The Surprising Ways We Use Technology Today

A Day in the Life of the Techie

Advancements made in the last 18 years in technology have been awe-inspiring, and what once were only novelty details in Sci-Fi movies have now been normalized.

Let’s take a look at a day in the life of Tom the Techie in 2018. We will examine just how bizarre our lives today could seem when observed from the perspective of the past. This perspective can offer valuable insight on the ways that people use modern technologies in their daily lives. This perspective also serves as a reminder. It is important to analyze the value that modern devices bring to customers compared to 10 or 15 years ago.

Observing the Techie in His Natural Habitat

6:30am, Bedroom

A song faintly plays from a small NAXA Bluetooth Multiroom Speaker across a dark home, crescendoing in a melodic, upbeat wake-up alarm.

“Alexa–“, Tom Techie says while groggily pulling his mind from a deep slumber to force himself out of bed.  “Turn off my alarm,” he grumbles, and the music suddenly stops.

Shivering, wondering why he ever left the comfort of his warm bed, Tom decides to remedy the situation by turning the thermostat up. “Alexa, set thermostat to 72°F.” Alexa chimes from the other room, confirming that she has completed the task.

As Tom is still trying to will his mind awake, he opens the cupboard and reaches for the coffee only to find that he has two servings left. “Alexa, add coffee grounds to my grocery shopping list.”

7:20am, Driveway

As Tom prepares to leave for work, Alexa chimes, reminding him to start the car so that he can leave for work on time. With remote in hand, Tom clicks and holds a button until he hears his car engine roar to life outside with the heater going full blast. He silently thanks his Uncle for 100th time for gifting him a Crimestopper 2-Way LCD Paging Remote-Start and Keyless-Entry System for his car. While waiting on his car to warm up, a few quick taps on Tom’s smartphone is all it takes to have the perfect playlist queued up for the drive to work. The chilling walk outside to his toasty, warm car has never been less dreaded.

7:30am, Commute 

Tom’s Pioneer headunit beeps at him as he swings the car door shut, indicating that it has automatically paired to Tom’s smartphone via Bluetooth. There is seldom a better way for Tom to start the work day than with his personalized selection of music. It’s going to be a good day. On the way to work he even saw the Oscar Mayer Weiner car on the highway! Once at work he decides to show his coworkers the wacky-looking car on his phone by opening the app for his Pyle Compact 1080p Dashcam with Smartphone App Control, easily pulling a screenshot of the car to share in an email.

12:00pm, Lunch

Speaking of hot dogs, Tom remembers the new specialty hot dog restaurant that just opened up across town. Unfortunately, an hour-long lunch break will not suffice with traffic factored in. But, there is another option. He opens the Postmates app on his smartphone and finds the restaurant’s menu to place an order. In the checkout cart Tom notices the option to use Apple Pay. With Tom’s credit card info already saved, he doesn’t even have to get his credit card out. A short 30-minute wait later and the hot meal is on his desk without even leaving the building.

5:00pm, Living Room

The workday draws to a close, and it looks like Tom has to work on some documents from home. Luckily, they were all saved to Tom’s iCloud account, a cloud-based storage service, so it is as simple as logging in and opening the documents on his 21.5” iMac Desktop Computer.

Once finished with his work, Tom just wants to sit back and relax. Maybe watch some old episodes of The Office or open YouTube to watch some funny cat videos to entertain himself. Fortunately, smart TV’s like the Samsung 50″ 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV are a one-stop-shop for all entertainment needs and can seamlessly switch between different applications like Netflix and YouTube, much like on a smartphone. Or if they want a standalone smart device the Roku 4 streaming device can turn any TV into a smart TV. After a relaxing evening at home, it is time to get ready for bed. Tom begins his routine shutdown of the house. After crawling into bed, Tom tells Alexa, “Alexa, please shut off the TV and lights and set my alarm.” Rather than flailing around trying to find a cable in the dark, Tom places his phone on top of his SXE Wireless Charging Digital Alarm Clock to replenish itself overnight and slowly drifts off into a peaceful sleep.

Overall, it has just been a normal day in 2018 for Tom.

The Takeaway

Many past innovators never thought that they would see some of the innovations that are used today.  As a retailer, it’s important to observe how customers are using new technology. You should follow up with reminding them of the value that it adds to their lives. Comparing old technology to new is one helpful way of showing this to consumers. Visit to stay on top of the latest technology trends.


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