Promote Heart Health with Omron SKUs

It’s the first month of 2018—the time that makes or breaks many a resolution to lose weight. But this year, there’s an additional reason to lose pounds and keep them off.

Weight is one factor that directly contributes to blood pressure, and the American Heart Association has recently made significant changes to its hypertension guidelines. Starting November 2017, the official threshold for high blood pressure switched to 130/80 mmHg.

The numbers don’t lie.

Because guidelines were previously set at 140/90, the percentage of Americans who have high blood pressure is up—from less than a third (31.9 percent) to nearly half (45.6 percent). Among men aged 20 to 44, the rate of hypertension nearly tripled (11 percent to 30 percent).

High blood pressure matters because it indicates an increased risk of heart attack or stroke. Medication is one way to keep this under control, but lifestyle choices are also crucial.

“How can you know if your status has changed?” asks Ranndy Kellogg, president and CEO of Omron Healthcare, in a press release. “The journey for everyone begins with knowing your blood pressure numbers. That means monitoring it regularly, so you can track changes over time—acting on your numbers to reduce the health risks that come with hypertension.”

So what can be done?

In terms of health and wellness SKUs, Omron is a great place to start. The Self-Taking Manual Blood Pressure Kit, for example, is a classic choice that would be at home in any physician’s office. It features a professional-grade stethoscope attached directly to the cuff.

Or consider the basic 3 Series Advanced-Accuracy Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor. Like so many Omron products, it can be operated quickly and easily by anyone. Besides the ability to store up to 14 readings at a time, the blood pressure monitor can also detect irregular heartbeat and remove errors caused by the user’s movement and breathing.

For an example of where health-monitoring technology is going, look no further than the 10 Series Advanced-Accuracy Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Bluetooth Connectivity. It’s advanced enough to let the user access readings anywhere and anytime, making it easy to share them at a doctor’s appointment. Other features include “TruRead.” This takes the average of three consecutive automatic readings spaced 1 minute apart!

Expect more Bluetooth-compatible blood pressure monitors to enter the consumer health sphere as smartphone technology becomes further integrated into all aspects of everyday life.

Other Omron SKUs

So what else can be done to promote health? In short, a lot. Products like the Alvita Tri-Axis Pedometer with Calories Burned allow users to keep track of their walking stats. Other SKUs, like the Full-Body Sensor Body Composition Monitor and Scale with 7 Indicators, even provide more than one measurement. Users can monitor body fat, BMI, resting metabolism and more!

Like most people, your customers want to be healthy. That puts you in a position to do something of greater significance than merely making sales. Whether for home or clinical use, Omron products provide a valuable service. To learn more, check out our Omron storefront or peruse


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