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Robot Vacuum

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Related Categories Robot , Pyrpucrc65 , Pure Clean , Vacuum , Pylpucrc15
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    Pure Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner & Wet Mop

    • Automatically cleans, vacuums & dusts hardwood floors, tile & hard carpets
    • Follows walls with edge cleaning & tackles large open floor with spot clean, Z path & spiral mode
    • Wireless remote with LCD activates cleaning, drives the robot, changes direction & changes current cleaning mode
    • Ability to set weekly cleaning schedule for undisturbed cleaning
    • Unit uses IR sensors to return to charge dock when battery is low
    • Auto start function enables robot to activate as soon as battery if fully detected
    • Wet mop attachment & water slowly dispenses behind the robot as it cleans
    • Rechargeable IR virtual wall prevents robot from passing
    • Dual 5.5" spinning debris sweepers push dirt & dust to the powerful 24W vacuum even along edges & corners
    • Dual washable filters, releasable brush & removable .5L dust bin
    • Antifalling sensor & obstacle detection
    • Rear wheel spring shock system
    • 3.4" low-profile design fits underneath furniture
    • Part No. 319720
    • Vendor SKU PUCRC65
    • Retail Price$488.99
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    Pure Clean® Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

    • 90-min operation time
    • .3L dustbin capacity
    • Self-programmed cleaning path navigation
    • Low-profile design slides underneath furniture
    • Obstacle detection cleans around household objects
    • Bagless operation
    • Garbage collection tray opens for easy disposal
    • Secondary spinning side brush lifts debris
    • 3 selectable cleaning modes: 10 min/20 min/max
    • Top panel touch-button control mode selector
    • Built-in rechargeable 7.2V NiCD battery
    • Simple 1-button activation
    • Works on hardwood, linoleum, tile & carpet floors
    • Detachable vacuum brush for easy cleaning
    • Battery & operation LED light indicators
    • Includes charging cable power adapter
    • Brush dim: 7"L x 4" dia
    • Weight: 5.68lbs
    • Part No. 292712
    • Vendor SKU PUCRC15
    • Retail Price$224.99
Related Categories Robot , Pyrpucrc65 , Pure Clean , Vacuum , Pylpucrc15
1 - 2 of 2
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