive calls from user's cellular plan while enjoying comforts of a home phone system while managing calls using either cell or home phone & offering expansion flexibility
    • Ability to download up to 6,000 cellular phone book entries to cordless handset
    • Distinctive ringer tones for home & cellular lines
    • 2-line system
    • Digital answering system with 14 min of recording on each line with call screening, call intercept, remote access, message retrieval from handset & message time stamp
    • Long-range coverage & clarity with unique antenna design & advances in noise-filtering technology
    • Handset & base speakerphones
    • Caller ID/Call Waiting with 200-name & number Caller ID history
    • High-contrast backlit LCD & lighted keypad
    • Large, tilt & backlit base display
    • Expandable to 12 handsets (requires 86009 handset)
    • Cordless & corded handsets
    • Line power mode
    • Intercom between outside line & up to 4 cordless handsets
    • 200-name & number phone book directory
    • 10-number speed dial
    • Compatible with 2.5mm headset & AT&T® cordless headset
    • Voicemail waiting indicator
    • Last 20-number redial
    • Mute
    • Any key answer
    • Table mountable
    • Eng/Sp/Fr setup menu
    • Includes base, base handset with cord, accessory handset with base, chargers & batteries
    • Part No. 181677
    • SKU ATTTL86109
    • Vendor SKU TL86109
    • Retail Price$169.95
  • Related Products Ultralast

    BATT-6010 Replacement Battery

    • 2.4V
    • NiMH
    • Long-lasting
    • 800mAh
    • Rechargeable
    • Comparable to Lenmar® LENCBD8003
    • Compatible with Amplicom® Powertel 500™, AT&T® SL80108, AT&T® SL81108, AT&T® SL81208, AT&T® SL82118, AT&T® SL82208, AT&T® SL82218, AT&T® SL82308, AT&T® SL82318, AT&T® SL82408, AT&T® SL82418, AT&T® SL82518, AT&T® SL82558, AT&T® SL82618, AT&T® SL82658, AT&T® TL92278, AT&T® TL92328, AT&T® TL92378, Clarity® 50613.002, Clarity® CLAR50613, Clarity® D603, Clarity® D613, Clarity® D613C, General Electric® 2-7902, General Electric® 2-7909, General Electric® 2-7909EE1, General Electric® 2-7911, General Electric® 2-8203EE1, General Electric® 2-8223, General Electric® 2-8223EE2, General Electric® 2-8223EE3, General Electric® 2-8811, General Electric® 5-2840, Lucent Technologies SL80108, Lucent Technologies SL81108, Lucent Technologies SL81208, Lucent Technologies SL82118, Lucent Technologies SL82208, Lucent Technologies SL82218, Lucent Technologies SL82308, Lucent Technologies SL82318, Lucent Technologies SL82408, Lucent Technologies SL82418, Lucent Technologies SL82518, Lucent Technologies SL82558, Lucent Technologies SL82618, Lucent Technologies SL82658, Lucent Technologies TL92278, Lucent Technologies TL92328, Lucent Technologies TL92378, Motorola® L301, Motorola® L302, Motorola® L303, Motorola® L304, Motorola® L305, Motorola® L4, Radio Shack® 43-0267, Radio Shack® 43-205, Radio Shack® 43-206, Radio Shack® 43-315, Radio Shack® 43-319, Uniden® DECT 6 3000 Series, Uniden® DECT3080-2, Uniden® DECT6 3000 Series, VTech® 6010, VTech® 6030, VTech® 6031, VTech® 6032, VTech® 6041, VTech® 6042, VTech® 6043, VTech® 6051, VTech® 6052, VTech® 6053, VTech® 831, VTech® CS6209, VTech® CS6219, VTech® CS6219-2, VTech® CS6228-3, VTech® CS6228-5, VTech® CS6228-6, VTech® CS6229, VTech® CS6229-2, VTech® CS6229-3, VTech® CS6229-4, VTech® CS6229-5, VTech® DS6101, VTech® DS6111, VTech® DS6115-2, VTech® DS6121, VTech® DS6121-3, VTech® DS6121-4, VTech® DS6121-5, VTech® DS6151, VTech® DS6201, VTech® DS6221-2, VTech® DS6301, VTech® DS6321-3, VTech® ip8300, VTech® ip831, VTech® is6110, VTech® LS6204, VTech® LS6245, General Electric® 12540, General Electric® 14732, General Electric® 41672, General Electric® 41681, General Electric® 41693, General Electric® 41773, General Electric® 41785, General Electric® 41679, Sagem D16T, Sagem D16T Duo, Sagem D16T Duo 2, Sagem D18T, Sagem D21T, Plantronics® Calisto Pro Series, Plantronics® Calisto Pro Series D150, Uniden® WXI3077, Uniden® WXI3077-2, Uniden® WXI3077-3, AT&T® TL86109, RCA® 25055RE1 AT&T® AT8001, AT&T® BT18433, AT&T® BT184342, AT&T® BT28433, AT&T® BT284342, AT&T® BT8001, Empire™ CPH-515D, General Electric® 5-2734, General Electric® 5-2814, General Electric® 5-2826, General Electric® 5-5814, General Electric® 5-5826, General Electric® 5-5840, GP 70AAAH2BMJZR, GP 75AAAH2BMJZ, GP GP60AAAH2BMJZR, GP GP70AAAH2BMJZR, GP GP75AAAH2BMJZ, Lucent Technologies AT8001, Lucent Technologies BT18433, Lucent Technologies BT184342, Lucent Technologies BT28433, Lucent Technologies BT284342, Lucent Technologies BT8001, Plantronics® 77049-01, Radio Shack® 23-546, Radio Shack® 23-930, Radio Shack® 43-312, Radio Shack® 43-313, Radio Shack® 43-314, Radio Shack® 43-323, RAYOVAC® TEL10213, RCA® T-T104, Sanik 2SN-AAA55H-S-J1, Sanik 2SN-AAA60H-S-J1, Sanik 2SN-AAA65H-S-J1, Sanik 2SN-AAA70H-S-J1, Uniden® BBTG0671011, Uniden® BT-1011, Uniden® BT-1018, Uniden® BT-1022, Uniden® BT-1031, VTech® 8300, VTech® 89-1326-00-00, VTech® 89-1330-00-00, VTech® 89-1330-00-01, VTech® 89-1330-01-00, VTech® BT283348, VTech® BT8300, Sanik 2SN-AAA55H-S-P1, Interstate® TEL0032 & GP GP70AAAH2BMJ
    • Part No. 333432
    • SKU DOT6010
    • Vendor SKU BATT-6010
    • Retail Price$6.49
  • Related Products Ultralast | Eton

    3-1/2AA-U Replacement Battery

    • 3.6V
    • 400mAh
    • NiCd
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Comparable to Lenmar® LENCBA337
    • Compatible with AT&T® 24112, AT&T® 4128, AT&T® EL41108, AT&T® EL41208, AT&T® EL42108, AT&T® EL42208, AT&T® EL42258, AT&T® EL42308, AT&T® EL42408, BellSouth® Excelistor 3101, Conair® CTP 8210, Conair® CTP 8212, Conair® CTP 8225, Conair® CTP 8310, Conair® CTP 9200, Conair® CTP 9250, Gemini TA267, Lucent Technologies 24112, Lucent Technologies 4128, Lucent Technologies EL41108, Lucent Technologies EL41208, Lucent Technologies EL42108, Lucent Technologies EL42208, Lucent Technologies EL42258, Lucent Technologies EL42308, Lucent Technologies EL42408, Northwestern Bell® 3100, SANYO CLT 3500, Southwestern Bell 31175, Southwestern Bell FF 677, Southwestern Bell FF 694, Southwestern Bell FF-1185, Southwestern Bell FF-1187, Southwestern Bell FF-1188, Southwestern Bell FF-1710, Southwestern Bell FF-1712, Southwestern Bell FF-1719, Southwestern Bell FF-1720, Southwestern Bell FF-1722, Southwestern Bell FF-1724, Southwestern Bell FF-1726, Southwestern Bell FF-1740, Southwestern Bell FF-1741, Southwestern Bell FF-1742, Southwestern Bell FF-1751, Southwestern Bell FF-1760, Southwestern Bell FF-1762, Southwestern Bell FF-1765, Southwestern Bell FF-1770, Southwestern Bell FF-1775, Southwestern Bell FF-2000, Southwestern Bell FF-2025, Southwestern Bell FF2100W, Southwestern Bell FF-2125, Southwestern Bell FF2125BL, Southwestern Bell FF2150AW, Southwestern Bell FF-641, Southwestern Bell FF-642, Southwestern Bell FF-643, Southwestern Bell FF-646B, Southwestern Bell FF-655, Southwestern Bell FF-660, Southwestern Bell FF-664, Southwestern Bell FF-665, Southwestern Bell FF-667, Southwestern Bell FF-668, Southwestern Bell FF-670, Southwestern Bell FF-671, Southwestern Bell FF-672, Southwestern Bell FF-674, Southwestern Bell FF-676, Southwestern Bell FF-680, Southwestern Bell FF-688, Southwestern Bell FF-690, Southwestern Bell FF-692, Southwestern Bell FF-693, Southwestern Bell FF-695, Southwestern Bell FF-701, Southwestern Bell FF-702, Southwestern Bell FF-705, Southwestern Bell FF-712, Southwestern Bell FF-714, Southwestern Bell FF-718, Southwestern Bell FF-720, Southwestern Bell FF-725, Southwestern Bell FF-727, Southwestern Bell FF-728, Southwestern Bell FF-905A, Southwestern Bell FF-908A, Southwestern Bell GH3010SAP, Southwestern Bell GH3228AT, Southwestern Bell S60518, VTech® CS2111, VTech® CS5111, VTech® CS5111-2, VTech® CS5121, VTech® CS5121-2, VTech® CS5121-3, VTech® CS5121-4, VTech® CS5123, Walker Clarity® W400, Walker Clarity® W9001, Walker Clarity® W9001H, General Electric® 41779, Eton FR360, Eton FRX3, Eton Axis, AT&T® 1839, AT&T® 17333, AT&T® 01839, Empire™ CPB-403J, Energizer® P3391, GE®/SANYO PCH06, General Electric® 5-2320, General Electric® BT-17333, General Electric® BT-27333, GP GP30AAK3BMX, GP GP40AAK3BMX, Jabro JB40AA2/3N3BMX, Jasco® TL96563, Lucent Technologies 1839, Lucent Technologies 17333, Lucent Technologies 01839, RAYOVAC® RAY19, Saft® STB119, Sony® BP-T37, Southwestern Bell 4205083, Southwestern Bell BAT1188, Southwestern Bell D2/3AA-400X3, VTech® 89-1338-00, VTech® BT-17233, VTech® BT-27233 & Interstate® TEL0140
    • Part No. 333418
    • SKU DOT312AAU
    • Vendor SKU 3-1/2AA-U
    • Retail Price$6.49
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