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When you become a partner with Petra, you get more than access to great products to resale... You will receive the following benefits!

  • Same Day Shipping
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed
  • No Minimum Order
  • Free Freight on Qualifed Orders


Get your clinic in order with wholesale local pickup in Edmond, Oklahoma
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  • Jasco Projectables® 13347

    Outdoor Fun 6-Image LED Tabletop Projectable Night-Light

    • Provides a soothing guide light while projecting 1 of 6 different outdoor images on the wall or ceiling
    • Light-sensing technology automatically turns on at dusk & off at dawn
    • Long-life LEDs provide the glowing image with no bulbs to replace
    • Part No. 268381
    • SKU JAS13347
    • Vendor SKU 13347
    • Retail Price$12.99
  • Related Products Solar
    Jasco Projectables® 11282

    LED Projectables® Solar System Night-Light

    • Provides a soft, soothing guide light while projecting a colorful solar system 3ft image on the ceiling, wall or floor
    • Light sensing—turns on at dusk & off at dawn
    • Long-life LED—no bulbs to replace
    • Energy efficient
    • Cool to the touch
    • UL listed
    • Part No. 262999
    • SKU JAS11282
    • Vendor SKU 11282
    • Retail Price$9.99
  • Related Products Led
    Jasco Projectables® 36713

    3-Image LED Plug-in Night-Light

    • Projects & slowly cycles through 3 different space-themed images every 40 sec
    •  Light-sensing technology turns light on at dusk & off at dawn
    • Projects images onto ceiling, wall or floor
    • Ideal for children's rooms
    • Part No. 331301
    • SKU JAS36713
    • Vendor SKU 36713
    • Retail Price$12.99
  • Related Products Lights
    Jasco Projectables® 30404

    Northern Lights LED Night-Light

    • Projects motion image of the Northern Lights onto wall or ceiling
    • Slow moving lights are great for bedtime
    • Light-sensing technology turns light on at dusk & off at dawn
    • Provides a long-lasting, energy-efficient light show
    • Recommended for use in a completely dark room
    • Part No. 331305
    • SKU JAS30404
    • Vendor SKU 30404
    • Retail Price$12.99
  • Ultralast®

    BATT-511 Replacement Battery

    • 3.6V
    • NiCd
    • 900mAh
    • Rechargeable
    • Comparable to Lenmar® LENCB0511
    • Compatible with Panasonic® KX-TGA271V, Panasonic® KX-TGA271W, Panasonic® KX-FPG376, Panasonic® KX-FPG381, Panasonic® KX-TG2205, Panasonic® KX-TG2205W, Panasonic® KX-TG2215, Panasonic® KX-TG2215B, Panasonic® KX-TG2217, Panasonic® KX-TG2217S, Panasonic® KX-TG2219, Panasonic® KX-TG2219B, Panasonic® KX-TG2222, Panasonic® KX-TG2227, Panasonic® KX-TG2227S, Panasonic® KX-TG2236, Panasonic® KX-TG2236S, Panasonic® KX-TG2237, Panasonic® KX-TG2237S, Panasonic® KX-TG2239, Panasonic® KX-TG2239B, Panasonic® KX-TG2239S, Panasonic® KX-TG2247, Panasonic® KX-TG2247S, Panasonic® KX-TG2257, Panasonic® KX-TG2257S, Panasonic® KX-TG2267, Panasonic® KX-TG2267B, Panasonic® KX-TG2267S, Panasonic® KX-TG2287S, Panasonic® KX-TG2700, Panasonic® KX-TG2700S, Panasonic® KX-TG2720S, Panasonic® KX-TG2730S, Panasonic® KX-TG2740S, Panasonic® KX-TG2750S, Panasonic® KX-TG2770S, Panasonic® KX-TG2970B, Panasonic® KX-TG5100M, Panasonic® KX-TG5110M, Panasonic® KX-TGA270, Panasonic® KX-TGA2705, Panasonic® KX-TGA270S, Panasonic® KX-TGA273S, Panasonic® KX-TGA290B, Panasonic® KX-TGA510M, Radio Shack® 43-9002, Radio Shack® 43-9003, Radio Shack® 43-9005, Radio Shack® 43-9007, Radio Shack® 43-9013 AT&T® 104, AT&T® 00104, Empire™ CPB-487, Energizer® ER-P511, Interstate® TEL0305, Jasco® TL96400, Lucent Technologies 104, Lucent Technologies 00104, Panasonic® #24, Panasonic® #30, Panasonic® HHR-P402, Panasonic® HHR-P402A, Panasonic® N4HKGMA0001, Panasonic® P-P511, Panasonic® P-P511A, Panasonic® TL26400, Panasonic® TYPE 24, Panasonic® TYPE 30, Radio Shack® 23-965, RAYOVAC® RAY79, Saft® BT8000, Saft® STB511 & SANYO GES-PCF10
    • Part No. 333431
    • SKU DOT511
    • Vendor SKU BATT-511
    • Retail Price$7.49
  • Ultralast®

    BATT-446 Replacement Battery

    • 3.6V
    • NiMH
    • Long-lasting
    • 800mAh
    • Rechargeable
    • Comparable to Lenmar® LENCBC446
    • Compatible with Radio Shack® 43-3898, Uniden® DCT646, Uniden® DCT646-2, Uniden® DCT646-3, Uniden® DCT6465, Uniden® DCT6465-2, Uniden® DCT648, Uniden® DCT648-2, Uniden® DCT648-3, Uniden® DCT6485, Uniden® DCT6485-2, Uniden® DCT6485-3, Uniden® DCT746M, Uniden® DCT748-2, Uniden® DCT748-4, Uniden® DCT7488, Uniden® DCT7488-2, Uniden® DCX640, Uniden® DCX700, Uniden® DCX730, Uniden® TCX580, Uniden® TCX800, Uniden® TCX805, Uniden® TCX860, Uniden® TCX905, Uniden® TCX930, Uniden® TRU-446, Uniden® TRU446-2, Uniden® TRU-446-2, Uniden® TRU4465, Uniden® TRU4465-2, Uniden® TRU448, Uniden® TRU448-2, Uniden® TRU4485, Uniden® TRU4485-2, Uniden® TRU5860, Uniden® TRU5860-2, Uniden® TRU5865, Uniden® TRU5865-2, Uniden® TRU5885, Uniden® TRU5885-2, Uniden® TRU8860, Uniden® TRU8860-2, Uniden® TRU8865-2, Uniden® TRU8866, Uniden® TRU8880, Uniden® TRU8880-2, Uniden® TRU8885, Uniden® TRU8885-2, Uniden® TRU8885-3, Uniden® TRU8888, Uniden® TRU9360-2, Uniden® TRU9380, Uniden® TRU9380-2, Uniden® TRU9380-3, Uniden® TRU9380-4, Uniden® TRU9385, Uniden® TRU9385-2, Uniden® TRU9460, Uniden® TRU9460-2, Uniden® TRU9465, Uniden® TRU9485, Uniden® TRU9485-2, Uniden® TRU9485-3, Uniden® TRU9488, Uniden® TRU9496, Uniden® TRU9565-2, Uniden® TRU958, Uniden® TRU9585-2, Uniden® TWX977, Uniden® TXC-400, Uniden® TXC580, Uniden® WXI477, Uniden® TRU-2HS, Radio Shack® 4303529, Radio Shack® 4303815, Radio Shack® 4303538, Radio Shack® 4303598, Radio Shack® 4303898, Radio Shack® 4303597 Empire™ CPH-488B, Energizer® ER-P512, GE®/SANYO PC3F02, General Electric® TL26402, GP 80AAALH3BMZ, GP GP80AAALH3BMX, GP GP80AAALH3BMZ, Jasco® TL96402, Philips® SJB5191, Radio Shack® 23-0961, Radio Shack® 23-961, Radio Shack® 23-993, Radio Shack® 43-3581, Uniden® BBTY0457001, Uniden® BT1005, Uniden® BT-1005, Uniden® BT-105, Uniden® BT-446 & Enercell®2300156
    • Part No. 333430
    • SKU DOT446
    • Vendor SKU BATT-446
    • Retail Price$7.49
  • No Logo WH16X513

    GE® Drain Hose Clip

    • GE® drain hose clip
    • Part No. 137662
    • SKU RTO-285
    • Vendor SKU WH16X513
    • Retail Price$5.99
  • Related Products Igniter
    ERP® IG21

    Igniter (Oven, GE® WB13K21)

    •  Flat-style oven igniter with 8" lead wire, 1.5" ceramic block & male/female 2-pin quick disconnect
    • Replaces GE® WB13K21
    • Part No. 255806
    • SKU ERIG21
    • Vendor SKU IG21
    • Retail Price$22.99
  • ERP® WH01X10462

    Washer Knob for GE®

    • OEM-equivalent replacement for GE® WH01X10462
    • Part No. 326512
    • SKU ERWH01X10462
    • Vendor SKU WH01X10462
    • Retail Price$5.59
  • ERP®

    Evaporator Motor (GE® WR60X10141)

    • Replacement evaporator motor• Motor specs: 115V, 60Hz, 3W, 1 5/8" shaft, quick disconnect
    • Part No. 291241
    • SKU ERWR60X10141
    • Vendor SKU WR60X10141
    • Retail Price$29.99
  • ERP®

    Evaporator Motor (GE® WR60X10185)

    • Replacement evaporator motor• Motor specs: 3.25W, 9.75V DC, 2 3/8" shaft, quick disconnect
    • Part No. 291243
    • SKU ERWR60X10185
    • Vendor SKU WR60X10185
    • Retail Price$36.99
  • Ultralast®

    3-1/2AA-U Replacement Battery

    • 3.6V
    • 400mAh
    • NiCd
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Comparable to Lenmar® LENCBA337
    • Compatible with AT&T® 24112, AT&T® 4128, AT&T® EL41108, AT&T® EL41208, AT&T® EL42108, AT&T® EL42208, AT&T® EL42258, AT&T® EL42308, AT&T® EL42408, BellSouth® Excelistor 3101, Conair® CTP 8210, Conair® CTP 8212, Conair® CTP 8225, Conair® CTP 8310, Conair® CTP 9200, Conair® CTP 9250, Gemini TA267, Lucent Technologies 24112, Lucent Technologies 4128, Lucent Technologies EL41108, Lucent Technologies EL41208, Lucent Technologies EL42108, Lucent Technologies EL42208, Lucent Technologies EL42258, Lucent Technologies EL42308, Lucent Technologies EL42408, Northwestern Bell® 3100, SANYO CLT 3500, Southwestern Bell 31175, Southwestern Bell FF 677, Southwestern Bell FF 694, Southwestern Bell FF-1185, Southwestern Bell FF-1187, Southwestern Bell FF-1188, Southwestern Bell FF-1710, Southwestern Bell FF-1712, Southwestern Bell FF-1719, Southwestern Bell FF-1720, Southwestern Bell FF-1722, Southwestern Bell FF-1724, Southwestern Bell FF-1726, Southwestern Bell FF-1740, Southwestern Bell FF-1741, Southwestern Bell FF-1742, Southwestern Bell FF-1751, Southwestern Bell FF-1760, Southwestern Bell FF-1762, Southwestern Bell FF-1765, Southwestern Bell FF-1770, Southwestern Bell FF-1775, Southwestern Bell FF-2000, Southwestern Bell FF-2025, Southwestern Bell FF2100W, Southwestern Bell FF-2125, Southwestern Bell FF2125BL, Southwestern Bell FF2150AW, Southwestern Bell FF-641, Southwestern Bell FF-642, Southwestern Bell FF-643, Southwestern Bell FF-646B, Southwestern Bell FF-655, Southwestern Bell FF-660, Southwestern Bell FF-664, Southwestern Bell FF-665, Southwestern Bell FF-667, Southwestern Bell FF-668, Southwestern Bell FF-670, Southwestern Bell FF-671, Southwestern Bell FF-672, Southwestern Bell FF-674, Southwestern Bell FF-676, Southwestern Bell FF-680, Southwestern Bell FF-688, Southwestern Bell FF-690, Southwestern Bell FF-692, Southwestern Bell FF-693, Southwestern Bell FF-695, Southwestern Bell FF-701, Southwestern Bell FF-702, Southwestern Bell FF-705, Southwestern Bell FF-712, Southwestern Bell FF-714, Southwestern Bell FF-718, Southwestern Bell FF-720, Southwestern Bell FF-725, Southwestern Bell FF-727, Southwestern Bell FF-728, Southwestern Bell FF-905A, Southwestern Bell FF-908A, Southwestern Bell GH3010SAP, Southwestern Bell GH3228AT, Southwestern Bell S60518, VTech® CS2111, VTech® CS5111, VTech® CS5111-2, VTech® CS5121, VTech® CS5121-2, VTech® CS5121-3, VTech® CS5121-4, VTech® CS5123, Walker Clarity® W400, Walker Clarity® W9001, Walker Clarity® W9001H, General Electric® 41779, Eton FR360, Eton FRX3, Eton Axis, AT&T® 1839, AT&T® 17333, AT&T® 01839, Empire™ CPB-403J, Energizer® P3391, GE®/SANYO PCH06, General Electric® 5-2320, General Electric® BT-17333, General Electric® BT-27333, GP GP30AAK3BMX, GP GP40AAK3BMX, Jabro JB40AA2/3N3BMX, Jasco® TL96563, Lucent Technologies 1839, Lucent Technologies 17333, Lucent Technologies 01839, RAYOVAC® RAY19, Saft® STB119, Sony® BP-T37, Southwestern Bell 4205083, Southwestern Bell BAT1188, Southwestern Bell D2/3AA-400X3, VTech® 89-1338-00, VTech® BT-17233, VTech® BT-27233 & Interstate® TEL0140
    • Part No. 333418
    • SKU DOT312AAU
    • Vendor SKU 3-1/2AA-U
    • Retail Price$6.49
  • Ultralast®

    BATT-23 Replacement Battery

    • 3.6V
    • NiCd
    • Long-lasting
    • 600mAh
    • Rechargeable
    • Comparable to Lenmar® LENCB0399
    • Compatible with AT&T® 9002, AT&T® 9050, AT&T® 9105, AT&T® 9107, AT&T® 9110, AT&T® 9111, AT&T® 9200, Belkin® F8V186, GE®/SANYO 26305, Gemini TA266, Lucent Technologies 9002, Lucent Technologies 9050, Lucent Technologies 9105, Lucent Technologies 9107, Lucent Technologies 9110, Lucent Technologies 9111, Lucent Technologies 9200, Maxell® MCP4053, Radio Shack® 43-8009, Sharp® CL9601D, Sharp® CL9801D, Sony® SPP-900, Sony® SPP-910, Sony® SPP-930, Sony® SPP-935, Sony® SPP-937, Sony® SPP-A927, Sony® SPP-A940, Sony® SPP-A940BK, Sony® SPP-A941, Sony® SPP-A945, Sony® SPP-A972, Sony® SPP-A973, Sony® SPP-A985, Sony® SPP-ID910, Sony® SPP-ID970, Sony® SPP-ID975, Sony® SPP-IDIM977, Sony® SPP-IM977, Sony® SPP-IM982, Sony® SPP-M920, Sony® SPP-M932, Sony® SPP-M937, Sony® SPP-S910, Southwestern Bell S60523, Tele-Phone TEL-1218, Tele-Phone TEL-620, Tele-Phone TEL-813, Tele-Phone TEL-909, Toshiba® FT-3806, Toshiba® FT-H916, Toshiba® FT-H916BK, Toshiba® FT-H918, Toshiba® FT-H986, Toshiba® FT-H986BK, Toshiba® FT-X988BK, Toshiba® RC006495, Toshiba® SX2007, Toshiba® SX-2007, Uniden® EXS9950, VTech® 910ADL, VTech® 912ADL, VTech® 912ADLC, VTech® 912DLC, VTech® 914ADL, VTech® 914ADLI, VTech® 915ADL, VTech® 916ADL, VTech® 916ADLI, VTech® 917ADX, VTech® 918ADX, VTech® 920ADL, VTech® 921ADL, VTech® VT 1900, VTech® VT 1901, VTech® VT 1910, VTech® VT 1910C, VTech® VT 1911, VTech® VT 1920, VTech® VT 1920C, VTech® VT 1921, VTech® VT 1930, VTech® VT 1930CX, VTech® VT 1940, VTech® VT 1961, VTech® VT 1970, VTech® VT 1970CI, VTech® VT 2910, VTech® VT 2910C, VTech® VT 2920C, VTech® VT 2960, VTech® VT 2960CI, VTech® VT 9000, VTech® VT 9060, VTech® VT 9060i, VTech® VT 912L, VTech® vt1900, VTech® vt1901, VTech® vt1910, VTech® vt1910C, VTech® vt1911, VTech® vt1920, VTech® vt1920C, VTech® vt1921, VTech® vt1925, VTech® vt1930, VTech® vt1930CX, VTech® vt1940, VTech® vt1961, VTech® vt1970, VTech® vt1970CI, VTech® vt2910, VTech® vt2910C, VTech® vt2920C, VTech® vt2950CI, VTech® vt2960, VTech® vt2960CI, VTech® vt9000, VTech® vt9060, VTech® vt9060i, VTech® vt912L AT&T® 24117, AT&T® 3470, BellSouth® TL6502, Empire™ CPB-483, Energizer® P7310, GE®/SANYO GES-PC915, GE®/SANYO PC915, General Electric® BT-23, Jasco® TL96502, Lucent Technologies 24117, Lucent Technologies 3470, NABC UL923, Radio Shack® 23-271, Radio Shack® 23-295, Recoton T117, Saft® STB923, SANYO GES-PC915, Sharp® UBATNO152AWZZ, Sony® BP-T23, Sprint® 89318, Toshiba® TRB-9100, VTech® 10-0900-PACK, VTech® 80-3316, VTech® 80-3328-00-03, VTech® 80-4032-00-00
    • Part No. 333425
    • SKU DOT23
    • Vendor SKU BATT-23
    • Retail Price$7.99
  • No Logo WH41X10096

    Drain Hose for GE®, 4.5ft

    • GE® drain hose
    • 4.5ft
    • Part No. 137661
    • SKU RTO-283
    • Vendor SKU WH41X10096
    • Retail Price$14.99
  • ERP®

    Temperature Sensor for GE® WR55X10025

    • OEM-equivalent replacement
    • For GE® WR55X10025
    • Supco® TH10025
    • Part No. 321283
    • SKU ERWR55X10025
    • Vendor SKU WR55X10025
    • Retail Price$9.99
  • ERP®

    Washer Water Valve (GE® WH13X10024)

    • OEM-equivalent replacement for GE® WH13X10024
    • Part No. 326521
    • SKU ERWH13X10024
    • Vendor SKU WH13X10024
    • Retail Price$12.99
  • ERP® WR13X10020

    Refrigerator Door Hinge for GE®

    • OEM-equivalent replacement for GE® WR13X10020
    • Part No. 326544
    • SKU ERWR13X10020
    • Vendor SKU WR13X10020
    • Retail Price$27.99
  • Related Products Refrigerator

    Refrigerator Water Valve (GE® WR57X10032)

    • Replacement water valve for GE® WR57X10032
    • Part No. 326545
    • SKU ERWR57X10032
    • Vendor SKU WR57X10032
    • Retail Price$35.99
  • ERP®

    Refrigerator Water Valve (GE® WR57X10033)

    • Replacement water valve for GE® WR57X10033
    • Part No. 326546
    • SKU ERWR57X10033
    • Vendor SKU WR57X10033
    • Retail Price$16.99
  • ERP®

    Dishwasher Water Valve (GE® WD15X10003)

    • OEM-equivalent replacement for GE® WD15X10003
    • Part No. 326560
    • SKU ERWD15X10003
    • Vendor SKU WD15X10003
    • Retail Price$13.99
  • Ultralast®

    3AA-B Replacement Battery

    • 3.6V
    • 600mAh
    • NiCd
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Comparable to Lenmar® LENCBC318
    • Compatible with AT&T® 24032, Bell Phone 32001, Bell Phone 32011, Cobra™ CP-1155, Cobra™ CP-2055A, Cobra™ CP-2058A, Cobra™ CP-205SA, Cobra™ CP-310S, Cobra™ CP-320S, Cobra™ CP-355, Cobra™ CP-355S, Cobra™ CP-9105, GE®/SANYO 23621, Gemini TA245, General Electric® 86154, Lucent Technologies 24032, Northwestern Bell® 32001, Panasonic® KX-T3815, Panasonic® KX-T3825, Panasonic® KX-T3831, Panasonic® KX-T3835, Panasonic® KX-T3842, Panasonic® KX-T3845, Panasonic® KX-T3880, Panasonic® KX-T3900, Panasonic® KX-T800, Panasonic® KX-TC1401B, Panasonic® KX-TC1402, Panasonic® KX-TC1431W, Panasonic® KX-TC1447, Panasonic® KX-TC1451B, Panasonic® KX-TC1486B, Panasonic® KX-TC1501B, Panasonic® KX-TC1503, Panasonic® KX-TC1703, Panasonic® KX-TC1711B, Panasonic® KX-TC1713, Panasonic® KX-TC1720B, Panasonic® KX-TC1721B, Panasonic® KX-TC1723, Panasonic® KX-TC1731B, Panasonic® KX-TC1733, Panasonic® KX-TC1740B, Panasonic® KX-TC1741B, Panasonic® KX-TC1743, Panasonic® KX-TC1743C, Panasonic® KX-TC1750B, Panasonic® KX-TC1850B, Panasonic® KX-TC1870B, Panasonic® KX-TC1890B, Panasonic® KX-TC901, Panasonic® KX-TC904, Panasonic® KX-TC907, Panasonic® KX-TC911, Panasonic® KX-TC917HSB, Panasonic® KX-TC933, Panasonic® KX-TC934B, Panasonic® KX-TC935, Panasonic® KX-TC943, Panasonic® KX-TC955RUB, Panasonic® KX-TC9568XB, Panasonic® KX-TC956RUB, Panasonic® KX-TC976RUB, Panasonic® KX-TCM943, Panasonic® KX-TCM944B, Panasonic® KX-TCM947, Panasonic® VA 7020, Radio Shack® 43-1107, Radio Shack® 43-1108, Sharp® 3600, Sharp® CL100W, Sharp® CL200, Sharp® CL300, Sharp® CL400, Sharp® CL405, Sharp® CL410, Sharp® FT5400, Sharp® FT5410, Sony® SPP-933, Sony® SPP-A900, Sony® SPP-D900, Southwestern Bell CMI08-0000-18-01, Southwestern Bell FF-4500, Southwestern Bell FF-5000, Toshiba® SG1701, Uniden® CP-355, Uniden® CXAI5198, Uniden® DXAI3288-2, Uniden® DXAI4288-2, Uniden® DXAI4588-2, Uniden® DXAI5180, Uniden® DXAI5188-2, Uniden® DXAI5588-2, Uniden® DXAI7288-2, Uniden® DXI3268-2, Uniden® DXI386-2, Uniden® DXI4286-2, Uniden® DXI4560-2, Uniden® DXI4561-2, Uniden® DXI5186-2, Uniden® DXI5586-2, Uniden® DXI7286-2, Uniden® DXI7286-2HS, Uniden® DXI986-2, Uniden® EWCI936, Uniden® EX1917, Uniden® EX-1960, Uniden® EX-2100, Uniden® EX-255, Uniden® EX-3101, Uniden® EX-3102, Uniden® EX-3800, Uniden® EX-3810, Uniden® EX-4100, Uniden® EX-4101, Uniden® EX-4102, Uniden® EX-4800, Uniden® EXA2245, Uniden® EXA3245, Uniden® EXA3955, Uniden® EXA7250, Uniden® EXAI-2248, Uniden® EXAI3248, Uniden® EXAI378, Uniden® EXAI-3781, Uniden® EXAI3985, Uniden® EXAI4248, Uniden® EXAI4248i, Uniden® EXAI4580, Uniden® EXAI4581, Uniden® EXAI5580, Uniden® EXAI7248, Uniden® EXAI7248I, Uniden® EXAI978, Uniden® EXAI978i, Uniden® EXI-2246, Uniden® EXI2926, Uniden® EXI2960, Uniden® EX-I2980, Uniden® EXI3226, Uniden® EXI3246C, Uniden® EXI376C, Uniden® EXI4246, Uniden® EXI4246C, Uniden® EXI4561, Uniden® EX-I4561, Uniden® EXI5160, Uniden® EXI5560, Uniden® EXI7246B, Uniden® EXI7246C, Uniden® EXI7246G, Uniden® EXI7246P, Uniden® EXI8966, Uniden® EXI976, Uniden® EXI976C, Uniden® EX-LI8962, Uniden® EXP2240, Uniden® EXP2800, Uniden® EXP2901, Uniden® EXP2903, Uniden® EXP3240, Uniden® EXP4240, Uniden® EXP4241, Uniden® EXP7240, Uniden® EXP7241, Uniden® EXP7420, Uniden® EXS9005, Uniden® EZI996, Uniden® TRU241, Uniden® TRU246, Uniden® TRU248, Uniden® TRU341, Uniden® TRU3465, Uniden® TRU3466, Uniden® TRU348, Uniden® TRU3485, Uniden® XE-895, Uniden® XE-965, Wabi - 900-00001-00, Cobra™ CP9105, General Electric® 41778 BellSouth® TL6154, Empire™ CPB-400B, Energizer® P7302, GE®/SANYO GES-PCF02, General Electric® 5-9519, General Electric® BT-15, General Electric® TL26154, Jasco® TL96154, Northwestern Bell® 255, Panasonic® KX-9766XB, Panasonic® KX-A36, Panasonic® N4HKGMB00001, Panasonic® P-P501, Panasonic® P-P501A, Panasonic® P-P504, Panasonic® PQP60AAF3G2, Panasonic® TYPE 1, Philips® SJB1142, Radio Shack® 23-193, Radio Shack® 43-3827, Recoton T101, Saft® STB114, SANYO GES-PCF02, Sharp® UBATNO128AWZZ, Toshiba® TRB-1981, Uniden® BBTY-030001, Uniden® BBTY0623001 & Uniden® BT-1006
    • Part No. 333419
    • Vendor SKU 3AA-B
    • Retail Price$6.49
  • Ultralast®

    3-1/2AA-ANMH Replacement Battery

    • 3.6V
    • NiMH
    • Long-lasting
    • 750mAh
    • Rechargeable
    • Comparable to Lenmar® LENCBD312
    • Compatible with AT&T® 1145, AT&T® 1165, AT&T® 1177, AT&T® 1187, AT&T® 1445, AT&T® 1465, AT&T® 2230, AT&T® 2255, AT&T® 5600, AT&T® 5630, AT&T® 5814, AT&T® 5830, AT&T® 5860, AT&T® 7610, AT&T® 7650, AT&T® 2242, AT&T® 3400, AT&T® 3410, AT&T® 4000X, AT&T® 4110, AT&T® 4200, AT&T® 4210, AT&T® 4300, AT&T® 4305, AT&T® 4310, AT&T® 4315, AT&T® 4320, AT&T® 4325, AT&T® 4330, AT&T® 4331, AT&T® 4335, AT&T® 4336, AT&T® 4337, AT&T® 4340, AT&T® 4345, AT&T® 4410, AT&T® 4600, AT&T® 4605, AT&T® 4610, AT&T® 4615, AT&T® 4690, AT&T® 4695, AT&T® 4725, AT&T® 4800, AT&T® 4805, AT&T® 4810, AT&T® 4815, AT&T® 5200, AT&T® 5210, AT&T® 5250, AT&T® 5300, AT&T® 5310, AT&T® 5320, AT&T® 5325, AT&T® 5352, AT&T® 5400, AT&T® 5405, AT&T® 5450, AT&T® 5455, AT&T® 5460, AT&T® 5470, AT&T® 5471, AT&T® 5475, AT&T® 5480, AT&T® 5481, AT&T® 5483, AT&T® 5484, AT&T® 5489, AT&T® 5490, AT&T® 5491, AT&T® 5495R, AT&T® 5500, AT&T® 5510, AT&T® 5515, AT&T® 5520, AT&T® 5552, AT&T® 5631, AT&T® 5635, AT&T® 5650, AT&T® 5655, AT&T® 5700, AT&T® 5710, AT&T® 5715, AT&T® 59768, AT&T® 7210, AT&T® 7215, AT&T® 7220, AT&T® 7225, AT&T® 7230, AT&T® 7235, AT&T® 7310, AT&T® 7330, AT&T® 7332, AT&T® 7340, AT&T® 7345, AT&T® 7415, AT&T® 7420, AT&T® 7510, AT&T® 7512, AT&T® 7620, AT&T® 7625, AT&T® 7630, AT&T® 7640, AT&T® 7700, AT&T® 7710, AT&T® 7715, AT&T® 7720, AT&T® E-5814, AT&T® Merlyn MLC5, AT&T® Merlyn MLC6, AT&T® 2422, AT&T® D-2/3AA300X3, Belkin® F8V178, BellSouth® 891, Casio® CP725, Casio® CP749, Casio® CP750W, Casio® CP760, Casio® CP820, Casio® TC508, Casio® TC520, Casio® TC530, Casio® TC540, Casio® TC920, Code-A-Phone 7130, Conair® CTP6000, Conair® CTP9000, Conair® CTP9010, Gemini TA246, General Electric® 2-6700GE1A, General Electric® 2-6991GE1, General Electric® 2-9530, General Electric® 2-9530A, General Electric® 2-9535A, General Electric® 2-9580, General Electric® 2-9613, General Electric® 2-9614, General Electric® 2-9615, General Electric® 2-9616, General Electric® 2-9635, General Electric® 2-9638, General Electric® 2-9640, General Electric® 2-9645, General Electric® 2-9650, General Electric® 2-9680, General Electric® 2-9682, General Electric® 2-9683, General Electric® 2-9685, General Electric® 2-9730, General Electric® 2-9735, General Electric® 2-9736, General Electric® 2-9738, General Electric® 2-9740, General Electric® 2-9745, General Electric® 2-9745A, General Electric® 2-9750, General Electric® 2-9751, General Electric® 2-9752, General Electric® 2-9753, General Electric® 2-9755, General Electric® 2-9763, General Electric® 2-9768, General Electric® 2-9769, General Electric® 2-9770, General Electric® 2-9772, General Electric® 2-9774, General Electric® 2-9775, General Electric® 2-9776, General Electric® 2-9782, General Electric® 2-9783, General Electric® 2-9785, General Electric® 2-9785A, General Electric® 2-9786, General Electric® 2-9790, General Electric® 2-9795, General Electric® 96155, Genesis CTI-8800, Genesis GU-1000, JVC® TN-61, JVC® TNE55, Laphone LP 1218, Laphone LP 418, Lenbrook Enterprises Mickey Mouse®, Lucent Technologies 1145, Lucent Technologies 1165, Lucent Technologies 1177, Lucent Technologies 1187, Lucent Technologies 1445, Lucent Technologies 1465, Lucent Technologies 2230, Lucent Technologies 2255, Lucent Technologies 5600, Lucent Technologies 5630, Lucent Technologies 5814, Lucent Technologies 5830, Lucent Technologies 5860, Lucent Technologies 7610, Lucent Technologies 7650, Lucent Technologies 2242, Lucent Technologies 3400, Lucent Technologies 3410, Lucent Technologies 4000X, Lucent Technologies 4110, Lucent Technologies 4200, Lucent Technologies 4210, Lucent Technologies 4300, Lucent Technologies 4305, Lucent Technologies 4310, Lucent Technologies 4315, Lucent Technologies 4320, Lucent Technologies 4325, Lucent Technologies 4330, Lucent Technologies 4331, Lucent Technologies 4335, Lucent Technologies 4336, Lucent Technologies 4337, Lucent Technologies 4340, Lucent Technologies 4345, Lucent Technologies 4410, Lucent Technologies 4600, Lucent Technologies 4605, Lucent Technologies 4610, Lucent Technologies 4615, Lucent Technologies 4690, Lucent Technologies 4695, Lucent Technologies 4725, Lucent Technologies 4800, Lucent Technologies 4805, Lucent Technologies 4810, Lucent Technologies 4815, Lucent Technologies 5200, Lucent Technologies 5210, Lucent Technologies 5250, Lucent Technologies 5300, Lucent Technologies 5310, Lucent Technologies 5320, Lucent Technologies 5325, Lucent Technologies 5352, Lucent Technologies 5400, Lucent Technologies 5405, Lucent Technologies 5450, Lucent Technologies 5455, Lucent Technologies 5460, Lucent Technologies 5470, Lucent Technologies 5471, Lucent Technologies 5475, Lucent Technologies 5480, Lucent Technologies 5481, Lucent Technologies 5483, Lucent Technologies 5484, Lucent Technologies 5489, Lucent Technologies 5490, Lucent Technologies 5491, Lucent Technologies 5495R, Lucent Technologies 5500, Lucent Technologies 5510, Lucent Technologies 5515, Lucent Technologies 5520, Lucent Technologies 5552, Lucent Technologies 5631, Lucent Technologies 5635, Lucent Technologies 5650, Lucent Technologies 5655, Lucent Technologies 5700, Lucent Technologies 5710, Lucent Technologies 5715, Lucent Technologies 59768, Lucent Technologies 7210, Lucent Technologies 7215, Lucent Technologies 7220, Lucent Technologies 7225, Lucent Technologies 7230, Lucent Technologies 7235, Lucent Technologies 7310, Lucent Technologies 7330, Lucent Technologies 7332, Lucent Technologies 7340, Lucent Technologies 7345, Lucent Technologies 7415, Lucent Technologies 7420, Lucent Technologies 7510, Lucent Technologies 7512, Lucent Technologies 7620, Lucent Technologies 7625, Lucent Technologies 7630, Lucent Technologies 7640, Lucent Technologies 7700, Lucent Technologies 7710, Lucent Technologies 7715, Lucent Technologies 7720, Lucent Technologies E-5814, Lucent Technologies Merlyn MLC5, Lucent Technologies Merlyn MLC6, Lucent Technologies 2422, Lucent Technologies D-2/3AA300X3, Maxell® MCP3625, Nomad 3000, Nomad 4000, Northwestern Bell® 32113, Pacific Bell 800, Pacific Bell 810, Pacific Bell 819, Pacific Bell 820, Pactel CS 8000, Pactel CS 8001, Pactel CS 8100, Pactel CS 8200, Pactel CS 8400, Pactel CS 8410, Philips® CL8320, Philips® CL8340, Phone-Mate 2150, Phone-Mate 2350, Phone-Mate 2780, Phone-Mate 2870, Phone-Mate 2970, Phone-Mate CP725, Phone-Mate CP820, Phone-Mate CP850, Phone-Mate TC508, Phone-Mate TC520, Phone-Mate TC530, Phone-Mate TC540, Phone-Mate TC950, Radio Shack® 12325197, Radio Shack® 43-5502, Radio Shack® 43-5512, Radio Shack® SP 503, Radio Shack® SP 504, Radio Shack® SP 505, Radio Shack® SP 506, Radio Shack® SP 507, Radio Shack® SP 511, Radio Shack® SP 513, Radio Shack® SP 514, Radio Shack® SP502, Radio Shack® SP512, Radio Shack® T2406, Radio Shack® T2408, Radio Shack® T2426, Radio Shack® T2435, Radio Shack® T2451, Radio Shack® T2455, Radio Shack® T2458, Sharp® CL150, Sharp® CL155, Sharp® CL160, Sharp® CL250, Sharp® CL255, Sharp® CL260, Sharp® CL265ID, Sharp® CL350, Sharp® CL355, Sharp® CL500, Sharp® CL505, Sharp® CL510, Sharp® CL540, Sharp® CL550, Sharp® CL555, Sharp® FT4150, Sharp® FT4155, Sharp® FT4160, Sharp® FT4250, Sharp® FT4255, Sharp® FT4350, Sharp® FT4355, Sharp® FT5505, Sharp® FT5510, Sharp® FT5555, Sony® SPPQ-AQ600, Southwestern Bell S60506, VTech® 9116, VTech® 9127, VTech® 20-2438, VTech® GZ2434, VTech® GZ2436, VTech® GZ2437, VTech® GZ2439, VTech® GZ2456, VTech® GZ2459, VTech® ia5824, VTech® t2326, VTech® t2406, VTech® t2426, VTech® t2451, VTech® tz2526, VTech® tz2528, VTech® tz2551, VTech® tz2553, VTech® tz2558, VTech® vt1712, VTech® vt2417, VTech® vt2418, VTech® vt2419, VTech® vt2426, VTech® vt2427, VTech® vt2428, VTech® vt2429, VTech® vt2458, VTech® vt2468, VTech® vt2498, VTech® vt2528, VTech® vt2558, VTech® vt2568, VTech® vt9109 (80-5074-00-00), VTech® VT9109 (NEW), VTech® vt9109 (SBAbattery), VTech® vt9110, VTech® vt9113, VTech® vt9114, VTech® vt9116, VTech® vt9117, VTech® VT9118 (NEW), VTech® vt9119, VTech® vt9122, VTech® vt9123, VTech® vt9124, VTech® vt9126, VTech® vt9127, VTech® vt9152, VTech® vt9161, VTech® vt9162, General Electric® 10990, General Electric® 12816, General Electric® 13181, General Electric® 13912, General Electric® 14642, General Electric® 15462, General Electric® 16469, General Electric® 18295, General Electric® 18660, General Electric® 19025, General Electric® 19391, General Electric® 20121, General Electric® 23043, General Electric® 24869, General Electric® 25235, General Electric® 25600, General Electric® 26330, General Electric® 27061, General Electric® 27426, General Electric® 27791, General Electric® 29252, General Electric® 29983, General Electric® 30348, General Electric® 31079, General Electric® 31444, General Electric® 32905, General Electric® 34731, General Electric® 41683, General Electric® 41684, General Electric® 41685, General Electric® 41686 AT&T® 4051, AT&T® 3N270AA, AT&T® 89-1332-00-00, BellSouth® TL6155, Empire™ CPH-403D, Energizer® P3303, GE®/SANYO PCH03, Gemini 31119, General Electric® 2-6730, General Electric® 2-6790, General Electric® 5-2342, General Electric® BT-12, General Electric® TL26155, Goldstar - 2000CT, Goldstar® 200CT, Goldstar ® 20X, Goldstar® 220CT, Goldstar® Circa 2000, GP GP30AAK3BMJ, GP 60AAH3BMJ, Interstate® TEL0040, Jasco® CPB-481D, Jasco® TL96155, Lucent Technologies 4051, Lucent Technologies 3N270AA, Lucent Technologies 89-1332-00-00, Panasonic® 3-2/3AACA, Panasonic® P-303PA, Panasonic® P-P303, Radio Shack® 23-197, Saft® STB122, Sony® BP-T27, VTech® 3190097, VTech® 80-5074-00-00, VTech® 80-5074-02-00 & Interstate® TEL0029
    • Part No. 333416
    • SKU DOT312AA
    • Vendor SKU 3-1/2AA-ANMH
    • Retail Price$9.99
  • ERP® S30M2

    Range Surface Element for GE® (8")

    • 8"
    • 6 turn
    • Fits GE® WB30M2, 1,765W @ 208V, 2,350W @ 240V
    • UL listed
    • Part No. 207269
    • SKU ERS30M2
    • Vendor SKU S30M2
    • Retail Price$17.99
  • ERP® S30T10074

    Surface Element for GE® (8", 5 Turn)

    • 8"
    • 5 turn
    • 2,600W @ 240V
    • Fits GE® WB30T10074
    • Plug-in terminals
    • Part No. 212329
    • SKU ERS30T10074
    • Vendor SKU S30T10074
    • Retail Price$19.99
  • ERP® S30T10078

    Surface Element for GE® (6", 4 Turn)

    • 6"
    • 4 turn
    • 1,500W @ 240V
    • Fits GE® WB30T10078
    • Plug-in terminals
    • Part No. 212330
    • SKU ERS30T10078
    • Vendor SKU S30T10078
    • Retail Price$15.99
  • ERP®

    Ice Maker Auger for GE® WR17X11705

    • OEM-equivalent replacement for GE® WR17X11705
    • Part No. 241870
    • SKU ERWR17X11705
    • Vendor SKU WR17X11705
    • Retail Price$20.99
  • Related Products Ice Maker

    Ice Maker with Harness for GE® WR30X10093

    • Replacement for GE® OEM WR30X10093
    • Includes installation instructions & wiring harness
    • Part No. 241871
    • SKU ERWR30X10093
    • Vendor SKU WR30X10093
    • Retail Price$67.99
  • ERP®

    Knob for GE® Appliance (Dryer Knob WE1M654)

    • For use on select GE® & Hotpoint® appliances• Dryer knob WE1M654
    • Part No. 291227
    • SKU ERWE1M654
    • Vendor SKU WE1M654
    • Retail Price$5.99

    Ice Maker for GE® IM1 & IM3

    • OEM-equivalent
    • Replacement ice maker for GE® & Hotpoint® IM1 & IM3
    • Part No. 291237
    • Vendor SKU GEIM
    • Retail Price$59.99
  • ERP®

    Refrigerator Water Valve (Replacement for GE® WR57X10051)

    • OEM-equivalent replacement
    • Replacement for GE® WR57X10051
    • Part No. 321278
    • SKU ERWR57X10051
    • Vendor SKU WR57X10051
    • Retail Price$21.99
  • ERP® DE382

    Primary/Secondary Gas Dryer Valve Coils for Whirlpool®/GE®/Frigidaire®

    • Replaces coil kit for "M" series valves on gas dryers for Frigidaire® 5303931775, GE® WE4X692 & WE4X693 & Whirlpool® 279834, 306106 & 306105
    • Part No. 326508
    • SKU ERDE382
    • Vendor SKU DE382
    • Retail Price$6.99
  • ERP®

    Knob for GE® Appliance (Dryer Knob WE1M964)

    •  Replacement dryer knob for GE® WE1M964
    • Part No. 326511
    • SKU ERWE1M964
    • Vendor SKU WE1M964
    • Retail Price$6.99
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