Personal Safety: Both a Tool Set and a Mindset

How to help your customers with their personal safety

Protecting the home is important, but what about when your customers leave the house? Safety outside the home is a mindset as much as it is something that can be addressed with tools or products. How do you have a personal safety mindset?

Plan for the worst to be prepared for anything. That’s where these three points come in. Stay charged, keep awareness, and be ready for self defense if all else fails. Prepare your customers for anything with a variety of useful accessories.

Staying Charged and Connected

Smartphones are ubiquitous now. They’re the most common personal safety accessory. Being able to call or use SOS functionality from a smartphone in case of an emergency situation is a lifesaver. But modern smartphones tend to be battery hogs. The last thing you want in a dangerous situation is a phone that’s out of battery. Keeping a smartphone charged is essential to making sure it’s ready when it’s needed in an emergency. This 3-in-1 Digipower charging cable paired with a Verbatim 2,600mAh power pack will keep that lifeline topped off and ready for action.

Keeping Awareness of Surroundings

It’s common to listen to music or podcasts in public places, but that lowers situational awareness dramatically. Most earbuds don’t allow outside sounds to be heard, which is great for audio quality but bad for staying safe. Bone conduction headphones like these Sportz Titanium Headphones with Microphone allow the user to hear their music or podcasts with decent quality. They also allow the user to keep their ears free to listen to the surroundings. They’re great for jogging or just general walking around.

Being Ready for Self Defense

What do you do when situational awareness isn’t cutting it and danger is imminent? When all else fails, these personal security measures fit in a pocket, purse or fanny pack and are capable of quickly and safely incapacitating an attacker. This Tornado 900-Kilovolt Laser Stun Gun has a built-in flashlight and laser to assist in aiming even in the dark. For a different flavor of personal defense, the Tornado 5-in-1 Pepper Spray System with UV Dye both incapacitates and marks an attacker and comes in a small, compact package. Either of these solutions offer a safe, non-lethal way to immobilize an attacker.

Safety First

You can find personal safety in more products than you would expect, when your customers are in the right mindset for caution. Here at Petra, we strive to bring you the best possible products in every category, and this one’s no different. You can find all the right personal accessories, from portable power and headphones to pepper spray and stun guns, on