Scheduled Maintenance Can Be a Winner for All!

Keep your customers prepared to make more profits!

How many people regularly update their filter—on time?

While there are surely those that do, the vast majority of us suffer from the problem of “Out of sight, out of mind.” Even though regularly changing the filter would improve performance and longevity of the air conditioner, we’re content to keep going forward as long as it’s working.

This is true of our kitchen appliances, our washing machines and dryers, and our plumbing fixtures as well. If no problem is evident, the consumer keeps going forward like no problem exists. That’s where you, as a retailer or installer, can come in and save the day. Because as we all know, those devices are not meant to last forever.

It Starts When You Make the Sale.

Are you collecting your customers’ data when making a sale? Building a database can make it easy for you to keep with customers and deliver service that will turn them into repeat customers. For instance, if a customer buys a new dryer, and you know that the venting on that dryer is good for five years, you can deliver that service with a reminder via personalized communication in five years.

Personalized Communication Is the Key.

Whether you are using a more complex database or just a Microsoft Excel document, you can create spreadsheets with key customer data and projected dates on when they would need particular products or services. The personalized mailing labels and notes act on three of Robert Cialdini’s key social behavior principles: Commitment and Consistency, Liking, and Authority.  

Use Opt-out Service Plans.

According to Thayer and Sustein in their seminal book Nudge, most consumers will stick with the status quo. Set-up a service and maintenance plan in which customers are automatically enrolled. They will appreciate your effort to keep their appliances running at top condition and heading off potential problems before they happen!


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