5 Foodie Trends Retailers LOVE!

How Home Cooked Meals Lead to Sales

According to USA Today about 80% of meals are prepped at home. This has increased from 2008, when only 77.4% of meals were prepped at home. As more people are embracing at-home cooking as opposed to eating at restaurants or ordering take out, the need for small kitchen appliances has risen. Knowing your customers and their reasons for cooking for themselves can help you know what to offer them to boost sales.

1. Demands for Healthy Cooking

The demand for raw and healthy foods is a major factor in the trend toward cooking for oneself. Cooks want to know they are getting real, raw foods, packed with the nutrients they need. According to Euromonitor.com, as much as 55% of people worldwide cook a meal completely from raw ingredients on a regular basis, and an additional 38% cook a meal using some pre-prepared ingredients. Plus, 67% of this group prepares a meal this way almost every day.

These raw and fresh ingredients take extra preparation. Blenders, mixers, and food processors like the Pyle Home Nutrichef Countertop Food Processor have become essentials for this crowd. In fact, this processor features multiple attachments for chopping, mixing, shredding, and pureeing to provide an all-in-one solution for lovers of raw, whole foods.

2. Hobby Cooking and Specialty Products

Foodies, food enthusiasts and hobby cookers have taken over Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and amateur blogs with photos and videos of their creations and recipes. The more ambitious the project, the more devices they need to make professional-level creations. Products like the Betty Crocker Donut Maker and Hello Kitty Cupcake Maker now have a place in the kitchen where they didn’t before and make great gifts for foodies. The Donut Maker bakes donuts in minutes, so budding chefs can enjoy the treat baked instead of fried for less fat, and the Hello Kitty Cupcake Maker even bakes a face into each cupcake. These devices provide not only great foods, but great photo ops.

3. Diet Foods and Ingredient Awareness

An increased awareness of food intolerances such as gluten or carbohydrates has led to more consumers having special food needs. Plus, more knowledge about the way food is prepared has led to the boycotting of certain foods, like meat, while diets like The Paleo Diet emphasize meat. These competing food and diet needs have contributed to more diners preparing their own meals. This way, they know exactly what they are putting in their bodies and can maintain control over their diets. The Nesco 1.5-Quart Oval Slow Cooker is a great tool regardless of diet. Cookers can throw in whatever ingredients they want, let it cook while they go about their busy schedules, and have a great meal ready to eat at the end of the day. Plus, the slow cooker has 3 different heat settings so users can easily plan how long they will be away from their kitchen and when they want their meals to be ready.

4. Pressed Juice

According to the Footnetwork.ca, cold pressed juices were one of the top food trends in 2015. The juicing craze has produced an entire subset of consumers by itself. Juicers like the Brentwood Juice Extractor is perfect for juice-enthusiasts who have forgone buying expensive juice cocktails at juice bars in favor of making their own juice at home. With the Brentwood Juice Extractor, juicers can choose exactly what fruits and vegetables they want in their drink and the quantity. Everybody wins.

5. Groceries and Gourmet Meals Delivered

It seems ironic that convenience trends would lead to more food preparation, but with grocery delivery services like Fresh Direct and meal prep deliveries like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, more amateurs are trying their hands at cooking meals from scratch. What once seemed like an overwhelming task of finding recipes and ingredients and attempting to prepare a meal from scratch now seems feasible when the exact ingredients and instructions are delivered to the door. Plus, these services greatly help with portion control.

These newcomers to cooking might not have some of the typical kitchen accessories a long-time chef would. A great staple kitchen appliance for those just starting out at meal preparation is the Panasonic Hand Blender with Accessories. It includes a food processor, nonslip bowl, blending beaker, whisk, and a wall rack.

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