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  • Related Products Intercom
    M&S Systems® DMC4PACK

    4-Wire Music/Communication Retrofit System Package

    • Designed as a retrofit for 4-wire intercom systems
    • Offers many of the basic components needed to assemble a 4-room, 1-patio & 1-entry door music/communication system
    • Kit includes:
    • 1 DMC3-4 music/communication retrofit system master
    • 4 DMC4RS room stations
    • 1 DMC4RW patio station
    • 1 DS3B door station with bell button
    • 1 MC3 3-note chime module
    • Part No. 244800
    • Vendor SKU DMC4PACK
    • Retail Price$1338.47
  • M&S Systems® DMC1HKIT

    Rough-In Kit

    • 4-room rough-in kit
    • Kit Includes:
    • Metal-wall, door-speaker & flush-mount enclosures
    • 4 rough-in rings
    • FM Antenna & wire
    • Speaker cable
    • Ferrite filter
    • Four 1.5" bushings
    • TE5D transformer
    • Part No. 146278
    • Vendor SKU DMC1HKIT
    • Retail Price$185.01
  • Related Products Intercom | Mands
    M&S Systems® DMC1PACK

    Intercom & Sound Starter Package

    • System includes:
    • DMC1 master unit
    •  4 DMC1RS remote scan speakers
    • DMC1RW outdoor patio speaker
    • MC3 door chime module
    • DS3B front door speaker 
    • Part No. 146277
    • Vendor SKU DMC1PACK
    • Retail Price$1350.20
  • Related Products Mands
    M&S Systems® DMC1H

    Wall Housing

    • Works with DMC1 & DMC3-4
    • Part No. 146285
    • Vendor SKU DMC1H
    • Retail Price$102.92
  • M&S Systems® DMC1RW

    Weather-Resistant Remote Station Speaker (White)

    •  Remote outdoor speaker & controller for DMC1
    • Connects using CAT-5 wire
    •  Perfect for outdoor & patio use
    • Includes master volume control room station
    • White
    • Part No. 146283
    • Vendor SKU DMC1RW
    • Retail Price$121.30
  • Related Products Intercom | Intercom System
    M&S Systems® DS3B

    Door Speaker with Bell Button

    • Works with DMC1 & DMC3-4
    •  Wall-type door speaker
    •  White
    • Part No. 146290
    • Vendor SKU DS3B
    • Retail Price$49.01
  • Dantona®

    CAM-BCK7P Replacement Battery

    • 3.6V
    • Li-Ion
    • Long-lasting
    • 800mAh
    • Rechargeable
    • Replaces battery in Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH24 cigital camera/camcorder
    • Comparable to Lenmar® LENDLZ322P
    • Part No. 333631
    • Vendor SKU CAM-BCK7
    • Retail Price$19.99
  • Dantona® CAM-BCF10EP

    CAM-BCF10E Replacement Battery

    • 3.7V
    • Long-lasting
    • 700mAh
    • Li-Ion
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Replacement battery for Panasonic® Lumix DMC-FX75K dgital camera/camcorder
    • Part No. 334013
    • Vendor SKU CAM-BCF10EP
    • Retail Price$39.99
  • Related Products Intercom | Intercom System
    M&S Systems® DMC1RS

    Indoor Remote with Radio Scan (White)

    • Remote room speaker & controller for DMC1
    •  Connects using CAT-5 wire
    •  Features remote scan for CD player & AM/FM presets
    •  Includes master volume control room station
    •  White
    • Part No. 146280
    • Vendor SKU DMC1RS
    • Retail Price$82.09
  • M&S Systems® DMC4RS

    5" 4-Wire Indoor Radio Remote Scan Station (White)

    • Radio remote scan station with volume, talk/listen, remote volume & source control
    • 4-wire connection
    • Features remote scan for CD player operation & AM/FM preset operation
    • Includes master volume control room station
    • White
    • Part No. 146299
    • Vendor SKU DMC4RS
    • Retail Price$84.55
  • Related Products Hdmi To Rca | Wireless Hdmi
    Dual® DMC15

    DualCast™ Wi-Fi® A/V Mirroring Adapter

    • Wi-Fi® A/V smartphone/tablet mirroring adapter
    • Connects to either composite RCA or HDMI® inputs on the compatible in-car receiver
    • Communicates with smartphone or tablet via wireless 2.4GHz & 5GHz frequencies
    • Supports up to 1080p video streaming
    • Compatible with Airplay®, Airplay® Mirroring, Miracast®, Windows® 8 & DNLA standards
    • Works with most Apple® & Android™ devices
    • Firmware updateable over the air (OTA)
    • Low power consumption
    • Dim: .98"H x 2.55"W x 4.29"D
    • Includes adapter & cable
    • Part No. 328529
    • SKU DULDMC15
    • Vendor SKU DMC15
    • Retail Price$129.99
  • Dantona®

    CAM-S007P Replacement Battery

    • 3.7V
    • Li-Ion
    • 1,000mAh
    • Rechargeable
    • Replaces battery in Panasonic® DMC-TZ1 digital camera as well as DMC-TZ2–5, TZ250, LUMIX® DMC-TZ1–5 & DMC-TZ5- digital cameras
    • Comparable to Lenmar® LENDLP007, Radio Shack® 43-169, Radio Shack® 43-170, Radio Shack® 43-3575, Radio Shack® 43-5529, Radio Shack® 43-5829, Uniden® DECT1588-5, Uniden® DCT736, Uniden® DCT736-2, Uniden® DCT736-3, Uniden® DCT736-4, Uniden® DCT738, Uniden® DCT738-3, Uniden® DCT738-3T, Uniden® DCT738-4, Uniden® DCT750, Uniden® DCT756, Uniden® DCT7565, Uniden® DCT758, Uniden® DCT7585, Uniden® DCX750, Uniden® DECT1500, Uniden® TRU12803, Uniden® TRU9260, Uniden® TRU9260-2, Uniden® TRU9260-3, Uniden® TRU9260-4, Uniden® TRU9280, Uniden® TRU9280-2, Uniden® TRU9280-3, Uniden® TRU9280-4, Uniden® WHAMX4 Series, Uniden® WXI377 Empire™ CPH-464B, GP 60AAAH3BMX, GP GP55AAAH3BMX, GP GP60AAAH3BMX, GP GP60AAH3BMX, Radio Shack® 23-961, Uniden® BBTY0566001, Uniden® BBTY0616001, Uniden® BT-1001, Uniden® BT-1004, Uniden® BT-909
    • Part No. 333662
    • SKU DOTS007
    • Vendor SKU CAM-S007
    • Retail Price$17.99
  • Dantona®

    CAM-S006P Replacement Battery

    • 7.2V
    • Li-Ion
    • 710mAh
    • Rechargeable
    • Replaces battery in Panasonic® DMC-FZ30 digital camera as well as DMC-FZ7, LUMIX® DMC-FZ30 & SMC-FZ7 digital cameras
    • Comparable to Lenmar® LENDLP006, Panasonic® KX-TG2000B, Panasonic® KX-TG4000B, Panasonic® KX-TGA200, Uniden® DECT1588, Uniden® DECT1588-5, Uniden® EXP4540, Uniden® DECT1560-2, Uniden® EXP370, Uniden® EXP370A, Uniden® EXP370CS, Uniden® EXP371, Uniden® EXP371A, Uniden® EXP970, Uniden® EXP971, Memorex® KXTG4000B, Memorex® KXTGA200, Memorex® MPH-6925, Panasonic® KX-TGA400, Radio Shack® 43-3533, Radio Shack® 43-3534, Radio Shack® 43-3541, Radio Shack® 43-3542, Radio Shack® 43-3543, Radio Shack® ET-3533, Radio Shack® ET-3534, Radio Shack® ET-3541, Radio Shack® ET-3542, Radio Shack® ET-3543, Uniden® DECT 1588-3T, Uniden® CEZAI2998, Uniden® DCX150, Uniden® DECT 1363, Uniden® DECT 1480, Uniden® DECT 1500, Uniden® DECT 1560, Uniden® DECT 1580-2, Uniden® EXP3710, Uniden® EXP380, Uniden® EXP4541, Uniden® EZAI2997, Uniden® EZI2996 Empire™ CPB-471B, Empire™ CPB-479B, GP GP60AAS2BMX, Panasonic® HHR-P506/A, Radio Shack® 23-960, Uniden® BT-1007, Uniden® BBTY0700001, Uniden® BT-1015, Uniden® BT-904, BYD® S-DAA650B02, Interstate® ATEL0335, NABC 721050000, NABC STB0335, Panasonic® HHR-15F2G1, Panasonic® PQHHR150AA21, Panasonic® PQP506SVC, Panasonic® #17, Radio Shack® 23-9096, Sony® BP904, Southwestern Bell BBTY0624001, Southwestern Bell BP904, Southwestern Bell BT1007, Uniden® 52780708, Uniden® BBTY0460001, Uniden® BBTY0510001, Uniden® BBTY0624001, Uniden® BP904
    • Part No. 333661
    • SKU DOTS006
    • Vendor SKU CAM-S006
    • Retail Price$22.99
  • Ultralast

    CEL-SMN910NFC Replacement Battery

    • 3.85V
    • Li-Ion
    • Long-lasting
    • 3,220mAh
    • Rechargeable
    • Replacement battery for the Samsung® Galaxy Note® 4 Cellular Phone
    • Comparable to Lenmar® LENCLZ636SG, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-S3A, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH2, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH24, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH25, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH25A, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH25K, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH25R, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH25S, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH25V, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH27, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH27K, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH27R, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH27S, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH2A, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH2K, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH2P, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH2R, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH2S, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH5, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH5K, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH5N, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH5P, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH5S, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH5V, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH7K, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH7N, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH7P, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FH7S, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FP5, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FP5A, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FP5G, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FP5K, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FP5P, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FP5S, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FP7, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FP7A, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FP7K, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FP7N, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FP7P, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FP7R, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FP7S, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS16, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS16A, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS16K, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS16P, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS16R, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS16S, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS18, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS18K, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS18N, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS18P, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS18S, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS18V, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS22K, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS22N, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS22P, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS22S, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS35, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS35A, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS35K, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS35R, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS35S, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS35V, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS37, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS37K, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS37R, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FS37S, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FX77, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FX77A, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FX77K, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FX77N, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FX77P, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FX77S, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FX77W, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FX78, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FX78A, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FX78K, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FX78N, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FX78P, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FX78S, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FX78W, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-S1, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-S1A, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-S1K, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-S1N, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-S1P, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-S1S, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-S1W, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-S3, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-S3K, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-S3PA, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-S3R, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-S3V, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-S3W, Panasonic® NCA-YN101H Panasonic® DMW-BCK7, Panasonic® DMW-BCK7E, Panasonic® DMW-BCK7PP, Panasonic® NCA-YN101, Panasonic® NCA-YN101G, Panasonic® NCA-YN101H, Interstate® CAM0248
    • Part No. 333673
    • Vendor SKU CEL-SMN910NFC
    • Retail Price$32.99
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