The Outdoors Have Never Sounded So Good

Knowledge is Power

Introducing customers to the plethora of outdoor audio products can be overwhelming for both the seller and consumer. Proficient provides the outdoor speakers necessary for natural, backyard-filling sound that can provide entertainment for years to come. Following are important aspects of outdoor audio installs that help create a better customer experience. These inform customers of what to buy and best practices for installing Proficient’s outdoor audio products.

Weather-Resistant & Waterproof

Proficient’s outdoor speaker lineup includes two specs of outdoor speakers: water-resistant and waterproof. While waterproof speakers are okay to be left in the elements with no coverage, weather-resistant speakers require different care. Outdoor speakers that are weather-resistant are recommended to be under some form of cover, like an eave or awning. This protects the internals from the weather over time while maintaining the same great appearance.

Wall-Mountable & Easy Placement

 Since every backyard and patio is different, so are the outdoor speakers that fill them with sound. There are multiple types of outdoor speakers to fulfill various needs and various install possibilities. Proficient carries wall mounted speakers of various levels of power and performance, as well as the stealthy Rock Speakers that can enhance the sound of any patio or outdoor area., recommends spacing two speakers no more than 10 feet apart for the best sound quality in the listening area. It is ideal to have a focal point to base the speakers around, such as a seating area, a grill, a table, etc. This rule also applies to the height at which the speaker is installed. For proper sound distribution, suggesting not installing speakers higher than 10 feet above the listening area is best, according to

Many of Proficient’s wall-mounted outdoor speakers swivel to direct the sound for an optimal listening experience. These speakers are easily wall mounted, both indoors and outdoors. The Proficient 6.5” Indoor/Outdoor Dual Voice-Coil Speaker actually does the work of two speakers by being able to play both the left and right channels simultaneously. With a large 6.5” woofer and two soft dome tweeters, this speaker is able to deliver pitch perfect highs and deep lows without distortion.

If a customer requests a discreet install, offer Proficient’s line of Rock Speakers. These speakers provide natural, powerful sound from a realistic and waterproof rock-shaped enclosure. The natural aesthetic of the Rock Speakers can actually reinforce the look of a home garden and backyard. Placing these speakers in an open backyard or front yard, away from the house, allows for users to install them where wall mounted outdoor speakers cannot go, making them versatile as well.

Choosing an Amp/Receiver

The process of matching an amp/receiver to a speaker or speaker system can vary from install to install. There are three pieces of information that are important to look at when choosing a compatible receiver or amp—the power handling of the speakers, the impedance (speaker & receiver/amp) and the max power of the receiver/amp. suggests that it is ideal to search for a receiver/amp with a power handling max that is 1.6 to 2.5 times the speaker’s power handling wattage. For example, the Proficient Audio PAS10801 has a power handling of 90 watts and an impedance of 8 ohms, so the receiver/amp will need to be able to handle 144–225 watts of power at 8 ohms (90W x 1.6 & 90W x 2.5) to keep the speaker within a safe operating range at all times.

Another important feature of modern amplifiers and receivers is the playback method. Bluetooth® receivers are very popular for the convenience of not having to manually connect to a receiver. Allowing the user to be away from the receiver and still have audio control is ideal for barbecues and parties. A receiver with a 3.5mm audio input port is another option for consumers. This is suitable for a patio or deck where the receiver may be close-by and within reach.

Mute Uncertainty

Proficient aims to provide sellers with the tools they need to sell their outdoor audio products with confidence. Providing consumers with the right info about their speaker setup leads to the best audio experience possible. As with many speaker installs, it is unlikely that a one-size-fits-all approach can cater to every consumer. Visit see Proficient’s entire line of outdoor audio products.