Why Consumers Are Planning Indoor Workouts for 2016

…And How to Attract Buyers By Marketing to Their Fitness Goals!

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, body weight training was the number two trending fitness activity for 2016, which is great news for retailers! Why? Because body weight training doesn’t require a gym membership or expensive equipment and you can supply the products muscle seekers want. Its related products and techniques mesh easily with almost any schedule and space and can attract almost any consumer, regardless of their fitness goals and habits. In fact, with New Year’s Resolutions, this is the best time of the year for customers to buy fitness accessories.

From the dedicated fitness guru to the average consumer trying to stay active, these products easily fit into any lifestyle. Plus, they are perfect for the indoor workouts that most consumers will be sticking to this winter as it becomes too cold to exercise outside.

Virtual Workout Programs

The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition reports that only one in five homes has a recreation center, gym or park within a half-mile. Plus, about one third of high school students play a video game for 3 or more hours on a typical weekday. These combined factors make video game fitness a huge, growing market.

Among life-mimicking sports games across consoles like the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation, there are games and programs that target fitness specifically, like Nintendo Wii Fit. This opens up the market for plenty of accessories that are great add-ons for these games, like the CTA Nintendo Wii Fit 3-in-1 Combo Kit that includes a Wii Balance Board, exercise mat and battery pack. Marketing video games as fitness tools can be a great way to reach this market of gamers that might not otherwise seek out fitness tools, or prefer them on the virtual platform. Even non-traditional gamers might find that these virtual tools are perfect for their work out style but may not know these accessories are available. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to offer these products to everyone.

These programs rely almost entirely on body weight training with tools like the CTA Nintendo Wii Fit Push-Up Bar. Plus, many virtual fitness programs give immediate feedback on technique and calories, which is something traditional workouts can’t provide.

Wearable Fitness Programs

If body weight training is number two, the number one fitness trend reported by the American College of Sports Medicine is wearable fitness technology. This technology is a great companion to body weight training because its activity reminders are best satisfied at the time and place they happen, with whatever equipment (or lack of) users have on them.

For instance, the Garmin vívofit 2 Activity Tracker motivates wearers by reminding them to move every hour they are inactive. Like many activity trackers, it also provides information about the wearers’ activity levels, steps, calories, distance and more. This keeps health goals easy to meet and manage. Heart rate monitors, like the Pyle 1-Button Heart Rate Watch are another great wearable that tracks average, maximum and target heart rate while exercising or at rest.

Creating a Home Gym

Traditional at-home exercise equipment is also ideal for supplementing a primarily body-weight-training workout. Products like the Go Fit Yoga Mat and Go Fit Professional Stability Ball (GOFGF75PRO) are perfect for a simple home gym and maximum-effect workout with minimal setup and equipment. Or, for a more intense workout that includes strength training (the number four trend for 2016 for men AND women!), try offering the Go Fit Contour Kettlebells with DVD. This kit even includes a DVD of workout programs for those who prefer some guidance even though they are at home and on their own for their routine.

Hooked on all the possibilities indoor fitness has to offer? Check out Petra.com for even more ideas on fitness accessories to offer your customers!


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