Hidden Messages from Trending Apps

What Retailers Need to Know

As retailers, we spend a lot of time researching and surveying and trying to figure out what our customers want. One easy, free way that they’re already telling us about what they value is through their app use.

By examining what apps are trending and what value those apps provide our customers, we get a clue into what products will appeal to them.

A Selfie a Day Keeps Depression Away*

According to MSPowerUser.com, WhatsApp just got even easier to share photos. Now users can share photos in groups instead of one at a time. In fact, photo sharing is one of the top reasons why people use apps and social media.

Instagram & The Rising Artíst

As photos and sharing are becoming increasingly important to customers of all types, they’re not always taking these photos on mobile. Plus, apps like Instagram, the fastest growing social media app (1reddrop.com), is based around artsy photography—and as the stakes for quality photos rise, so does the need for higher-quality equipment than the mobile phone used to access the app. According to Imaging-Resource.com, DSLR sales have risen in congruence with smartphone photography. Many users are taking photos with better photography equipment and transferring to mobile later just for sharing. This is true for both professional and amateur photographers who use photo-sharing apps as a way to market their work.

And high-quality photography equipment is more accessible to amateurs and hobbyists than ever, with plenty of consumers dishing out on a semi-professional camera to try their hand at some artsy work. Plus, an increasing number of cameras feature Wi-Fi and instant-sharing options precisely to fill this sharing-driven market, like the Canon 20.2-Megapixel PowerShot SX620 HS Digital Camera.

The Sudden Realization We’re Supposed to Drink Water

TNHotline.com reported on trending apps in January and found Aqua Alert to be one of the top downloads. This app tracks water drinking for those looking to up their intake.

Not only does that mean more customers will be looking for quality on-the-go water bottles, but there’s an even greater interest in bottles that track water usage for you, like the Thermos Teal App-Connected Hydration Bottle with Smart Lid, 24oz.

If I Walk and Nothing’s Tracking It, Does It Even Burn Calories?

And along the lines of fitness trends, smart trackers are getting more advanced. Many link up to health apps as well, like the ever-popular MyFitnessPal, which is easy to integrate with many smart tracker products, like the Garmin vivofit 2 HRM Bundle. Plus, some simpler trackers state steps right on the device, so there’s something for every type of health-conscious customer.

Distract Me, Please

Toys, Games & Avoiding the Present Moment

iSportTimes.com found over 20 trending games when examining app downloads so far in 2017. Customers are always looking for the next distraction quality leisure activity. This is true regardless of the size screen they’re looking at. Some mobile accessories even increase gaming potential, like the EVO Next Virtual Reality Headset, which is compatible with popular smartphones and many VR apps, like Google Cardboard.

The important thing is: big things are happening in gaming. In fact, according to CNBC.com, video game sales surged 10% in January to $7.47 billion. With VR exploding, Nintendo Switch just out, and the latest Xbox and PlayStation consoles out, this is a great time for video game accessories sales, and mobile app game sales reflect this customer value.

It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses Their Carefully Crafted Online Persona

Some people feel the need to get away from screens for a while, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still want to be entertained. In fact, many popular toys now connect with apps on users’ smartphones, like the WowWee MiP Robot or the Parrot Airborn Night Drone.

Getting Down to Business

Following closely behind the popularity of gaming apps, according to ThinkMobiles.com, business apps are the second-most downloaded app type with apps such as Adobe Acrobat Reader and Indeed Job Search as top downloads. As mobile devices are increasingly used for business services, offer customers accessories that make mobile a more comfortable business interface, like the Adesso SlimTouch™ 2200 Wireless Waterproof Antimicrobial Compact Keyboard. Not only is it lightweight, portable, and easy to sync with 2.4GHz wireless technology, but it’s also waterproof and antimicrobial—perfect for the busy business traveler who works from planes, airport terminals or the hotel pool.

Another great mobile business accessory is OTG memory, like the Verbatim 16GB Store ‘n’ Go Nano USB OTG Drive with Micro USB Adapter. OTG memory makes it easy to back-up important documents and emails directly from a smartphone or tablet.

Let’s Get Serious

Customers tell you what they want by what they give their time and attention to—especially when it comes to what apps they’re using. And whatever your customers want: photo equipment, better habits, entertainment or more convenient mobile productivity, there’s a product that will complement their favorite app. Don’t miss out on these opportunities!

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*Probably not


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