Boosting Profits with Playtime—Adding Increase at Impulse

Pick Up Add-On Profits by Stocking Toys for Kids and Adults Alike

Toys are no longer a kids-only world.

Over the last decade, there has been a major shift in pop culture. Thanks to the power of Marvel® and Disney, as well as shows such as The Big Bang Theory, what was once considered nerdy or geeky, is in.

Petra provides a variety of toys that can appeal to kids and collectors alike.

8-Bit Nostalgia

Minecraft is a franchise that appeals to both demographics. In February of 2017, it was reported that over 120 million copies of the game have been sold, and the game has 55 million unique players. Minecraft has branched out from the console and fans can pick up board and card games, action figures and play sets.

Carrying these Minecraft products, shows your customers that you have your finger on the pulse of pop culture—plus, you can get some easy add-on points when they see the Minecraft display at the POS.

Use the Star Wars® Force

Another cross-generational franchise is Star Wars®. One of the major factors in the pop culture popularity shift is the fact that kids who grew up enamored with Lucas’ universe have grown up.

And, thanks to the franchise being in the hands of Disney, there will be a continual interest in the product.

These licensed Hot Wheels are fun for kids and collectors. You can also use this Hot Wheels Star Wars® Floor Stand near the POS or in high traffic areas where kids, parents or collectors are sure to stumble across it.

Old Favorites

While many of these items do play to current trends, Petra offers some classic toys and board games that keep finding favor with younger audiences.

Uno, Skip-Bo, and Phase 10 are ideal for families and parties. These are SKUs that appeal to all ages. They make great birthday presents, impulse buys and stocking stuffers. They sell year round and can be marketed in a variety of ways to a number of people.

And lastly, a great novelty toy is the Magic 8 Ball. Does it serve a purpose? No. But kids love them. Plus, the Magic 8 Ball can be a fun paperweight for mom or dad.

Playtime = Pay Time

Targeting both children and adults doubles your add-on sales potential. While toys seem like a children-only market, the shift in pop culture popularity opens up new avenues for you to profit from.

Find more great toys at and start hitting those impulse bonuses now.


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