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Lg G6

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  • Arkon® IBMAG179

    Magnetic Phone Mount

    • Magnetic phone mount secures phones & other devices without a holder
    • Magnet attaches to the included metal plate that adheres to phones or cases
    • Base features a strong, sticky 3M™ adhesive dash-mounting disk
    • Base uses a combination of polyurethane gel & suction to provide a maximum surface bond
    • Mounting arm adjusts vertically and provides 360° rotation
    • 2-year limited warranty
    • Compatible with Apple® iPhone® 6/6 Plus/6s/6s Plus/7/7 Plus/8/8 Plus/X, Samsung® Galaxy® S6/S6 Edge+/S7/S7 Edge+/Note 5/Note 8, Motorola® Moto G/Moto X/LG G4/ LG G5/ LG G6 & other smartphones or GPS devices
    • Includes sticky-suction windshield or dash mounting pedestal, adhesive dash mounting disk, magnetic head with adjustment ring & adhesive metal plates
    • Part No. 330200
    • Vendor SKU IBMAG179
    • Retail Price$24.95
  • Trident™ Case WLGG6K0

    Warrior Case for LG® G6® (Black)

    • Overmolded outer shell & inner padded corners provide cutting-edge impact defense
    • Rugged multilayer design offers protection against drops
    •  Ergonomic grip with antiskid cushions
    • Port cover & dust filter keep debris out of charging port & speakers
    • Black
    • Part No. 325737
    • Vendor SKU WLGG6K0
    • Retail Price$39.99
  • Dantona®

    CEL-VS840 Replacement Battery

    • 3.7V
    • Li-Ion
    • Long-lasting
    • 1,200mAh
    • Rechargeable
    • Replacement battery for the LG® LS840 Cellular Phone
    • Comparable to Lenmar® LENCLZ570LG, Canon® FV100, Canon® FV200, Canon® FV30, Canon® G1 (Inside Mount), Canon® G2, Canon® G3, Canon® G5, Canon® MV30, Canon® MV300, Canon® MV300i, Canon® MV400, Canon® MV400i, Canon® MV430, Canon® MV450, Canon® MV450i, Canon® MV500, Canon® MV600, Canon® MV630, Canon® MVX1i, Canon® Optura 10, Canon® Optura 100MC, Canon® Optura 20, Canon® Optura 20/10, Canon® Optura 200MC, Canon® Optura D47b, Canon® Optura D74b, Canon® Optura Pi, Canon® Optura Xi, Canon® ZR-10, Canon® ZR-20, Canon® ZR25, Canon® ZR-25MC, Canon® ZR-30MC, Canon® ZR-40, Canon® ZR-45MC, Canon® ZR-50MC, Canon® ZR60, Canon® ZR-60, Canon® ZR65MC, Canon® ZR-65MC, Canon® ZR70MC, Canon® ZR-70MC, Canon® EOS 10D, Canon® EOS 20D, Canon® EOS 20D EF-S 18-55mm Kit, Canon® EOS 20Da, Canon® EOS 30D, Canon® EOS 30D EF-S 18-55mm Kit, Canon® EOS 40D, Canon® EOS 40D EF 28-135mm IS Kit, Canon® EOS 50D, Canon® EOS 5D, Canon® EOS 5D EF 24-105mm Kit, Canon® EOS D30, Canon® EOS D60, Canon® EOS D90, Canon® EOS Digital Rebel, Canon® EOS-10D, Canon® EOS-20D, Canon® EOS-D30, Canon® EOS-D60, Canon® EOS-D90, Canon® Limited Edition Digital Rebel, Canon® Limited Edition Digital Rebel 18-55mm Kit, Canon® PowerShot® D30, Canon® PowerShot® D60, Canon® PowerShot® EOS 10D, Canon® PowerShot® G1, Canon® PowerShot® G2, Canon® PowerShot® G3, Canon® PowerShot® G5, Canon® PowerShot® G6, Canon® PowerShot® Pro 90 IS, Canon® PowerShot® Pro1, Canon® PowerShot® ZR20MC, Canon® Pro90is Canon® BP-508, Canon® BP-511, Canon® BP-511A, Canon® BP-512, Canon® BP-514, Canon® BP-522, Canon® BP-535, DIGIPOWER® BP-CN511, Empire™ BLI-193, Energizer® ER-C590, Energizer® ERC590
    • Part No. 333675
    • SKU DOTVS840
    • Vendor SKU CEL-VS840
    • Retail Price$19.99
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