Be The Expert Part 2:03—4 Shining Strategies for Landscape Lighting Sales

Landscape Lighting isn’t just for Christmas Anymore

Spring is upon us. Spring means block parties, cookouts and patio dwellers that can stay long into the night. Spring delivers budding flowers and tree leaves. And, it is a time of new beginnings—new careers, new towns, new homes.

Spring also brings with it a rising interest and sales potential in landscape lighting.

Landscape Lighting to Entertain

Customers looking to add new flare to their backyards and patios will be on the hunt for lighting solutions we can help you provide. Homeowners looking to throw the best backyard BBQ will want to dress up their turf. This may come through lighting for paths and sidewalks or in the form of string lights to create a pleasant ambience.

Business owners may also be looking to add outdoor lighting to their property. Hotels and houses of worship could be looking to develop courtyards or other outdoor venues for events. Local diners and restaurants need lighting for patios. And boutiques can use outdoor lighting to make their business appear pleasant and safe after the sun goes down.

Enbrighten Café LED Lights—48ft; 24 Acrylic Bulbs

Night Stars Deluxe Series Lighting—Green and Spotlight

Landscape Lighting to Secure

Security is a constant concern, not only for homeowners, but for commercial businesses as well. When you’re trying to find new avenues by which to sell landscape lighting, keep businesses in mind—small businesses, schools, houses of worship and hospitals.

Landscape lighting offers several added security benefits. LMC Embark points out that, in addition to illuminating dark areas, landscape lighting can “improve security system visibility” and may even “deter wildlife”.  All three of these benefits speak to home and business owners.

EcoThink 36-LED Outdoor Motion-Activated Solar Light

Maxsa Solar-Powered Motion-Activated Wedge Light in Black

Landscape Lighting to Preserve

Keep the type of light in mind. There are traditional lights and LED lights, but we also need to look at solar lighting. Solar lighting connects with customers who want to reduce energy use. This is a decision that is effective ecologically and economically.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, “Over a third of all green house gas emissions in the United States” can be attributed to electric power. Reducing energy use in areas such as landscape lighting will be beneficial to consumers—and future generations.

Duracell Solar Pathway Light

Maxsa Ninja Star Solar Deck Lights, 4 pk

In addition, since solar lighting doesn’t rely on energy, consumers don’t have to pay for that energy.

Landscape Lighting to Sell

Homeowners and real estate agents trying to sell a property want to highlight attractive features—and downplay scary blemishes. Landscape lighting is a helpful tool as it can be used to draw attention to certain elements of interest—patios, lawns, gardens or well-constructed paths. It can also be used to provide a modern or trendy look to a property.

While the lighting itself may not odd financial value in the appraisal, it does add curb appeal. And curb appeal can go a long way in drawing the eye of potential homebuyers.

Rethink Solar Outdoor LED Post Light

Maximus Smart Security Light—Craftsman Design

Landscape Lighting Solutions for Everyone

Understanding the many features and benefits of landscape lighting can help you inform your current customers while also presenting you with new sales opportunities with potential customers.

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