Giving Your Customers the Best in Surge Protection


What some electronics lack in attention-grabbing pizazz, they make up for through sheer indispensability. Surge protectors are a good example of a product from which many people benefit without stopping to think about them. They are, by design, somewhat invisible.

The protection implied in the term “surge protector” covers all manner of devices that use a standard AC plug. Imagine, for example, all of the desktop computers present in a typical corporate office setting. These devices serve a valuable work purpose and store vital information. They also contain highly sensitive circuitry that is designed to withstand a set amount of voltage. This results in an elevated risk of damage in the event of a voltage spike. Any wire can be subject to power spikes.

Enter the surge protector. Generally, the higher the joules (the relevant unit of electricity), the bigger the voltage hit the surge protector will be capable of withstanding. Keep in mind that surge protectors gradually run out of joules. This means that they cannot be expected to perform forever.

A Quality Brand

With more than 9 decades under its belt, US-based Tripp Lite manufactures an appealing range of electronic solutions—including, of course, surge protectors.

The number and spacing of outlets vary, as does joule capacity. These factors help determine price.

The 6-Outlet Surge Protector serves as a solid, inexpensive example of what the company has to offer. It resembles what might commonly be described as a “power strip,” but it provides more—360 joules, to be precise—in the way of protection for workstations, desktop PCs and telecom systems. Retailing at $13.60, it also shows that protecting sensitive electronics doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank.

Some Tripp Lite surge protectors are very specific about line type. For example, the 8-Outlet Surge Protector with 3,240 joules is designed for modems, coaxial (via gold-plated jacks) and Ethernet. Other features include an audible alarm that sounds if internal components are damaged!

Moving away from the standard floor-oriented design, the cabinet-style 14-Outlet Rack-Mount Surge Protector gives owners a variety of features. These include a diagnostic LED indicator and snap-in switch that guards against accidental turnoff. And, as with many Tripp Lite products, a limited lifetime warranty confers additional peace of mind.

Then there are the plug-in variations. But don’t let their smaller sizes deceive you. The Direct Plug-in 2-Outlet Portable Surge Protector packs 1,050 joules, providing line protection for laptops, tablets, personal organizers and other portable devices. Yet its compact housing means that it weighs less than 4 ounces, making it easy to carry along in a travel case.

Tripp Lite and Petra—a Powerful Partnership

Experiencing a “surge” in interest in Tripp Lite products after reading the above? Then don’t forget that Petra carries cables, cords and more from the same brand. In fact, Tripp Lite has hundreds of SKUs in our inventory! Be sure to visit to check them out. And feel free to contact one of our representatives for more information.