How to Be Road Trip Ready

Navigating the Spring Road Trip

This spring, millions of Americans will begin to prepare for a spring break or summer vacation road trip. In 2017, AAA reported that “35% of families planned to take a vacation of 50 miles or more away from home.”

So, this is a prime opportunity for you to help customers prepare for their next road trip. The traveling and vacationing crowd offer you plenty of marketing opportunities—such as inexperienced college students, distressed dads and overzealous grandparents.

On top of getting them prepared for the journey, you can also get them prepared for bad weather, road hazards and potentially dangerous distractions.

Be Prepared…

…to help customers identify hazards and distractions that can slow them down.

While making their trip, travelers may encounter a variety of road hazards. If travelers are going long distance, they need to be especially prepared for anything. These dangers could appear in the form of:

  • BAD WEATHER — Rainstorms, fog, ice and snow can quickly slow a commute.
  • VEHICLE DAMAGE — Catching a nail in a parking lot is frustrating, and traffic jams in major cities can lead to fender benders.
  • WILDLIFE — Wild deer can cause major damage and keep travelers from continuing their turn.

However, dangers don’t always arise on the outside of the car. Road Trippers may also encounter an internal DISTRACTION along the way, such as:

  • PHONE CALLS — A simple phone call can lead to accidents on the road. Remind your customers to never text and drive.
  • WRONG TURNS — A missed exit or turn can set travelers back a few minutes or even, worst case, a few hours.
  • DISRUPTIVE CHILDREN — Children fighting or crying may distract travelers and hinder them on their journey.

Luckily, travelers can easily counter these pitfalls with great products that you can provide. Also, you could consider setting up a Road Trip display and highlight essential accessories customers can’t travel without, like the following:

  • WEATHER RADIO — A portable weather radio will keep travelers alert of dangerous or impending conditions.
  • NAVIGATOR — A GPS unit can help travelers stay on course and even help re-route in heavy traffic or construction.
  • FIRST AID KIT — A first aid kit is a MUST for anyone planning to travel.
  • PORTABLE ENTERTAINMENT — A portable DVD player or tablet can keep children entertained and out of parents’ hair.

How to Win the Game of Road Trip Readiness:

Ensure your customers have the gear they need for a safe, fun road adventure by offering product from

Letting your customers know that you have their best interests in mind helps build trust. And if they trust you, they will likely return. And those connections will allow a ROI—giving you a game winning opportunity.