Keeping Kids Entertained and on the Move

It seems that children of younger and younger ages are getting lost in the screens of mobile devices. But entertaining kids doesn’t have to be this way. Help them escape this zombie-like existence by offering products that encourage interaction with both the rest of the family and the world outside their door.

Burning Off That Energy!

You probably know that wearables represent a significant sector of consumer tech. (To be more precise, some sources estimate a wearables market worth $25 billion by 2019.) But did you know that fitness trackers come in kid-friendly versions?

Retailing for less than $80, the vivofit jr. Fitness Band comes from one of the leading names in the field: Garmin. This durable tracker can be controlled remotely by parents using a mobile app. It tracks steps, sleep and 60 minutes of daily recommended activity. The eye-catching, kid-approved designs include Broken Lava, Digi Camo and Real Flower.

But of course, encouraging health does not necessarily mean offering the latest in technology—entertaining kids also involves low-tech options. You can also carry timeless calorie burners like GoFit’s Classic Jump Rope.

High-Flying Fun!

Drones combine the best of both worlds: technology and the outdoors. With affordable choices like the Stellar NX Drone, kids and families can shoot footage—or even livestream—from up to 100 feet in the air. This Odyssey Toys drone packs enough power to remain airborne for 10 to 12 minutes. It can also perform flips and other nifty maneuvers.

Higher-end variants like the Bebop 2 from Parrot boast sleeker designs, longer flight times and stronger Wi-Fi connectivity.

Drones also present accessory options, as seen in the Parrot Flypad. This easy-to-use controller lets users boost their drone range while maintaining a stable signal.

Excite the Imagination!

Exploration of the world begins early. Products like the 5.0-Megapixel Fun Flix Kids Digital Camera help foster this sense of adventure. This Bell and Howell camera’s compact design makes it an especially good choice for entertaining kids on the move. It features a built-in USB port for quick sharing of life’s moments.

Then there are the Hawk 30mm Kids’ Deluxe Ultra Binoculars from Carson Optical. This lightweight yet durable product puts outdoor events into sharper focus.

But where would the camera- or binoculars-equipped kid be without their favorite tunes? The fresh air of the great outdoors doesn’t have to be enjoyed at the expense of kids’ favorite entertainment, including the songs they love—and, thanks to Maxell’s Action Kids Earbuds, it doesn’t have to! These comfortable little headphones enable continuous enjoyment of music even while running around and generally staying active! With a retail price of less than $20, they’ll be music to parents’ ears, too!

In the meantime, don’t forget the importance of keeping kids hydrated as they pursue their preferred activities. Parents can attend to this need by outfitting their little ones with the spillproof 14-Ounce AUTOSPOUT Striker Kids Bottle from Contigo.

Entertaining Kids the Active Way

Keeping children active and healthy can be a hard ask sometimes, but this range of products and ideas can help you appeal to parents who want the best for their kids. For more kid-friendly products ranging across multiple categories, feel free to browse the extensive inventory on our website.