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  • Related Products Whistler | Heads Up Display

    WHD-100 Heads-up Display

    • Plugs into the OBD-II port (1996 & newer vehicles)
    • Displays vehicle speed & rpm
    • Display automatically adjusts brightness for day & night use
    • Includes nonskid dash pad, reflective windshield film & OBD-II connector cable
    • Part No. 294433
    • SKU WHIWHD100
    • Vendor SKU WHD-100
    • Retail Price$79.95
  • Related Products Boyo | Heads Up Display
    BOYO Vision VTHUD7

    5.8" Heads-Up Display with Reflector Cradle

    • Plug & play
    • For use in vehicles with OBD interface
    • Auto on/off
    • Switchable between OBD & GPS displays
    • OBD shows vehicle speed, RPM, water temperature, instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption over 62 miles, mileage, single driving time, speed alarm, high water temperature alarm, RPM alarm, low voltage alarm, fatigue alarm & shift reminding
    • GPS is km/mile switchable with adjustable brightness & shows vehicle speed, local time, compass, single driving distance & time, voltage, altitude & satellite number
    • Mounts via reflector cradle or device can reflect off windshield by using the included reflector film
    • Cradle can also be used with a smartphone
    • Includes harness & mounting hardware
    • Part No. 321863
    • Vendor SKU VTHUD7
    • Retail Price$164.99
  • Related Products 4x10 | Remote Start
    Directed® Digital Systems

    3XStart 4X10 Digital Remote-Start System

    • State-of-the-art, digital remote-start solution
    • All-in-one remote-start system covers 95% of the vehicles on the road today
    • Features multibus advanced OBD2 connectivity for Start 3X Lock Start functionality
    • Includes remote-start main module, all primary & aux installation harnesses, hood pin switch assembly & quick-start installation guide
    • Part No. 260641
    • SKU DEI4X10
    • Vendor SKU 4X10
    • Retail Price$499.99
  • Related Products Obd2 | Dball
    Directed® Digital Systems

    DB3 Universal & Flashable Databus Interface Module

    • Dual CAN transceivers supports multi‐CAN vehicles
    • Compatible with more than 90% of vehicles on the road today
    • Advanced OBD2 connectivity for SmartStart
    • RSR/RXT compatible
    • Customizable features with Direct Link
    • Vehicle-specific T-harnesses
    • RF loop compatible
    • Unique module ID allows for history lookup
    • All connections are the same as DBALL2
    • Compatible with all DBALL2 T‐harnesses
    • 2-pin RF port relocated to the input side of the module
    • XK Loader 2 compatible
    • Part No. 321604
    • SKU DEIDB3
    • Vendor SKU DB3
    • Retail Price$129.99
  • Directed® Install Essentials XKLOADER3

    XKLoader3 Wireless Programming Tool

    • 3rd generation plug-in OBD2 programmer
    • Uses Bluetooth® connectivity to create link between user & thousands of vehicles
    • Through proprietary mobile app, consolidates multiple tools into 1 complete wireless programming solution that is fully controlled by user's smartphone or tablet
    • Plugs into OBDII port for flash interfaces, programming of remote-start systems & finding vehicle wiring diagrams & installation guides plus troubleshooting installations
    • Compatible with all next-generation technology platforms including DBALL, DBALL2, 4X10 & 5X10 digital systems plus supports VIP4.5 or higher
    • Includes D2D cable, Bitwriter® cable, D2D debugging T-harness & PRG1000 cable
    • Part No. 260640
    • Vendor SKU XKLOADER3
    • Retail Price$299.99
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