Omron Observes Heart Health Month

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only thing in February that’s associated with hearts. In fact, something much more important occupies all 28 days on the calendar. For more than 50 years, February has officially been recognized as American Heart Month (sometimes known as Heart Health Month).

The need for awareness

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics reveal a sobering reality. About one in four deaths in the United States per year—610,000—are attributable to heart disease. And numbers from the American Heart Association paint an even more alarming picture. On average, deaths caused by heart disease occur every 40 seconds.

Warning signs and risk factors include chest pains, high blood pressure and high cholesterol—but these often go unchecked. Poor dietary choices, lack of physical activity, smoking and excessive drinking also run rampant.

Solutions—aside from seeing a doctor regularly—are often simple in theory, but difficult to implement. Cut back on drinking. Cut out cigarettes. Eat vegetables and other healthy foods. Lose weight with regular exercise.

Also of vital importance: keeping track of numbers, especially from blood pressure readings.

Fortunately, people who want to get healthier (or stay healthy) are not alone in their struggles!

Products that can help

Let’s start with the basics. Omron blood pressure monitors, whether used at home or in the physician’s office, provide accurate, reliable readings. They range from traditional options like the Self-Taking Manual Blood Pressure Kit to the smartphone-friendly 10 Series Advanced-Accuracy Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor. The latter, which still retails for under $100, also features “TruRead.” This handy feature automatically takes the average of three consecutive readings!

For something that falls somewhere in between in terms of price and technology, consider the 3 Series Advanced-Accuracy Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor. It features easy, “1-touch” operation and an irregular heartbeat detector. But no matter which SKUs customers choose, they can rest assured knowing that all Omron blood pressure monitors are allies in the battle against the silent killer, hypertension.

Then there are those Omron devices that monitor other important numbers. Weight loss is a cornerstone of any effective diet, and walking is a reliable means of achieving it. But how can health-conscious customers make sure that their walks and other workouts are working? The answer lies in SKUs like the Alvita Tri-Axis Pedometer, a great way to track progress in terms of calories burned, distance covered and more. Meanwhile, the Body Fat Analyzer helps users slim down (or stay slim) by providing percentages for BMI and body fat. Both provide clinically proven accuracy from the comforts of home.

Weight loss in turns lowers blood pressure, which will result in lower readings on the monitors mentioned above and less risk of heart problems associated with hypertension. When it comes to health, it’s all connected!

The takeaway

It’s always a good time to pay attention to heart health—but what better time than Heart Health Month? Connect with to make sure that your customers have access to the health products they need to live well.


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