8 Must-Haves for Every Holiday Road Trip

Prepare Your Customers’ Vehicles for the Season

Wendy Taylor, Marketing Manager, The Whistler Group

Fall is tumbling toward winter and holiday decorations are out on the shelves. It’s that time of year when many people realize there’s a road trip (or two) in their near future. Planning the trip is important. But for a really stress-free road trip, it’s equally important to make sure the car is outfitted with 8 key essentials.

Beating Winter Weather Woes

Winter weather can be hard on vehicles. Engines won’t start, tires lose pressure and batteries die. Many of your customers simply don’t think about the most obvious essentials every vehicle needs to have—whether it’s winter, summer, a short trip or a cross-country adventure.

According to AAA, 4 out of 10 American drivers are unprepared in the event of a breakdown.

Help your customers prepare by providing a one‐stop‐shop for all of their road trip needs. Be sure to suggest the following 8 items every driver needs for a stress-free journey:

  1. Mobile Phone Charger
    It’s one of the most popular items today but also one of the most forgotten—a mobile phone charger or other portable power supply. It’s a must in cases of emergency. A phone’s battery can be depleted very quickly when traveling through different areas, especially if maps or a GPS are being used on the phone.
  1. Flashlight or Warning Device
    Many flashlights on the market now can be used in different modes. Look for one that can provide a solid light, flashing strobe or SOS flashing signal. This kind of light can be used as a warning device to other drivers as well as provide illumination in dark situations. Many flashlights have magnets so they can stick to the vehicle for hands‐free assistance.
  1. First Aid Kit
    Most drivers don’t think to put a first aid kit in their vehicle. A small, zippered first aid kit fits conveniently in the glove compartment or spare tire wheel well, and can be very useful on family road trips. All it takes is one fall or scrape of the knee to ruin a trip if not treated immediately.
  1. Portable Jump Starter
    Road trip horror stories seem to start with a dead battery in the middle of nowhere and no way to jump-start the vehicle. Portable jump starters are the perfect road-trip companion, yet many drivers don’t even know they exist. Small enough to fit conveniently in the glove compartment, a portable jump starter can power a vehicle with the push of a button. No additional vehicle required! Many even feature a flashlight and a USB charger for charging mobile devices, combining three of the items on this list into one convenient package.
  1. Power Inverter
    Take the stress out of a family road trip by helping the customer outfit his or her vehicle to power everyone’s portable electronics. A small power inverter can power portable DVD players, gaming systems and laptops. Kids fighting over the only 12-volt power outlet can derail a trip to Grandma’s house faster than a flat tire!
  1. Dash Camera
    Vehicle dash cameras provide both fun and safety for a road trip. The dash camera’s footage taken while driving can capture fun scenes that the family can review later and send on to family and friends. The recorded footage can also be used in insurance claims, in case there’s an unfortunate accident.
  1. Wireless Cell Phone Headset
    Some states require a wireless headset when using a cell phone in a moving vehicle. This is especially useful when traveling with a car full of kids. It provides a great way to stay connected without endangering the safety of those in the car—or annoying them!
  1. Radar Detector
    A speeding ticket is the last thing your customer wants to deal with while on a road trip. A radar detector is an easy way to alert drivers to the presence of police radar or offer a reminder if speeding. There are many different options available on today’s radar detectors, including some with GPS to alert you to the locations of red light and speed cameras. No need to spend that $250 on a ticket when it’s best spent on fun Christmas presents!

The Takeaway

Whether your customers are making an epic cross‐country road journey or simply going over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house, make sure they’re prepared for a stress‐free trip! Petra stocks what you need to keep your customers safe.

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