Making Waves with Memorial Day Must-Have Water Fun Accessories

water fun accessories

Memorial Day was established to honor the men and women who died while serving in the US military. The entire three-day holiday weekend has since become the unofficial kick-off to summer—and the time to buy summer fun and water fun accessories!

What better way for your customers to dive into summer fun than spending time by the water! Whether it’s the ocean, river, lake or pool, they’re going to want the “hot” seasonal accessories for a fun and safe splash time. So, be sure to provide SKUs beyond the obligatory shorts, swimsuits and suntan lotion!

Memorial Day by the numbers

2017 projections showed:

  • 77% of Americans plan to cook out
  • 39.3 million will travel (over 88% will drive)
  • 41.4% are likely to take advantage of Memorial Day deals
  • Projected per person spending—$330.00

Fun and adventure

  • All kinds of interesting things can be found near water, not just seashells or boats. A metal detector is ideal for kids or adults wanting to try their hand at treasure hunting.
  • If your customers are into powersports, rugged Bluetooth soundbars are a must! Illumination modes take the party off-road!
  • For nighttime fun, introduce your customers to stargazing! A talking telescope makes it easier to find and identify the stars as well as learn fun facts about the night sky.
  • Technology today is so prevalent that mobile devices WILL be used on this three-day holiday weekend. A solar-charged power bank will definitely come in handy! Just make sure your customers know they need to pre-charge it using electricity BEFORE leaving home!

Food/campsite prep accessories

  • Hot days demand cold beverages. One or two canvas beverage coolers are just what thirsty throats crave. The soft-sided coolers are also ideal for use on powersports vehicles and trucks as they won’t scratch paint or tear upholstery.
  • Of course, no one wants the food to spoil before its cooked! An extra-large cooler with wheels is the ideal way to keep burgers, hot dogs and other perishables safe.
  • Some people like to camp the entire weekend. Specials on tents and sleeping bags will find eager takers.
  • A sunny day can turn dangerous within minutes, no matter what time of year. A weather alert radio automatically warns of impending danger, providing valuable minutes to get everyone to safety.

Water fun accessories

  • Nothing puts a damper on fun like lost or ruined essentials. Keep small things like keys, IDs and cash safe from water, dust and sand damage with small, waterproof cases.
  •  A little privacy when changing clothes is a must! A small cabana that features shock-corded fiberglass poles and large, no-see-um screened windows will be greatly appreciated!
  • Getting rid of sweat, suntan lotion and sand is hard to do when there’s no running water. Large, body cleansing wipes are a handy solution!
  • Many anglers appreciate a little help when it comes to locating fish. Fishfinders provide valuable intelligence to increase the odds of catching a big fish—rather than having to invent a whopper of a tall tale!

“Welcome to Summer” fun for everyone!

Activities for the long Memorial Day weekend are as varied as your customers. Whether they head toward water or shop till they drop, give your customers the fun SKUs they want! Check out our huge selection of Outdoor, Recreation and Fitness products at!