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Nab 4002

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  • Royal® 39155W

    NAB1 Electronic Bible

    • Complete electronic text of New American Bible Revised Edition
    • First update to the NAB in more than 20 years
    • Approved by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops 9/10
    • Searchable by Bible version, book, chapter or verse
    • Part No. 205266
    • SKU ROY39155W
    • Vendor SKU 39155W
    • Retail Price$54.99
  • Related Products Bluetooth Receiver
    Naxa® NAB-4000

    30-Pin Bluetooth® Receiver & Adapter

    • Bluetooth® 3.0 EDR with A2DP
    • Approximately 30ft range
    • Streams music from any Bluetooth® smartphone to any 30-pin docking system
    • Plugs into iPad®/iPhone®/iPod® home audio system with 30-pin connector
    • Pairs with iPad®/iPhone®/iPod®, Bluetooth® Android™ phones & other mobile devices
    • Automatic detection of 5V power supply
    • Part No. 238436
    • SKU NAXNAB4000
    • Vendor SKU NAB-4000
    • Retail Price$24.99
  • Related Products Bluetooth Adapter | Usb Bluetooth | Tablet
    Naxa® NAB-4003

    Bluetooth® Audio Adapter for USB Connectors

    • Connects smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth®-enabled device with devices that can play audio from USB
    • Bluetooth® technology supports high-fidelity audio & A2DP for stereo music streaming
    • Simple plug & play operation with no need for drivers or other software
    • Part No. 257788
    • SKU NAXNAB4003
    • Vendor SKU NAB-4003
    • Retail Price$12.95
  • BOSS Audio Systems R4002

    Riot Series Full-Range Class AB Amp (2 Channels, 800 Watts max)

    • MOSFET power supply
    • High- & low-level inputs
    • Fixed high-pass crossover
    • Variable low-pass crossover
    • Variable bass boost
    • Blue backlit illuminated logo
    • Includes remote subwoofer control & high-level input plugs
    • 2 channels
    • 800W max
    • 150W RMS x 2 @ 4Ω
    • 300W RMS x 2 @ 2Ω
    • 600W RMS x 1 bridged @ 4Ω
    • Dim: 2.25"H x 10.72"W x 10.44"D
    • Part No. 322946
    • SKU BOSR4002
    • Vendor SKU R4002
    • Retail Price$107.00
  • Related Products Power Bank

    UE4002-BK High-Tech SilkPower 4,000mAh Power Bank (Black)

    • 4,000mAh
    • Soft-touch surface
    • Extremely thin at .35"
    • 2A input/output for rapid charging of any smartphone
    • Recharges in only 2 hours
    • Advanced protective circuit against overcharge, overdischarge, overload & short circuit
    • Attractive book-style compact retail packaging
    • Includes micro USB to USB cable
    • Black
    • Part No. 328660
    • SKU TNNUE4002BK
    • Vendor SKU UE4002-BK
    • Retail Price$19.95
  • Energizer®

    UE4002-GY High-Tech SilkPower 4,000mAh Power Bank (Silver)

    • 4,000mAh
    • Soft-touch surface
    • Extremely thin at .35"
    • 2A input/output for rapid charging of any smartphone
    • Recharges in only 2 hours
    • Advanced protective circuit against overcharge, overdischarge, overload & short circuit
    • Attractive book-style compact retail packaging
    • Includes micro USB to USB cable
    • Silver
    • Part No. 328661
    • SKU TNNUE4002GY
    • Vendor SKU UE4002-GY
    • Retail Price$19.95
  • Related Products Laptop Adapter

    19.5-Volt DQ-PA-10-7450 Replacement AC Adapter for Dell® Laptops

    • Input: 100V–240V, 1.5A, 50Hz/60Hz
    • Output: 19.5V, 4.62A
    • Safety fuses guard against power surges
    • Compatible with Dell® Inspiron® 1501, Dell® Inspiron® 6400, Dell® Inspiron® E1505, Dell® Vostro 1000, Dell® Latitude D531, Dell® Latitude D531N, Dell® Latitude D820, Dell® Latitude D830, Dell® Precision M4300, Dell® Precision M65, Dell® Inspiron® 1521, Dell® Inspiron® 1720, Dell® Inspiron® 1721, Dell® Vostro 1500, Dell® Vostro 1700, Dell® Inspiron® 1150, Dell® Latitude D400, Dell® Latitude D500, Dell® Latitude D505, Dell® Latitude D510, Dell® Latitude D520, Dell® Latitude D610, Dell® Inspiron® 8500, Dell® Inspiron® 8600, Dell® Latitude D800, Dell® Precision M60, Dell® Inspiron® 9200, Dell® Inspiron® E1705, Dell® Inspiron® 13R, Dell® Inspiron® 1420, Dell® Inspiron® 14R, Dell® Inspiron® 15R, Dell® Inspiron® 17R, Dell® Inspiron® 600M, Dell® Inspiron® 9300, Dell® Inspiron® 9400, Dell® Inspiron® M411R, Dell® Inspiron® M501, Dell® Inspiron® M5010, Dell® Inspiron® M5010D, Dell® Inspiron® M5010R, Dell® Inspiron® M501D, Dell® Inspiron® M501R, Dell® Inspiron® M5030, Dell® Inspiron® M5030D, Dell® Inspiron® M5030R, Dell® Inspiron® M511R, Dell® Inspiron® N3010, Dell® Inspiron® N3010D, Dell® Inspiron® N3010D-148, Dell® Inspiron® N3010D-168, Dell® Inspiron® N3010D-178, Dell® Inspiron® N3010D-248, Dell® Inspiron® N3010D-268, Dell® Inspiron® N3010R, Dell® Inspiron® N3110, Dell® Inspiron® N4010, Dell® Inspiron® N4010-148, Dell® Inspiron® N4010D, Dell® Inspiron® N4010D-158, Dell® Inspiron® N4010D-248, Dell® Inspiron® N4010D-258, Dell® Inspiron® N4010R, Dell® Inspiron® N4050, Dell® Inspiron® N4110, Dell® Inspiron® N5010, Dell® Inspiron® N5010D-148, Dell® Inspiron® N5010D-168, Dell® Inspiron® N5010D-258, Dell® Inspiron® N5010D-278, Dell® Inspiron® N5010R, Dell® Inspiron® N5030, Dell® Inspiron® N5030D, Dell® Inspiron® N5030R, Dell® Inspiron® N5110, Dell® Inspiron® N7010, Dell® Inspiron® N7010D, Dell® Inspiron® N7010R, Dell® Inspiron® N7110, Dell® Latitude 100L, Dell® Latitude D410, Dell® Latitude D420, Dell® Latitude D430, Dell® Latitude D620, Dell® Latitude D630, Dell® Latitude D810, Dell® Latitude D830N, Dell® Latitude E4300, Dell® Latitude E4310, Dell® Latitude E5400, Dell® Latitude E5410, Dell® Latitude E5500, Dell® Latitude E5510, Dell® Latitude E6400, Dell® Latitude E6400 ATG, Dell® Latitude E6400 XFR, Dell® Latitude E6500, Dell® Latitude X300, Dell® Precision M20, Dell® Precision M2300, Dell® Precision M2400, Dell® Precision M4400, Dell® Precision M70, Dell® Studio 15, Dell® Studio 1535, Dell® Studio 1536, Dell® Studio 1537, Dell® Studio 1555, Dell® Studio 1557, Dell® Studio 1558, Dell® Studio 1735, Dell® Studio 1736, Dell® Studio 1737, Dell® Vostro 1450, Dell® Vostro 3450, Dell® Vostro 3550, Dell® Vostro 3750, Dell® XPS M1530, Dell® 310-2862, Dell® 310-3399, Dell® 310-4002, Dell® 310-6325, Dell® 310-6557, Dell® 310-7698, Dell® 310-7699, Dell® 310-7712, Dell® 310-7743, Dell® 310-7744, Dell® 310-7860, Dell® 310-9047, Dell® 310-9049, Dell® 310-9375, Dell® 310-9376, Dell® 312-0578, Dell® 312-0579, Dell® 312-0596, Dell® 312-0597, Dell® 320-1389, Dell® 9T215, Dell® C2894, Dell® CF820, Dell® CF989, Dell® Dell Inspiron 13R, Dell® Dell Inspiron 1420, Dell® Dell Inspiron 14R, Dell® Dell Inspiron 1501, Dell® Dell Inspiron 1521, Dell® Dell Inspiron 15R, Dell® Dell Inspiron 1720, Dell® Dell Inspiron 1721, Dell® Dell Inspiron 17R, Dell® Dell Inspiron 600M, Dell® Dell Inspiron 6400, Dell® Dell Inspiron 8500, Dell® Dell Inspiron 8600, Dell® Dell Inspiron 9200, Dell® Dell Inspiron 9300, Dell® Dell Inspiron 9400, Dell® Dell Inspiron E1505, Dell® Dell Inspiron E1705, Dell® Dell Inspiron M411R, Dell® Dell Inspiron M501, Dell® Dell Inspiron M5010, Dell® Dell Inspiron M5010D, Dell® Dell Inspiron M5010R, Dell® Dell Inspiron M501D, Dell® Dell Inspiron M501R, Dell® Dell Inspiron M5030, Dell® Dell Inspiron M5030D, Dell® Dell Inspiron M5030R, Dell® Dell Inspiron M511R, Dell® Dell Inspiron N3010, Dell® Dell Inspiron N3010D, Dell® Dell Inspiron N3010D-148, Dell® Dell Inspiron N3010D-168, Dell® Dell Inspiron N3010D-178, Dell® Dell Inspiron N3010D-248, Dell® Dell Inspiron N3010D-268, Dell® Dell Inspiron N3010R, Dell® Dell Inspiron N3110, Dell® Dell Inspiron N4010, Dell® Dell Inspiron N4010-148, Dell® Dell Inspiron N4010D, Dell® Dell Inspiron N4010D-158, Dell® Dell Inspiron N4010D-248, Dell® Dell Inspiron N4010D-258, Dell® Dell Inspiron N4010R, Dell® Dell Inspiron N4050, Dell® Dell Inspiron N4110, Dell® Dell Inspiron N5010, Dell® Dell Inspiron N5010D-148, Dell® Dell Inspiron N5010D-168, Dell® Dell Inspiron N5010D-258, Dell® Dell Inspiron N5010D-278, Dell® Dell Inspiron N5010R, Dell® Dell Inspiron N5030, Dell® Dell Inspiron N5030D, Dell® Dell Inspiron N5030R, Dell® Dell Inspiron N5110, Dell® Dell Inspiron N7010, Dell® Dell Inspiron N7010D, Dell® Dell Inspiron N7010R, Dell® Dell Inspiron N7110, Dell® Dell Latitude 100L, Dell® Dell Latitude D400, Dell® Dell Latitude D410, Dell® Dell Latitude D420, Dell® Dell Latitude D430, Dell® Dell Latitude D500, Dell® Dell Latitude D505, Dell® Dell Latitude D510, Dell® Dell Latitude D520, Dell® Dell Latitude D531, Dell® Dell Latitude D531N, Dell® Dell Latitude D610, Dell® Dell Latitude D620, Dell® Dell Latitude D630, Dell® Dell Latitude D800, Dell® Dell Latitude D810, Dell® Dell Latitude D820, Dell® Dell Latitude D830, Dell® Dell Latitude D830N, Dell® Dell Latitude E4300, Dell® Dell Latitude E4310, Dell® Dell Latitude E5400, Dell® Dell Latitude E5410, Dell® Dell Latitude E5500, Dell® Dell Latitude E5510, Dell® Dell Latitude E5520, Dell® Dell Latitude E6400, Dell® Dell Latitude E6400 ATG, Dell® Dell Latitude E6400 XFR, Dell® Dell Latitude E6500, Dell® Dell Latitude X300, Dell® Dell Precision M20, Dell® Dell Precision M2300, Dell® Dell Precision M2400, Dell® Dell Precision M4300, Dell® Dell Precision M4400, Dell® Dell Precision M60, Dell® Dell Precision M6400, Dell® Dell Precision M65, Dell® Dell Precision M70, Dell® Dell Studio 15, Dell® Dell Studio 1535, Dell® Dell Studio 1536, Dell® Dell Studio 1537, Dell® Dell Studio 1555, Dell® Dell Studio 1557, Dell® Dell Studio 1558, Dell® Dell Studio 1735, Dell® Dell Studio 1736, Dell® Dell Studio 1737, Dell® Dell Vostro 1000, Dell® Dell Vostro 1450, Dell® Dell Vostro 1500, Dell® Dell Vostro 1700, Dell® Dell Vostro 1710, Dell® Dell Vostro 3450, Dell® Dell Vostro 3550, Dell® Dell Vostro 3750, Dell® Dell XPS M1530, Dell® DF266, Dell® DF349, Dell® F8834, Dell® FF313, Dell® LA90PS0-00, Dell® NADP-90KB, Dell® NF599, Dell® PA-10, Dell® PA-1900-01D3, Dell® U7809, Dell® UC473, Dell® Latitude E5520, Dell® Precision M6400 & Dell® Vostro 1710
    • Part No. 333960
    • SKU DOTDQPA107450
    • Vendor SKU DQ-PA-10-7450
    • Retail Price$32.99
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