Connecting Your Customers To A Connected Home

Accessories For Every Consumer’s Lifestyle & Budget

Digital Trends predicts that by 2019, two out of every three people will have a smart device installed in their home. These once futuristic-sounding home devices are now on the radar for the majority of consumers, and they’re accessible to more customers than you think. Integrating systems into their entire home may sound complicated and expensive, and customers may be worried about not knowing how to tweak or fix systems once installed by a professional.

However, the number of highly accessible and affordable smart home accessories and gadgets are growing rapidly and are perfect for targeting this market of consumers who love smart gadgets but aren’t ready for a complete home makeover. There are plenty of both financially and technologically accessible DIY projects available to consumers, whatever their lifestyle or knowledge of electronics. They’ll be delighted by how easy they are to install, alter, and maintain—no special knowledge or professional needed! Now, anyone can find ways to integrate smart accessories into their homes to make any home a smart home.

DIY Home Security

DIY home surveillance has never been easier. Until recently, if a homeowner wanted to ensure the security of their home, they had to purchase an expensive subscription or alarm system. With the rise of smart home accessories, DIY home security systems are a reality. The Home Security System, Preferred Package by iSmartAlarm is completely independent of any service, meaning there are no monthly fees or contracts. It’s completely self-monitored and self-controlled, and takes only about ten minutes to set up. Complete with door, window, and motion sensors that provide alerts to the user’s smartphone, this system is perfect for customers who want added security without complicating their routine.

For even more control, customers can check out the iSmartAlarm Home Security System, Premium Video Package that includes a streaming video camera in addition to the sensors, or invest in smart video surveillance by Bayit Home Automation with the 720p HD Wi-Fi/IP Internet Surveillance Camera. Users can stream live HD video to their smartphones anytime, anywhere using the Bayit Cam App. User-controlled security frees customers from having to rely on a third-party to monitor their homes for them, and smartphone control gives them the freedom and simplicity they are looking for.

Remote-Controlled Lighting

Remote lighting control is not only a great way for customers to be able to turn lights on and off without having to get up, they can also be used for security, convenience, or mood setting. The LED Lighting Starter Kit with 2 LED Color-Changing Light Bulbs & Wi-Fi Gateway from Bayit comes with everything users need and the color-changing bulbs are completely adjustable. Customers can customize by color with white, red, green or blue lights, and even by brightness and tone—all from their smartphones. Users can create mood settings for movie nights or parties or control the lights when they’re not at home. Turning on lights when they’re on their way home late at night can reduce the need for stumbling around in the dark looking for a light switch. The BulbZ Z-Wave Dimmable LED Light Bulb from Linear is another great smart bulb with dimmable remote control. It fully integrates with all Z-Wave products from Linear for ultimate control and connectivity. These bulbs are also programmable, which is great for customers on vacation who want to appear as if they are at home. Lights can be manually turned on and off from their vacation spot, or preprogrammed to come on at set times.

Smart Remotes & Plugs

The Consumer Electronics Association reports that for 60% of consumers, a very important factor in purchasing a smart device is its ability to communicate with other smart devices. That’s why items like the Blumoo Universal Remote with Music Streaming for iOS & Android are so popular today. It’s compatible with most smartphones your customers already own and supports over 200,000 different electronic devices in their homes. It is easy to set up, whether their home theater system and electronics are old or new, and lets users control all their devices with their smartphone—no professional installer needed.

Smart plugs are also rising in popularity, like the AH357 Wi-Fi Smart Plug from Amcrest. This plug also connects with your customers’ smartphones to give them control over whatever appliance or device they choose to plug into it. They can turn off their reading light from their smartphone without getting out of bed, or turn off the TV in the kids’ room from the living room when it’s time for lights out. Smart plugs are a great way to ease into home automation. Users can add plugs and accessories as they feel comfortable without ever having to worry about monthly subscription or installation fees.

The future of connected homes is here. Once your customers see how easy and affordable home automation can be, they’ll be rushing to buy these products and start implementing them in their own homes. Whether electronics, lights or security is their main concern, there’s an accessible and easy-to-set-up gadget to get them started and start turning their homes into connected homes. View even more home automation products on or give us a call at 1–800–443–6975 to hear about the latest devices.


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