Celebrating a Great American Tradition – Tailgating!

From coast to coast, fans of every team can agree on one thing: Tailgating!

While the game might be in the stadium, the professional fan knows that the lifestyle begins in the parking lot. A game is just a game without tailgating. The steaks, the hamburgers, the brauts, the beverages… The expert tailgater knows that skimping on theses staples is a no-no. That’s why the typical tailgater spends more than $500 per season on food and drinks for their pregame celebrations.

The Tools of the Trade

Having the right tools separates the rookies from the legends. Used in combination, these items will lead a tailgating team to victory!

  • Coolers: keep the meat and the drinks in separate coolers for maximum fun
  • Grills: the grill master can choose between charcoal or gas, as long as it’s never burned
  • Smokers: when the grill isn’t enough, the slow-cooked flavor of a smoker is sure to sack the competition

Tailgating: Our favorite community.

More than 50 million Americans a year tailgate at least once per season. Tailgaters stake their claim hours and even days before the game. They share their favorite creations to cheers and high-fives long before the action on the field kicks off.

The Who, What and Where of Tailgating:

  • 79% of Tailgaters are men
  • 73% of Tailgaters have a college degree or higher
  • 95% of tailgaters prepare their culinary creations on site
  • 49% of Tailgaters travel less than 1 hour from their homes for tailgating

Don’t miss the highlights!

Tailgaters don’t have to leave the comforts of home at home. Portable TVs, speakers, and more make it easier than ever to follow the action from across the country from the comfort of a tailgater’s favorite parking spot.

Winning has never been easier!

Which package will be yours?

  • The Rookie: Team logo cooler
  • The Starter: Team logo cooler and propane grill
  • The Pro Bowler: Team logo cooler, propane grill and smoker
  • The Legend: Two coolers, propane grill, smoker, portable ice maker and grilling tools

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