Petra and Holster Brands Partner to Deliver Unique Storage Solutions

EDMOND, Okla. — Petra Industries, the consumer electronic industry’s accessory authority, announces the addition of Holster Brands’ line of patented and specially formulated silicone products. They are designed to hold awkward, often hot tools such as curling irons, glue guns and kitchen utensils.

The Holster Brands line of small-item storage solutions was born out of a mom’s frustration of trying to park a flat iron on a pedestal sink. The colorful, holster-style products cling to any smooth, nonporous surface by eliminating the air between the holster’s flap and a clean and dry surface to create a temporary bond. To remove, the user simply lifts up the flap. Holster Brands’ products are easy to clean and independently lab-tested to be heat-resistant—Hot Iron Holsters to 500°F, Hobby Holsters to 400°F and Lil’ Holsters to 250°F.

“The demand for home organization products increases by 3.4% each year,” said Tate Morgan, Petra President. “By 2021, projected retail sales in the U.S. may be as high as $19.5 billion. More and more people are realizing that the only way to get a handle on clutter is to have dedicated, properly sized storage containers. We are excited to add these innovative Holster Brand products to our growing line of home and organization products.”

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About Petra

Representing more than 500 leading brands, Petra is the industry’s consumer technology authority. A perennial award-winning distributor, Petra received Walmart’s coveted 2017 E-Commerce Supplier of the year. They connect tens of thousands of top name-brand products with tens of thousands of retail partners. Petra knows that retailers rely on accessories to increase margin. Accessories for mobile devices; connected home accessories; automotive accessories; audio/video accessories; appliance connection accessories—all of the most sought after add-ons for every category of consumer technology are stocked at Petra’s massive distribution center. Founded in 1985 with a focus on and passion for accessories, today, Petra serves every segment of retail with the hottest products. Petra is a member of CEA, CEDIA CTIA. For more information on Petra, visit or call 1-800-443-6975.



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