Transform Funny Dash Cam Videos into Sales

Dash Cam Footage: An Entertainment Revolution

We’ve all heard about the rise of dash cam use in Russia and the subsequent Russian dash cam videos on the internet, but according to KHOU 11 News, more and more drivers in the US, specifically in Houston, are using a personal dash cam. Funny dash cam stories are rampant on the Internet on sites like YouTube and the Huffington Post.

In fact, Sidney May at the Emporium in Houston attributes an increase in sales precisely because of the trend in funny dash cam videos. Many buyers are attracted to the possibility of capturing unexpected or hilarious dash cam video in addition to recording their driving for insurance purposes in the case of an accident. Check out the crazy videos that have already been captured!

Spongebob’s Road Rage discovered this gem that captured a group of people dressed up as various cartoon characters getting into a fight. The owner of the dash cam was pulled up behind the van on the street where the fight broke out. If your customers are looking to capture real-time video in front of their cars like this, try offering them the Whistler D19VR 1080p HD Automotive DVR with Wi-Fi. The 160-degree viewing angle and built-in Wi-Fi are great for getting the best view from an out-facing camera, so they won’t miss a thing.

When Cats Drive

A video captured using dual cameras was featured by the Huffington Post UK. It shows a couple driving, seemingly uneventfully. The rear-facing camera suddenly shows the couple’s surprised faces as a jolt upsets the car. The driver (and audience) is initially confused until the man pulls out his cat from underneath his feet. For a shot like this, try offering drivers the Stealth Cam Dash Cam. It provides uninterrupted cycle recording so customers won’t miss a second of potentially hilarious footage.

Driving Lesson Gone Wrong

A driving lesson went badly very quickly as discovered by In this video, the dash cam shows the driver beginning steadily and cautiously; but very quickly, the car runs off the road into the brush on the side to the sounds of the passenger yelling. The Garmin NuviCam LMTHD helps drivers not only stay on the road, but stay on the route. It includes a navigator with detailed maps of North America. Plus it has driver awareness features. Maybe if the dash cam that shot this video was the Garmin NuviCam, the crash could have been avoided!

Fights, Fails and Flails

Looking for even more candid crazy road recordings? Check out this dash cam compilation for some hilarious footage of over-the-top crashes and road rage. Or, dive into the world of dash cams with our array of top-of-the-line choices like the Security Man Carcam HD Car Camera with Impact-Sensing Recording. It features motion detection recording so customers can be sure to capture what they need.

Plus, there are tons more dash cams online at for even more choices. Jump into the latest craze today!


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