Video Doorbells: The Gateway Camera

Video Doorbells

Introducing Customers to Video Surveillance at Their Door

Video doorbells have become the ultimate gateway camera—both figuratively and literally. For many homeowners, the video doorbell is their first experience with an IP camera, making way for more app-controlled surveillance throughout the home.

The video doorbell is an accessible technology for any homeowner, regardless of technical expertise, and provides a great value-add that’s enticing for many who may not otherwise consider a foray into the latest tech.

Tough on Crime

One of the number one reasons for any homeowner to buy a security camera for their home is to prevent theft. According to, the average dollar loss per burglary offense was $2,361 in 2016, and victims of burglary offense suffered an estimated $3.6 billion in property loss in 2016.

When it comes to the front porch, according to, 74% of packages that are stolen are during the day when homeowners are out. Plus, 11 million homeowners have had a package stolen. These types of thefts are easily preventable and caught, especially when a homeowners doorbell is recording a thief’s every move.

Video Doorbell Sales

Studies have shown that crime drops with the use of video doorbells. The presence of a security camera discourages intruders from theft, and makes it more likely they’ll be caught if they aren’t deterred. In fact, the Cleburne Times Review reports that 60% of convicted burglars said they wouldn’t break into homes with security cameras.

Stats like these are why the market for security is growing, as well as the fact that these types of cameras are becoming more and more accessible and affordable to all homeowners. According to, the sales of video doorbells are expected to grow 28% annually over the next 5 years. And it doesn’t stop at video doorbells. In fact, North America’s smart home market is expected to grow to 73 million by 2021, which encompasses 55% of all households.

Video Doorbell Customers

Young, tech-savvy, DIY homeowners are the most likely to buy a video doorbell, but this market extends beyond the expected camping-out-for-the-latest-iPhone customer. In fact, according to the Chicago Tribune, people with disabilities are looking to these and other smart home products as a way to become more independent. Senior citizens are also beginning to enjoy the benefits of smart home technologies, especially the video doorbell, that allows them to see the person on the other side of their door without getting up.

Plus, purchasing or owning a video doorbell increases the likelihood of purchasing more IP cameras—making the video doorbell and literal and figurative “gateway camera.”

The Takeaway

The video doorbell makes a great introduction to video surveillance for customers—even for those initially wary of the technology. Whether your customer is a young, tech-savvy millennial looking for the coolest new gadget, or a member of the aging population looking for new solutions that increase the quality of their lives, the video doorbell is an easy sell.

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