Fitness Personas

New Year's Resolution

Finding the Products Your Customers Need to Commit to a Healthier 2018

Around 21% of people will make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. It’s always the top priority for all well-meaning resolutioners; however, a stunning 92% will fail to reach their goal.

Why is this?

There are many reasons: The person isn’t passionate enough. They don’t make measurable goals. A lot of the time, people are simply too busy and don’t always have time for gym.

Most people fall into 3 main fitness personas. Learn about these personas and how you can help bring out their best by offering them cool health and wellness gear from Petra®!

 Active Athletes:

  • Who are they?
    • High-intensity interval training exercisers. Crossfitters. Runners training for marathons. People who rarely miss a workout.
  • What they need:
    • Pyle Pro® Heart Rate Monitor Watch. Maximum heart rate is the highest number of heart beats per minute an individual can achieve in an all-out effort. HRmax is useful in determining training intensities, which are most important to your active athlete.

Motivated Movers:

  • Who are they?
    • They’re aware they need to make a change when it comes to their health. Often open to new ideas for fitness. Tend to not be as hardcore as the active athlete, but definitely not an inactive idler either—slow and steady wins the race.
  • What they need:
    • Sharper Image® Total Fitness Kit. This kit features an easy-to-use pedometer, adjustable-speed jump rope, 2 jogging weights, workout gloves and a slimming belt—everything your customers need to start their fitness journey.

Inactive Idlers:

  • Who are they?
    • This group of people has little interest in working out, or they simply may be injured, suffering from medical condition or may even be too busy to find time to work out.
  • What they need:
    • Garmin® vívofit® 3 Activity Tracker Belt Clip. This activity tracker gives your customers their basic step-count throughout the day. An audible alert lets them know when they’ve been idle for an hour or longer, encouraging them to move.

The Takeaway

With the right amount of planning, specific goal-setting, accountability—not to mention technology—your customers can achieve success in the New Year. Check out our full range of health and wellness products at


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