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    Bounty Hunter® PROLR

    Land Ranger™ PRO Metal Detector

    • Highest-quality metal detector
    • S-Rod handle with control housing, arm rest & locking collar for hours of detecting fun
    • Variable tone breakpoint allows the user to change the audio response of certain targets
    • Enhanced V-Break® technology allows the user to program the detector so that any target with an ID in the range of 0–69 can induce a LOW tone
    • 7 modes of operation enables calibration of the operating parameters to different skill levels, applications or environments
    • Different modes can be used for different detecting objectives & to best adapt to various ground & treasure conditions
    • Pinpoint mode with depth indicator allows user to find the exact location of a buried object
    • Notch Width allows the user to set the size (or width) of the notch-window, which can be used to “notch out” or “notch in” targets from detection
    • Ground Grab® computerized ground cancelation enables user to set the detector's internal ground setting equal to the Phase of the ground the search is being conducted over
    • 1/4" headphone output
    • Requires one 9V alkaline battery; for use with alkaline batteries or rechargeable NiMH batteries
    • Expected battery life is up to 25 hours from a single battery; rechargeables provide about 8 hours of usage per charge
    • Part No. 265836
    • Vendor SKU PROLR
    • Retail Price$449.00
Related Categories Ftpprolr , Metal Detector , Hunting
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