Anatomy of the DIY Wireless Home Theater

Wireless Home Theater

More Features, Better Quality & Less Clutter

Big speakers and boxy components used to mean better quality, and thus, more status. Those days are gone.

Today’s home theater enthusiast expect even better quality sound and visuals, but they won’t sacrifice space or appearance to get it.

They want it all. And now you can give it to them.

The Not-so-Big Screen claims that one of the most frequent questions in custom AV is “Can you hide it?”

More important than screen size is space.

  • Is the TV light, thin and conserves space? The ideal screen size will vary depending on the size of the room and placement.

In addition, now more than ever, the quality of the resolution and other features are more important.

Hidden Mounts & Components

A low-profile TV is one thing, but other components and setups can be hid completely, like projectors and screens.

For customers who really don’t want their entertainment to be seen, offer the Spectrum Series Electric Screen from Elite Screens® that disappears completely out of sight when not in use. Screens can easily be used with a projector that mounts out of site.

But even traditional media players can be made more inconspicuous.

Mounts like the Stanley® DIY Basics 23”–55” Full-Motion Mount are especially versatile, retracting to just 2” from the wall or extending to 19” for full viewing.  Plus, component shelves and mounts can keep other media, like streaming media players or Wi-Fi® soundbars, neatly out of sight.

Streaming Media

Every modern customer needs access to quality streaming content. Not only do streaming accessories make content more convenient and accessible, they are often small with minimal wiring necessary—perfect for the minimalist living room.

Pair an antenna, like the Axis® Rail™ HDTV Antenna, with the perfect streaming device for the best selection of media, like:

Wireless Sound lists control over audio as one of the biggest benefits for setting up a home theater. Good sound can make or break the experience, and hidden sound with minimal wiring is even better. Offer in-ceiling and in-wall speakers for the most discreet option.

For a few more wireless features, offer the Jensen® Bluetooth® Wi-Fi® Stereo Smart Speaker with Chromecast™ Built-in, equipped with all necessary streaming possibilities as well as providing 15 watts of sound. Or, check out the Omni S2 Compact Wi-Fi® Multiroom Speaker from Polk Audio® for streaming sound in a sleek, attractive package.

The Takeaway

Customers love accessories that add valuable features without the clutter.

When determining what a customer is looking to buy, it’s important to balance potential function and benefits with the amount of space they have, and what their ultimate goals are for their entertainment space.

Don’t forget Blu-ray™ players, surge protectors, A/V receivers, and other essentials. Shop everything you need to tie up the loose ends of your customers’ home theaters on


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