Great Gifts for Father’s Day

Father's Day Gifts

Stocking the Right Presents for Any Dad on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming, and so are the hordes of shoppers looking for something for the man who has everything.

And that’s where we come in.

From the classic to the surprising, we have the products you need so that families can find the gifts to make this Father’s Day special. Who are the different types of dads that need gifts? We have a few possibilities here:

The Do-It-Yourself Dad

Ah, tools. The classic Father’s Day category. If Dad’s handy, this can be a great way to show appreciation for everything he does by…giving him more ways he can tackle the “honey-do” list. Or work on his own projects.

Maybe he likes to work with wood or around the house, in which case a power tool set is a great choice. Or maybe he’s an amateur mechanic—a socket set might be the best option there. Offering your customers a variety of tools can be a great way to capture this chunk of the market.

The Music Lover Dad

What if Dad likes to get home after a long day at work and unwind with some music? There are plenty of options for that, too. With great speakers and a huge variety of playback options, Petra’s selection of audio products has something for every music-lover dad.

If he’s looking for something that lets him play some of his old favorites, a turntable or cassette player might be the trick to helping him dig out his old media for another spin. Or if he’s looking for something a bit newer, there are some great streaming and digital audio solutions.

The Gamer Dad

Gaming has gone from fringe hobby or child’s activity to mainstream in the past several years, and there’s a good chance Dad likes to relax with a game of Fortnite, Call of Duty or Madden. Helping Dad get an extra edge in his games can be a great gift.

A set of gaming headphones with a microphone can make party communication easier and more convenient. Or perhaps an entire bundle—a keyboard, mouse and headphones for PC gaming—to take his game to the next level. Or if he loves racing games like Gran Turismo or Forza, a racing wheel for his console can do wonders for his virtual track times. There are plenty of options for gifts for a gamer dad.

The Fitness Nut Dad

Some dads are all about the fitness life. No matter what the weather, they’ll be out and about, whether in the gym or outside. Running, cycling, lifting weights…there’s a wide variety of activities for the dad who wants to stay in shape.

A fitness band like the vivofit 3 Activity Tracker can be a great option for a dad who’s on the move. Petra also offers a variety of workout accessories including kettlebells, ab rollers and resistance bands—everything you need to appeal to customers with fitness-conscious men in their lives.

The Outdoorsman Dad

When it comes to activities, many dads prefer camping, fishing and hunting. They love to get out into the open air and wide open spaces. Father’s Day is a great opportunity to showcase products that can support these hobbies.

Maybe it’s time for a new tent, so he can get out and sleep under the stars protected from the elements. Or maybe he’s a birdwatcher or hunter and could use a new set of binoculars, or a pair of shooting glasses. We have the gifts that your customers can use to appeal to an outdoorsman dad.

Finding Gifts for Fathers

As Father’s Day approaches, you’re going to want to appeal to families looking for the perfect gift. Here at Petra, we have the products you need to make this possible, no matter what the dad in question is looking for. Check out our full product selection on and see why we’re the right source for your pre-Father’s-Day buying.