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Sc polyh 72 yra kit

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    SureCall® SC-POLYH-72-YRA-KIT

    Fusion4Home™ Yagi/Whip Kit

    • In-building, multi-user 5-band amplifier
    • Boosts talk, text, data & 2G–4G LTE signals for all major carriers inside 1–2 rooms of home or small office building, reducing dropped & missed calls
    • Yagi/omni antenna configuration is best used when outside signal strength is at least marginal (1+ bars)
    • US-based customer support
    • 60-day money-back guarantee
    • FCC approved
    • 3-year warranty
    • Kit includes:
    • 65dB/72dB Fusion4Home™ in-building booster
    • F-female connector (external)
    • N-male connector (internal)
    • External wide-band yagi antenna
    • Internal omni whip antenna
    • 50ft of RG6 coaxial cable—pre-attached F-male connectors on both ends
    • AC 100V–240V power supply
    • Part No. 292458
    • Vendor SKU SC-POLYH-72-YRA-KIT
    • Retail Price$499.99
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