From Glamping to Survivalist: A Camping Setup for Everyone

Camping gear

North Americans love to camp! And the KOA-sponsored 2017 North American Camping Report proves it. The report, using 2016 data, is a revelation. It details who camps and how many they bring along. It also details where they camp and whether they prefer tents, cabins or RVs for their campsites (and by extension, what camping gear they use).

Leisure camping is a multicultural, multigeneration phenomenon

61% of US residents camp at least once a year. More than half of them bring their children along. And 48% of them state they’ll camp even more in the future. Survey results also show both Millennials and GenZers plan to camp for the rest of their lives.

Recreation while camping is important too. Hiking and fishing are the most popular activities. So are sight-seeing, biking, bird watching, kayaking and canoeing. Surprisingly, teens are no more likely to use technology while camping than adults. Apparently, tech downtime holds value across generations.

Armed with this report’s insider information, retailers can offer more on-target camping gear merchandise. And now more than ever, there are a lot of options when it comes to outfitting the once-humble campsite. From minimalist to glamper, campsites can be accessorized to suit every person’s camping style.

Helpful personas of camper types

The Minimalist

The minimalist doesn’t need much because he or she prefers to get as close to nature as possible. Whatever camping gear he or she needs must be compact, lightweight and weatherproof. Furthermore, the campsite location might change every evening!

Consider stocking:

The Weekend Camper

Creature comforts are important to the weekend camper. Yet, a little “roughing it” is okay. After all, they can handle just a few days of minor inconveniences!

Suggested items include:

The Glamper

Enjoying nature surrounded by all the comforts of home is the ideal situation for the glamorous camper. However, your customers may not be able to afford an upscale site. But they don’t have to feel deprived. They can still experience camping with a touch of sophistication. Fortunately, there’s plenty of camping gear designed just for them!

Luxury gear includes:

Camping gear that fits any need

Getting away from it all to experience the great outdoors is growing in popularity. Plus, camping spans all ages. Also, it builds bonds between families and friends. Additionally, it provides a much-needed escape from day-to-day stress.

Americans who crave the outdoors will turn to you for advice as well as their camping gear. Therefore, go to to order the accessories they need to make the experience a memorable one—no matter what their style of camping!