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    Multistage Omnistat2 with Humidity Control for Conventional & Heat Pump Systems (White)

    • Humidifier & dehumidifier control
    • Supports 2-stage conventional & 2-stage heat pump with 3rd-stage aux heat
    • Dual fuel with 2nd stage aux heat
    • Supports 1 external temperature sensor for indoor or outdoor
    • Digital precise temperature control
    • Automatic heat/cool changeover
    • Fan cycle mode periodically circulates air for comfort
    • Outdoor temperature & humidity display optional
    • Indoor sensor averaging with remote sensor
    • Does not need batteries to retain settings & time
    • Graphic display of HVAC weekly usage
    • Learns how home heats & cools for efficiency & comfort
    • 7-day programmable schedule
    • Temperature settings for home, night, away & vacation when integrated with a Levtion® home control system
    • Filter reminder for peak efficiency
    • Built-in vacation mode feature restores temperature before returning home
    • Communicates with Leviton® home control systems & other manufacturers' automation systems
    • Optional remote access via Internet & telephone expansion port for wireless communication
    • Proximity/motion detector, screen lights up when approached
    • Users can choose between 1 of 2 display options
    • Multicolor backlight-adjustable at any time
    • White
    • Part No. 160786
    • SKU HAIRC2000WH
    • Vendor SKU RC-2000WH
    • Retail Price$358.20
Related Categories Hairc2000wh , Leviton
1 - 1 of 1
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