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When you become a partner with Petra, you get more than access to great products to resale... You will receive the following benefits!

  • Same Day Shipping
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed
  • No Minimum Order
  • Free Freight on Qualifed Orders


Get your clinic in order with wholesale local pickup in Edmond, Oklahoma
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  • zNitro 700161188998

    Nitro Glass Screen Protector for Samsung® Galaxy S® 7 edge

    • Hammer Tested™ tempered glass
    • Scratch-resistant
    • No sticky residue if removed
    • Limited warranty
    • Part No. 319918
    • SKU IVB88998
    • Vendor SKU 700161188998
    • Retail Price$44.95
  • zNitro 700161187250

    Nitro Glass Screen Protector for Samsung® Galaxy S® 7 (Privacy)

    • Hammer Tested™ tempered glass
    • Scratch-resistant
    • No sticky residue if removed
    • Limited warranty
    • 180º 2-way privacy
    • Part No. 293789
    • SKU IVB187250
    • Vendor SKU 700161187250
    • Retail Price$34.99
  • zNitro 700161187212

    Nitro Glass Screen Protector for Samsung® Galaxy S® 7 (Clear)

    • Hammer Tested™ tempered glass
    • Scratch-resistant
    • No sticky residue if removed
    • Limited warranty
    • Clear
    • Part No. 293790
    • SKU IVB187212
    • Vendor SKU 700161187212
    • Retail Price$34.99
  • zNitro 700161187663

    Screen Protector for Samsung® Galaxy S® 7 edge

    • Virtually invisible
    • Military-grade protection
    • No sticky residue once removed
    • Provides grip
    • Scratchproof
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Part No. 294148
    • SKU IVB187663
    • Vendor SKU 700161187663
    • Retail Price$14.99
  • Denaq®

    19-Volt DQ-AC19342-3011 Replacement AC Adapter for Acer® Laptops

    • Input: 100V–240V, 1.5A, 50Hz/60Hz
    • Output: 19V, 3.42A
    • 3mm–1.1mm
    • Safety fuses guard against power surges
    • Compatible with Acer® PA-1650-80, Acer® NSW25899, Acer® NPADT1100F, Acer® NP.ADT11.00G, Acer® NP.ADT11.00F, Acer® NP.ADT0A.010, Acer® KP.06503.007, Acer® KP.06503.006, Acer® KP.06503.005, Acer® KP.06503.004, Acer® KP.06503.002, Acer® AK.065AP.034, Acer® ADP-65MH B, Acer® Aspire P3, Acer® UltraBook Iconia S5, Acer® UltraBook Iconia S7, Acer® Iconia Tab W700, Acer® Iconia Tab W700P, Acer® Iconia TAB W7, Acer® Iconia W700-6454, Acer® Iconia W700-6465, Acer® Iconia W700-6499, Acer® Iconia W700-6607, Acer® Iconia W700-6680, Acer® Iconia W700-6691, Acer® Iconia W700-6831, Acer® Iconia W700P, Acer® Iconia W700P-6821, Acer® Aspire S7, Acer® Aspire S7-191, Acer® Aspire S7-191-6400, Acer® Aspire S7-191-6447, Acer® Aspire S7-191-6640, Acer® Aspire S7-191-6859, Acer® Aspire S7-391, Acer® Aspire S7-391-6413, Acer® Aspire S7-391-6468, Acer® Aspire S7-391-6478, Acer® Aspire S7-391-6810, Acer® Aspire S7-391-6822, Acer® Aspire S7-391-9492, Acer® Aspire S7-391-9839, Acer® Aspire S7-391-9864, Acer® Aspire S7-391-9886, Acer® Aspire S5, Acer® Aspire S5-391, Acer® Aspire S5-391-53334G12AKK, Acer® Aspire S5-391-6419, Acer® Aspire S5-391-6495, Acer® Aspire S5-391-6836, Acer® Aspire S5-391-9880, Acer® Aspire S7-191-53314G12ASS, Acer® Aspire S7-191-53334G12ASS, Acer® Aspire S7-191-6423, Acer® Aspire S7-191-9496, Acer® Aspire S7-391-53334G12AWS, Acer® Aspire S7-391-6662, Acer® Aspire S7-391-73534G25AWS, Acer® Aspire S7-391-9411, Acer® Aspire S7-391-9427, Acer® Aspire S7-392, Acer® Aspire S7-392-6402, Acer® Aspire S7-392-6411, Acer® Aspire S7-392-6832, Acer® Aspire S7-392-9460, Acer® Aspire S7-392-9877 & Acer® Aspire S7-392-9890
    • Part No. 333952
    • SKU DOTDQAC193423011
    • Vendor SKU DQ-AC19342-3011
    • Retail Price$27.49
  • Related Products Iphone Charger
    iLuv® IAD8X10BK

    Qi® Fast Wireless Charger (10W)

    • Charges through most cases: polycarbonate (PC) or thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) up to .12" (3mm)
    • Power output varies, depending on mobile device model
    • LED charging indicator
    • Temperature controlled fast charge
    • Compatible with Qi® enabled devices including iPhone® X/8/8 Plus, Samsung® Galaxy Note® 8/5, Galaxy S®8/S8+, S7/S7 edge, S6 edge+, S6/S6 edge, LG® V30/G6/G4/G3, Nexus® 7/6/5
    • Includes 3ft micro USB cable, quick start guide, warranty card
    • Part No. 330544
    • Vendor SKU IAD8X10BK
    • Retail Price$24.99
  • Arkon® IBMAG179

    Magnetic Phone Mount

    • Magnetic phone mount secures phones & other devices without a holder
    • Magnet attaches to the included metal plate that adheres to phones or cases
    • Base features a strong, sticky 3M™ adhesive dash-mounting disk
    • Base uses a combination of polyurethane gel & suction to provide a maximum surface bond
    • Mounting arm adjusts vertically and provides 360° rotation
    • 2-year limited warranty
    • Compatible with Apple® iPhone® 6/6 Plus/6s/6s Plus/7/7 Plus/8/8 Plus/X, Samsung® Galaxy® S6/S6 Edge+/S7/S7 Edge+/Note 5/Note 8, Motorola® Moto G/Moto X/LG G4/ LG G5/ LG G6 & other smartphones or GPS devices
    • Includes sticky-suction windshield or dash mounting pedestal, adhesive dash mounting disk, magnetic head with adjustment ring & adhesive metal plates
    • Part No. 330200
    • Vendor SKU IBMAG179
    • Retail Price$24.95
  • Dantona®

    CAM-694NMHP Replacement Battery

    • 6V
    • NiMH
    • Long-lasting
    • 4,000mAh
    • Rechargeable
    • Comparable to Lenmar® LENNMP17
    • Compatible with Aiwa® PVS-C40E, Aiwa® PVS-C20E, Bosch® VCC-651, Chinon® C8-B36-1, Chinon® C8-B36-2, Chinon® C8-SC96, Chinon® C8-SC98, Curtis Mathes® FV900, Curtis Mathes® GV600, General Electric® CG-504, General Electric® CG-506, General Electric® CG-515, General Electric® CG-690, General Electric® CG-691, General Electric® CG-695, General Electric® CG-696, General Electric® CG-697, General Electric® CG-698, General Electric® CG-800, General Electric® CG-805, Grundig® VS-C55, Grundig® VS-C75, JVC® GR-277U, JVC® GR-323U, JVC® GR-527, JVC® GR-AK5BKU, JVC® GR-AK5GYU, JVC® GR-AW, JVC® GR-AW1, JVC® GR-AW10U, JVC® GR-AW1U, JVC® GR-AX10, JVC® GR-AX100, JVC® GR-AX1010U, JVC® GR-AX10U, JVC® GR-AX17, JVC® GR-AX2, JVC® GR-AX200U, JVC® GR-AX201U, JVC® GR-AX202, JVC® GR-AX210U, JVC® GR-AX220U, JVC® GR-AX230U, JVC® GR-AX24, JVC® GR-AX25, JVC® GR-AX250, JVC® GR-AX26U, JVC® GR-AX300, JVC® GR-AX301U, JVC® GR-AX30U, JVC® GR-AX310U, JVC® GR-AX323U, JVC® GR-AX33, JVC® GR-AX34U, JVC® GR-AX35, JVC® GR-AX350, JVC® GR-AX37, JVC® GR-AX400, JVC® GR-AX401U, JVC® GR-AX404U, JVC® GR-AX410, JVC® GR-AX420U, JVC® GR-AX430U, JVC® GR-AX46U, JVC® GR-AX47U, JVC® GR-AX48U, JVC® GR-AX5, JVC® GR-AX500, JVC® GR-AX501U, JVC® GR-AX50U, JVC® GR-AX510, JVC® GR-AX55, JVC® GR-AX55U, JVC® GR-AX5U, JVC® GR-AX6, JVC® GR-AX606U, JVC® GR-AX610U, JVC® GR-AX640U, JVC® GR-AX650U, JVC® GR-AX655U, JVC® GR-AX657U, JVC® GR-AX65U, JVC® GR-AX7, JVC® GR-AX70, JVC® GR-AX700, JVC® GR-AX704U, JVC® GR-AX70U, JVC® GR-AX710U, JVC® GR-AX720U, JVC® GR-AX730U, JVC® GR-AX74U, JVC® GR-AX75, JVC® GR-AX750U, JVC® GR-AX754U, JVC® GR-AX75U, JVC® GR-AX760U, JVC® GR-AX767U, JVC® GR-AX77U, JVC® GR-AX7EG, JVC® GR-AX7U, JVC® GR-AX800U, JVC® GR-AX808U, JVC® GR-AX810U, JVC® GR-AX820U, JVC® GR-AX830U, JVC® GR-AX840U, JVC® GR-AX841U, JVC® GR-AX84U, JVC® GR-AX857U, JVC® GR-AX867U, JVC® GR-AX900U, JVC® GR-AX90U, JVC® GR-AX910U, JVC® GR-AX911U, JVC® GR-AX920U, JVC® GR-AX930U, JVC® GR-AX940U, JVC® GR-AX941U, JVC® GR-AX94U, JVC® GR-AX957U, JVC® GR-AX96U, JVC® GR-AX970U, JVC® GR-AX97U, JVC® GR-AXH1, JVC® GR-AXM1000U, JVC® GR-AXM100U, JVC® GR-AXM10U, JVC® GR-AXM1U, JVC® GR-AXM205U, JVC® GR-AXM20U, JVC® GR-AXM210U, JVC® GR-AXM217U, JVC® GR-AXM220U, JVC® GR-AXM225U, JVC® GR-AXM230U, JVC® GR-AXM237U, JVC® GR-AXM25U, JVC® GR-AXM27U, JVC® GR-AXM2U, JVC® GR-AXM300U, JVC® GR-AXM30U, JVC® GR-AXM310U, JVC® GR-AXM317U, JVC® GR-AXM405U, JVC® GR-AXM40U, JVC® GR-AXM4U, JVC® GR-AXM50U, JVC® GR-AXM510U, JVC® GR-AXM511U, JVC® GR-AXM650U, JVC® GR-AXM670U, JVC® GR-AXM700U, JVC® GR-AXM70U, JVC® GR-AXM710U, JVC® GR-AXM717U, JVC® GR-AXM750U, JVC® GR-AXM80U, JVC® GR-AXM900U, JVC® GR-AXM910U, JVC® GR-AXM917U, JVC® GR-AXTEG, JVC® GR-DVA1U, JVC® GR-DVAXU, JVC® GR-DVF10U, JVC® GR-DVF20U, JVC® GR-EX1, JVC® GR-EZ1, JVC® GR-FX10, JVC® GR-FX101, JVC® GR-FX102, JVC® GR-FX11, JVC® GR-FX12, JVC® GR-FX23, JVC® GR-FX30, JVC® GR-FX305, JVC® GR-FX33, JVC® GR-FX40, JVC® GR-FX401, JVC® GR-FX405, JVC® GR-FX43, JVC® GR-FX50, JVC® GR-FX505, JVC® GR-FX53, JVC® GR-FX60, JVC® GR-FX601, JVC® GR-FXM105, JVC® GR-FXM106, JVC® GR-FXM15, JVC® GR-FXM16, JVC® GR-FXM161, JVC® GR-FXM25, JVC® GR-FXM333, JVC® GR-FXM35, JVC® GR-FXM37, JVC® GR-FXM405, JVC® GR-FXM45, JVC® GR-FXM55, JVC® GR-FXM555, JVC® GR-FXM605, JVC® GR-FXM65, JVC® GR-FXM75, JVC® GR-HF705U, JVC® GR-HF805U, JVC® GR-LT5, JVC® GR-LT7, JVC® GR-M10U, JVC® GR-M15, JVC® GR-M3, JVC® GR-M4, JVC® GR-M4U, JVC® GR-M5, JVC® GR-M5U, JVC® GR-M7, JVC® GR-M7U, JVC® GR-S21, JVC® GR-S27, JVC® GR-S7, JVC® GR-SK20, JVC® GR-SV3, JVC® GR-SV7U, JVC® GR-SX20, JVC® GR-SX21, JVC® GR-SX210, JVC® GR-SX22, JVC® GR-SX41, JVC® GR-SX51, JVC® GR-SX52, JVC® GR-SX750U, JVC® GR-SX760U, JVC® GR-SX850U, JVC® GR-SX851U, JVC® GR-SX90, JVC® GR-SX90U, JVC® GR-SX950U, JVC® GR-SX960U, JVC® GR-SXM230U, JVC® GR-SXM235, JVC® GR-SXM240U, JVC® GR-SXM247, JVC® GR-SXM25, JVC® GR-SXM250U, JVC® GR-SXM26, JVC® GR-SXM260, JVC® GR-SXM27, JVC® GR-SXM307, JVC® GR-SXM320U, JVC® GR-SXM321U, JVC® GR-SXM330U, JVC® GR-SXM335, JVC® GR-SXM337U, JVC® GR-SXM46, JVC® GR-SXM460, JVC® GR-SXM47, JVC® GR-SXM470, JVC® GR-SXM515U, JVC® GR-SXM520U, JVC® GR-SXM525U, JVC® GR-SXM527U, JVC® GR-SXM535, JVC® GR-SXM536, JVC® GR-SXM55, JVC® GR-SXM57, JVC® GR-SXM607U, JVC® GR-SXM61, JVC® GR-SXM62, JVC® GR-SXM71, JVC® GR-SXM72, JVC® GR-SXM720U, JVC® GR-SXM730U, JVC® GR-SXM735, JVC® GR-SXM737U, JVC® GR-SXM740, JVC® GR-SXM745, JVC® GR-SXM747, JVC® GR-SXM75, JVC® GR-SXM750U, JVC® GR-SXM755U, JVC® GR-SXM76, JVC® GR-SXM760U, JVC® GR-SXM77, JVC® GR-SXM770, JVC® GR-SXM81, JVC® GR-SXM82, JVC® GR-SXM86, JVC® GR-SXM91, JVC® GR-SXM915U, JVC® GR-SXM92, JVC® GR-SXM920U, JVC® GR-SXM930U, JVC® GR-SXM937U, JVC® GR-SXM947, JVC® GR-SZ1, JVC® GR-SZ7, JVC® GR-SZ9, JVC® GR-XM720U, JVC® GX-900, JVC® GR-AXM25, JVC® GR-SXM250, JVC® GR-SXM345, Magnavox® 715, Magnavox® CVL610, Magnavox® CVL611, Magnavox® CVL612, Magnavox® CVL-620, Magnavox® CVL810, Magnavox® CVM610, Magnavox® CVM620, Magnavox® CVM630, Magnavox® CVM710, Magnavox® CVM-717, Magnavox® CVM720, Magnavox® CVN610, Magnavox® CVN610AV, Magnavox® CVN620, Magnavox® CVN620AV, Magnavox® CVN630, Magnavox® CVN630AV, Magnavox® CVR-610AV, Magnavox® CVR-611, Magnavox® CVR-620, Magnavox® CVR-630AV, Magnavox® CVS620, Magnavox® CVT620AV01, Magnavox® VHSC115, Magnavox® VHSC125, Memorex® SM8400, Metz 9202, Metz 9637, Metz 9702, Minolta® 8-808, Minolta® C-516, Minolta® C-532, Minolta® C-538, Minolta® C-542, Minolta® C-550, Minolta® C-552, Minolta® C-560, Minolta® C-570, Minolta® C-606, Minolta® C-618, Minolta® C-660, Minolta® 8-418, Mitsubishi® HSC-35U, Mitsubishi® HS-CX1, Mitsubishi® HS-CX4, Mitsubishi® HS-CX7U, Olympus® VXC-500, Olympus® VXS550, Panasonic® AV55, Panasonic® CC-636, Panasonic® NV-200EN, Panasonic® NV-3CCD-1, Panasonic® NV-G1, Panasonic® NV-G1E, Panasonic® NV-G2, Panasonic® NV-G2E, Panasonic® NV-G3E, Panasonic® NV-MS70E, Panasonic® NV-R100EN, Panasonic® NV-S1, Panasonic® NV-S1E, Panasonic® NV-S2, Panasonic® NV-S5E, Panasonic® NV-S6, Panasonic® NV-S7, Panasonic® NV-S8, Panasonic® NV-S9, Panasonic® PV-10, Panasonic® PV-10B, Panasonic® PV-10PX, Panasonic® PV-14, Panasonic® PV-17, Panasonic® PV-18, Panasonic® PV-19, Panasonic® PV-20, Panasonic® PV-206, Panasonic® PV-21, Panasonic® PV-215, Panasonic® PV-22, Panasonic® PV-303, Panasonic® PV-31, Panasonic® PV-32, Panasonic® PV-332, Panasonic® PV-333, Panasonic® PV-362, Panasonic® PV-372, Panasonic® PV-40, Panasonic® PV-403, Panasonic® PV-41, Panasonic® PV-42, Panasonic® PV-43, Panasonic® PV-503, Panasonic® PV-52, Panasonic® PV-53, Panasonic® PV-5372, Panasonic® PV-54, Panasonic® PV-543, Panasonic® PV-553, Panasonic® PV-5630, Panasonic® PV-564, Panasonic® PV-565, Panasonic® PV-570, Panasonic® PV-A226, Panasonic® PV-A396, Panasonic® PV-D301, Panasonic® PV-D308, Panasonic® PV-I503, Panasonic® PV-IQ202, Panasonic® PV-IQ203, Panasonic® PV-IQ204, Panasonic® PV-IQ244, Panasonic® PV-IQ303, Panasonic® PV-IQ304, Panasonic® PV-IQ315, Panasonic® PV-IQ325, Panasonic® PV-IQ403, Panasonic® PV-IQ404, Panasonic® PV-IQ405, Panasonic® PV-IQ503, Panasonic® PV-IQ504, Panasonic® PV-IQ505, Panasonic® PV-IQ604, Panasonic® PV-L352, Panasonic® PV-L354, Panasonic® PV-L452, Panasonic® PV-L50, Panasonic® PV-L501, Panasonic® PV-L550, Panasonic® PV-L551, Panasonic® PV-L552, Panasonic® PV-L557, Panasonic® PV-L558, Panasonic® PV-L559, Panasonic® PV-L560, Panasonic® PV-L568, Panasonic® PV-L571, Panasonic® PV-L578, Panasonic® PV-L579, Panasonic® PV-L580, Panasonic® PV-L59, Panasonic® PV-L590, Panasonic® PV-L60, Panasonic® PV-L600, Panasonic® PV-L601, Panasonic® PV-L606, Panasonic® PV-L607, Panasonic® PV-L647, Panasonic® PV-L650, Panasonic® PV-L651, Panasonic® PV-L652, Panasonic® PV-L657, Panasonic® PV-L658, Panasonic® PV-L659, Panasonic® PV-L660, Panasonic® PV-L670, Panasonic® PV-L671, Panasonic® PV-L677, Panasonic® PV-L678, Panasonic® PV-L680, Panasonic® PV-L681, Panasonic® PV-L690, Panasonic® PV-L691, Panasonic® PV-L750, Panasonic® PV-L751, Panasonic® PV-L757, Panasonic® PV-L758, Panasonic® PV-L759, Panasonic® PV-L779, Panasonic® PV-L780, Panasonic® PV-L781, Panasonic® PV-L850, Panasonic® PV-L857, Panasonic® PV-L858, Panasonic® PV-L859, Panasonic® PV-L958, Panasonic® PV-LCD35, Panasonic® PV-S332, Panasonic® PV-S333, Panasonic® PV-S362, Panasonic® PV-S372, Panasonic® PV-S373, Panasonic® PV-S43, Panasonic® PV-S53, Panasonic® PV-S62, Panasonic® PV-S63, Panasonic® PV-S630, Panasonic® PV-S64, Panasonic® VM-VBS2E, Panasonic® PV-IQ375, Philips® VKR-6847, Philips® VKR-6870, Philips® VKR-6875, Philips® VKR-6880, Philips® VKR-9010, Quasar® VM-500, Quasar® VM-505, Quasar® VM-508, Quasar® VM-510, Quasar® VM-511, Quasar® VM-512, Quasar® VM-513, Quasar® VM-514, Quasar® VM-515, Quasar® VM-516, Quasar® VM-517, Quasar® VM-518, Quasar® VM-522, Quasar® VM-524, Quasar® VM-525, Quasar® VM-530, Quasar® VM-535, Quasar® VM-538, Quasar® VM-539, Quasar® VM-545, Quasar® VM-549, Quasar® VM-550, Quasar®VM-555, Quasar® VM-565, Radio Shack® 155, RCA® CC-1650, RCA® CC-174, RCA® CC-176, RCA®CC-177, RCA® CC-178, RCA® CC-180, RCA® CC-187, RCA® CC-188, RCA® CC-190, RCA® CC-600, RCA® CC-603, RCA® CC-604, RCA® CC-615, RCA - CC-616, RCA® CC-620, RCA® CC-6251, RCA® CC-6272, RCA® CC-6364, RCA® CC-6384, RCA® CC-800, RCA® Pro-V800C, Sony® CCD-TRV21, Sylvania® VMC260, Zenith® VM-6400, Zenith® VM-6700C, Zenith® VM-6800C, Radio Shack® 16-2310, Bosch® C61, Curtis Mathes® KB00005, General Electric® 1CVA157C, General Electric® 1CVA158C, JVC® BN-V11U, JVC® BN-V12U, JVC® BN-V140U, JVC® BN-V14U, JVC® BN-V18U, JVC® BN-V20U, JVC® BN-V22U, JVC® BN-V25U, JVC® BN-V400U, JVC® BN-V50U, JVC® BN-V60U, JVC® BN-V77U, JVC® BN-V10U, Magnavox® V80016BK01, Magnavox® V80115BK01, Magnavox® V80115BK02, Magnavox® V80116BK01, Memorex® VSBW0003, Minolta® BP-500, Minolta® VBP-600, Minolta® VBP-601, Minolta® VBP-630, Panasonic® BP-12, Panasonic® BP-15, Panasonic® BP-17, Panasonic® PV-BP15, Panasonic® PV-BP17, Panasonic® PV-BP18, Panasonic® VW-VBS1E, Panasonic® HHR-V40A/1B, Panasonic® HHR-V60A-1B, Philips® BP-508, Philips® V80115BK, Philips® V80116BK, Quasar® BP-50B, Rayovac® RV4209, RCA® AV158C, RCA® BB700, RCA® FB096FS, RCA® FB120, RCA® FB1260, Sunpak® RB-40P, Zenith® VAC110, Zenith® VAC560, Zenith® VAC695 & Interstate® CAM0249
    • Part No. 333440
    • SKU DOT694NMH
    • Vendor SKU CAM-694NMHP
    • Retail Price$49.99
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