Be The Expert Part 2:07-Generation Z Goes Back to School

Products to Prepare Retailers for the World’s Newest Generation

Move over, millennials—the new kids are in town.

Generation Z—also known as post-millennials, millennials 2.0 and iGen—consists of the population born in or after 1995. According to the Huffington Post, the individuals of Generation Z make up 25.9% of the US population—the largest percentage—and contribute $44 billion to the American economy. By 2020, they will account for an astounding 1/3 of the US population.

The first generation to be completely digital and mobile since birth, Generation Z wants their lifestyles to be as fast and mobile as their data. After all, technology capabilities are important for the generation that’s grown up with the Internet, mobile devices and instant gratification.

So, what do kids want this year?

 The biggest challenge many retailers face is what kind of products they can carry that will cater to this new demographic of Generation Z as they go back to school. Well, accept said challenge, because Petra is here to help! Here are 5 high-tech products Generation Zers will be looking for as they head back to school.

A Multi-Device Mindset Demands a Multi-Device Charging Solution

According to Forbes, Generation Zers use 5 screens: smartphone, TV, laptop, desktop and tablet—up from the 3 screens that millennials use. Multiple devices call for multiple chargers—not to mention the fighting that may ensue if any of their friends need to charge their devices as well. The solution: a multi-tasking, multi-port USB charging hub.

Generation Zers can now keep all their personal devices organized, charged and ready to go with the innovative Manhattan 10-Port USB Charging Station. This unique charging station charges up to 10 devices at the same time, and features 8 storage bays with non-slip pads to keep their devices neatly organized and secure while keeping their desktop clutter-free.

Watches Aren’t Just for Telling Time Anymore

Stage and Screen Travel Services states that Generation Zers have a shorter attention span than their predecessors, meaning digital content is more likely to be scanned rather than digested. That being said, they are more likely to grasp on to short-and-sweet pieces that they can connect with visually.

This is where smartwatches come in.

Smartwatch “glances” provide ultra-brief updates and notifications that instruct and inform at a glance, removing the need for the recipient to read a lengthy text. In fact, these glances are tailor-made especially for Generation Z.

Take the Proscan Bluetooth Smartwatch. This smartwatch provides everything your Generation Z customers need and want—right at their fingertips. It easily syncs to an Android or iOS device via Bluetooth, so Generation Zers can make and receive calls, as well as read and send text messages, control their music, receive email and even connect to social media apps.

A New Generation of Thumb Drives—for the Newest Generation

The USB drive of the future is officially here.

The Gigastone 32GB USB 3.0 iFlashDrive with Lightning Connector is the world’s smallest and lightest USB 3.0 drive—and one your back-to-school Generation Zers need.

This state-of-the-art device provides direct connection between Apple device with Lightning connector and any PC or notebook—so no more worrying about unsightly cords that are becoming a thing of the past anyway.

Students simply plug the unit into their iPhone or iPad, then plug the other end of the unit in any computer with a USB port, and the drive automatically backs up all their homework, term papers and other important assignments. It even provides backup support for most social media outlets, as well as contacts, photos and calendar. No network connection, battery or charging is required. As a bonus, charge-through capability allows phone to charge while connected to computer, providing yet another way for the Generation Zer to charge their favorite devices.

The iFlashDrive also comes in a 64GB version.

Powerful Learning Devices for the Classroom and Beyond

Generation Zers tend to be excellent multitaskers, and though they can be less focused than their millennial counterparts, when it comes to school, they will create a document on their computer, do research on their smartphone or tablet, then finish in front of the TV with an electronic notebook, all while Snapchatting a friend.

Generation Z students use several different types electronic devices to complete their schoolwork, projects, papers and other important assignments. These devices are key to inspire hands-on experiences that makes learning more powerful. These influential learning tools improve students’ research capabilities, thus improving their academic performance, as well as their engagement and motivation.

Petra offers several different types of sleek refurbished MacBooks, iPads, iPhones and iMacs that will appeal to the technology-savvy Generation Zer.

Generation Z can quickly and effortlessly shift between work and play with these devices, with multiple distractions going on in the background—all while working on multiple tasks at once. Enhance their educational experience by stocking up on these electronic devices they’ll love.

Go Nowhere and Be Transported Everywhere

When you think of education, chances are that virtual reality is not something that comes to mind.

Virtual education is the newest trend and will open doors to further education by utilizing a complete blend of the real world, Internet and virtual world and applying all 3 of those techniques together.

Generation Zers will experience the thrill of the virtual world with the state-of-the-art Monster Vision VR Headset by MONSTER DIGITAL. This headset is compatible with most smartphones, on which the user can download various VR learning apps for a complete educational experience.

According to WIRED, using a VR headset complete with learning apps, one can recreate something like the Revolutionary War, and provide virtual field trips to tour the battlefields and march in high speed where the armies traveled the 13 Colonies, even meeting George Washington. Similarly, for political science, students can walk through the Washington, DC, to follow a bill as it gets turned into a law.

The Takeaway

Generation Zers, according to Vision Critical, prefer cool products over cool experiences—so now is your time to stock up on products to win over the world’s newest generation.

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