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Related Categories Lendlcr123 , Cr123 Battery , 123 , Rebel 3 , Cr123 , 123 Battery
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    Lenmar® DLCR123

    CR123 Digital Camera Replacement Battery

    • Fits Ansco® Silhouette Zoom AF, Bell & Howell® 960 NP, Canon® A1 Date, AutoBoy J (Jack), EOS-Rebel® G, EOS-Rebel® XS, G ll 35-80, Fuji® Zoom Date 90, Leica® Minox CD 112, Minolta® Maxxum 4, Nikon® RF 2D, Olympus® AM-100, Panasonic® C-625AF, Common Photo (Camera), Pentax® 6
    • Replaces Fuji® CR123A, Generic CR 123, Konica® 123A, sf123a, Olympus® DL123A, Panasonic® 123A
    • 3V
    • 600mAh
    • Li-Ion
    • 2-year warranty
    • Part No. 157370
    • SKU LENDLCR123
    • Vendor SKU DLCR123
    • Retail Price$29.95
  • Dantona® CAM-NP120P

    CAM-NP120 Replacement Battery

    • 3.7V
    • Long-lasting
    • 1,800mAh
    • Li-Ion
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Compatible with Mustek® DV3M, Mustek® DV4000, Toshiba® Camileo H30, Toshiba® Camileo H31, Toshiba® Camileo X100, Ricoh® DB34, Ricoh® DB43, Fujifilm® FinePix® F10, Fujifilm® FinePix® F10 Zoom, Fujifilm® FinePix® F11, Fujifilm® FinePix® F11 Zoom, Fujifilm® FinePix® F410, Fujifilm® FinePix® F410 Zoom, Fujifilm® FinePix® M603, Mustek® ADS120, PENTAX® Optio 450, PENTAX® Optio 550, PENTAX® Optio 555, PENTAX® Optio 750, PENTAX® Optio 750Z, PENTAX® Optio MX, PENTAX® Optio MX4, Ricoh® Caplio G4, Ricoh® Caplio G4 Wide, Ricoh® Caplio GX, Ricoh® Caplio GX8, Ricoh® Caplio Pro 300G, Ricoh® Caplio Pro 400G Wide, Ricoh® Caplio Pro 500G, Ricoh® Caplio Pro 500G Wide, Ricoh® Caplio Pro 500SE, Ricoh® Caplio Pro G3, Ricoh® Caplio Pro G3S, Ricoh® Caplio R330, Ricoh® Caplio RR10, Ricoh® Caplio RR30, Ricoh® Caplio RX, Panasonic® CGA-103450, DIGIPOWER® BP-NP120, Empire™ BLI-228, Empire™ BLI-248, Fujifilm® NP-120, Lenmar® DLF120, Panasonic® CGA-103450, Panasonic® CGA-E/101, PENTAX® D-L17, PENTAX® D-Li7, Ricoh DB-34, Ricoh® DB-43, Toshiba® PX1657 & Wasabi Power® BTR-DLI7-JWP
    • Part No. 334017
    • Vendor SKU CAM-NP120P
    • Retail Price$19.99
  • Dantona® CAM-NP60P

    CAM-NB60 Replacement Battery

    • 3.7V
    • Li-Ion
    • Long-lasting
    • 1,000mAh
    • Rechargeable
    • Comparable to Lenmar® LENDLF60
    • Compatible with Creative DIVICAM 428, Panasonic® D-SNAP SV-AV10, Panasonic® D-SNAP SV-AV100, Panasonic® D-SNAP SV-AV100S, Panasonic® D-SNAP SV-AV35D, Panasonic® SV-AV10, Panasonic® SV-AV100, Panasonic® SV-AV100S, Panasonic® SV-AV10A, Panasonic® SV-AV10R, Panasonic® SV-AV10-S, Panasonic® SV-AV20, Panasonic® SV-AV25, Panasonic® SV-AV30, Panasonic® SV-AV35, Panasonic® SV-AV35D, Aiptek Pocket HD720P, Casio® QV-R3, Casio® QV-R4, Fujifilm® FinePix® F410, Fujifilm® FinePix® F410 Zoom, Fujifilm® FinePix® M603, Fujifilm® FinePix® F402, Fujifilm® FinePix® 50i, Fujifilm® FinePix® 601, Fujifilm® FinePix® F401, Fujifilm® FinePix® F401 Zoom, Fujifilm® FinePix® F401Z, Fujifilm® FinePix® F410Z, Fujifilm® FinePix® F601, Fujifilm® FinePix® F601 Zoom, Fujifilm® FinePix® F601Z, Fujifilm® FNB-82LI, Gateway DC-T50, HP® (Hewlett-Packard) Photosmart R707, HP® (Hewlett-Packard) Photosmart R507, HP® (Hewlett-Packard) Photosmart R607, HP® (Hewlett-Packard) Photosmart R607XI, HP® (Hewlett-Packard) Photosmart R717, HP® (Hewlett-Packard) Photosmart R725, HP® (Hewlett-Packard) Photosmart R727, HP® (Hewlett-Packard) Photosmart R817, HP® (Hewlett-Packard) Photosmart R818, HP® (Hewlett-Packard) R07, Kodak® EasyShare® LS743, Kodak® DX7440, Kodak® DX7590 Zoom, Kodak® EasyShare® DX6490, Kodak® EasyShare® DX7440, Kodak® EasyShare® DX7590, Kodak® EasyShare® DX7630, Kodak® EasyShare® LS420, Kodak® EasyShare® LS443, Kodak® EasyShare® LS633, Kodak® EasyShare® LS753, Kodak® EasyShare® Z730, Kodak® EasyShare® Z7590, Kodak® EasyShare® Z760, Kodak® LS420, Kodak® LS-420, Kodak® LS430, Kodak® LS443, Kodak® LS-443, Kodak® LS633, Kodak® LS-633, Olympus® Camedia AZ-1, Olympus® Camedia AZ-2, Olympus® Camedia AZ-2 Zoom, Panasonic® D-SNAP SV-AS3, Panasonic® LUMIX® DMC-FX2, Panasonic® SD-VA100, PENTAX® Optio 330, PENTAX® Optio 330RS, PENTAX® Optio 430, PENTAX® Optio 430RS, Ricoh® Caplio G4, Ricoh® Caplio G4 Wide, Ricoh® Caplio RR10, Ricoh® Caplio RR30, Ricoh® Caplio 300G, Ricoh® Caplio 400G, Ricoh® Caplio 400G Wide, Ricoh® Caplio G3, Ricoh® Caplio G3 Model M, Ricoh® Caplio G3 Model S, SANYO VPC-HD100, Toshiba® PDR-5300, Toshiba® PDR-BT3, Toshiba® PDR-T20, Toshiba® PDR-T30, Vivitar® Vivicam 4000, Panasonic® CGA-633450A, Sony® COMA-BP1, Sony® Mylo 2 Personal WiFi Comm, Sony® Mylo COM-1/B, Sony® Mylo COM-1/W, Sony® Mylo COM-2, Sony® My Life Online, Sony® Mylo, Sony® Mylo COM-1 Casio® NP-30, DIGIPOWER® BP-OL20B, Duracell® DRF60, Duracell® DRF60RES, Empire™ BLI-203, Empire™ BLI-241, Energizer® ER-D210, Fujifilm® NP-60, Gateway 024-910001-10, Gateway 02491-0009-00, Gateway EE PACK, Gateway LI-100, GP VFL001, HP® (Hewlett-Packard) A1812A, HP® (Hewlett-Packard) L1812A, HP® (Hewlett-Packard) L1812B, HP® (Hewlett-Packard) Q2232-80001, Kodak® KLIC-5000, Kodak® LIC5000, Lenmar® DLF60, Maxell® 770227, Maxell® DC3790, Olympus® Li-20B, Panasonic® 024-910001-10, Panasonic® CGA-633450A, Panasonic® CGA-7/104, Panasonic® CGA-S301, Panasonic® CGA-S301A/1B, Panasonic® CGA-S301A1, Panasonic® CGA-S301E/1B, Panasonic® CGA-S302, Panasonic® CGA-S302A, Panasonic® CGA-S302A/1B, Panasonic® DDNP-60, Panasonic® VW-VBA10, Panasonic® VW-VBA21, PENTAX® D-L17, PENTAX® D-Li7, PENTAX® D-L12, PENTAX® D-LI, PENTAX® D-Li2, Polaroid® PR-108DG, Ricoh® DB-40, Varta® P39 & Vivitar® 02491-0009-00
    • Part No. 333660
    • SKU DOTNP60
    • Vendor SKU CAM-NP60P
    • Retail Price$17.99
  • Dantona®

    CAM-LI42BP Replacement Battery

    • 3.7V
    • Li-Ion
    • Long-lasting
    • 700mAh
    • Rechargeable * Comparable to Lenmar® LENDLO40B
    • Compatible with SANYO Xacti VPC-T1060, SANYO Xacti VPC-T850, Olympus® FE-280, Kodak® EasyShare® M23, Kodak® EasyShare® M530, Kodak® EasyShare® M550, Kodak® EasyShare® M575, Kodak® EasyShare® M580, Kodak® M550, Nikon® COOLPIX® P100, Nikon® COOLPIX® P50, Nikon® COOLPIX® S200, Nikon® COOLPIX® S210, Nikon® COOLPIX® S220, Nikon® COOLPIX® S230, Nikon® COOLPIX® S4000, Nikon® COOLPIX® S500, Nikon® COOLPIX® S510, Nikon® COOLPIX® S520, Nikon® COOLPIX® S60, Nikon® COOLPIX® S600, Nikon® COOLPIX® S700, Nikon® COOLPIX® S80, Olympus® FE-190, Olympus® FE-230, Olympus® FE-240, Olympus® FE-250, Olympus® FE-3010, Olympus® FE-4000, Olympus® FE-4010, Olympus® FE-4020, Olympus® FE-4030, Olympus® Stylus 5010, Olympus® Stylus 550WP, Olympus® Stylus 7000, Olympus® Stylus 7010, Olympus® Stylus 7030, Olympus® Stylus 7040, Olympus® Stylus 710, Olympus® Stylus 720SW, Olympus® Stylus 730, Olympus® Stylus 740, Olympus® Stylus 750, Olympus® Stylus 760, Olympus® Stylus 770SW, Olympus® Stylus Tough 3000, Olympus® Stylus Tough 6020, Olympus® Stylus Tough 8010, Olympus® TG-320, Olympus® Tough TG-310, Olympus® VPC-T700, Olympus® X-560WP, PENTAX® Optio M30, PENTAX® Optio M40, PENTAX® Optio T30, PENTAX® Optio V10, PENTAX® Optio W30, Ricoh® DS-6365, SANYO VPC-T1060, SANYO VPC-T850 DIGIPOWER® BP-NKL10, DIGIPOWER® BP-OL40, Empire™ BLI-272, Empire™ BLI-311, Empire™ BLI-324, Empire™ BLI-327, Kodak® KLIC-7006, Nikon® EN-EL10, Olympus® Li-40B, Olympus® Li-42B, Olympus® V104080RU000, Olympus® V104080UU000, Pearstone® D-LI108, PENTAX® D-Li63, SANYO 02491-0081-00, SANYO DS5370 & Kodak® LB-012
    • Part No. 333644
    • SKU DOTLI42B
    • Vendor SKU CAM-LI42BP
    • Retail Price$14.99
Related Categories Lendlcr123 , Cr123 Battery , 123 , Rebel 3 , Cr123 , 123 Battery
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