Getting a Handle on 2-Way Radios

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While the classic walkie-talkie brings back thoughts of playing in the neighborhood and running through the woods, it is still a complex tool. Also, these handy tools get used throughout a variety of industries. In fact, 2-Way Radios are always one of the highest selling product categories at Petra. Designed for a range of skill levels and uses, these popular products can come in handy in many personal and professional scenarios.

On a personal level, 2-Way Radios are ideal for:

  • When traveling, 2-Way Radios:
    • Let customers make contact quickly without use of cellular phones
    • Communicate between cars to make alerts, sudden stops & lunch plans
    • Allow for group communication without the need for a conference call
  • While outdoors, users can:
    • Stay in touch in secluded areas lacking cellular reception
    • Communicate across a range of miles, depending on the radio of choice
    • Provide a weather-resistant, rugged communication alternative

However, the benefits of 2-Way Radios reach much farther than the outdoors. These devices are very handy in many industries.

Professionally, 2-Way Radios can…

…be used at a variety of job sites. lists 8 different industries that may incorporate communication through 2-Way Radios:

  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Health and Safety
  • Manufacturing
  • Security
  • Mining and Oil Exploration
  • Construction
  • Event Planning

Each of these industries can benefit from the speed and ease of 2-way communication. 2-Way Radios are also more affordable options in contrast to company cellular phone plans. From cashiers checking on the status of product in the back to hotel staff communicating between floors, radios can make tasks much more simple.

Features of 2-Way Radios

Today’s 2-Way Radios are powerful and well-constructed. As a result, they are able to hold up at construction sites, oil fields or even against raging rapids. These radios are designed for the harshest conditions; however, this doesn’t affect portability. Many radios offer a sleek design, also.

Furthermore, many have similar key features that let them go the extra mile.

  • PTT – Push-to-Talk function that allows for instant communication.
  • VOX – Hands-free communication that leaves the microphone on. So, this allows users to communicate without pushing a button.
  • Auto Squelch – “Receivers with automatic squelch controls contain circuitry to distinguish noise from useful signals and automatically enable the output only when they detect incoming signals.” (
  • Privacy Codes – Enable users to have a private conversation without outside interference.
  • NOAA Channels – Broadcasts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for daily weather forecasts and severe storm warnings.
  • Weather-resistant – Engineered to withstand exposure or submersion to/in water based upon the ingress protection standards. Based on their protection rating, they may also be dust- and dirt-resistant, also.

Over and Out

While they traditionally appeal to an outdoors market, these radios may provide a profitable solution to industry customers you haven’t traditionally targeted. Petra carries a wide line of powerful, durable 2-Way Radios that will be a benefit to any customer.