One-Day Road Trip

Road Trip

The Late-Summer Getaway

With fall just around the corner, your customers will be eager to head out for that last summer one-day road trip. Different destinations demand different products. Here are some pointers to get you going in the right direction!

Music Festival/Outdoor Concert

Listening to music in the great outdoors means packing accessories to make the experience as comfortable as possible. So, besides the sunscreen, stock items that will enhance the live experience.

  • The ground is ALWAYS lumpy and uncomfortable. Ground mats create an inviting space for picnicking, snoozing and people watching.
  • For those who prefer to sit higher up off the ground, folding chairs for the able bodied as well as those with mobility issues create a more comfortable experience.
  • Binoculars help zoom in on the performance.
  • Mosquito repellent keeps those annoying biters at bay.
  • Thermos bottles will keep everyone hydrated.

Amusement Park/Zoo

So much wild and crazy fun! This kind of day trip will lead to lasting memories that definitely need to be shared.

  • Help families capture the good times with kid friendly digital cameras.
  • Selfies and fun social media posts are inevitable. Power banks keep cell phones charged so they can snap pics and post online all day long.

Family Reunion

Family gatherings mean lots of hugs, food and outdoor activities!

  • Getting prepared foods to the reunion can be a challenge. Fridge/warmers keep foods safe during transport by utilizing a vehicle’s 12-volt accessory port.
  • For your customers who like to bring along wine for the gatherings, make sure you stock wine preservers so any opened bottles can be brought back home without losing their flavor.
  • There’s nothing like outdoor lighting to set the mood for evening festivities!
  • Instant photos not only capture special moments, but they draw everyone together to look at the resulting prints!
  • To keep the fun going on into the evening hours, bug zappers minimize biting so hands are reserved for hugs and handshakes and not swats and scratches.

Lake Trip/Fishing/River Rafting

Fun on and near the water can encompass all kinds of activities. Water-related recreation ranges from fishing, swimming and boating to grilling and partying!

  • Coolers will keep food and beverages cold so hunger and thirst can be kept at bay!
  • Fishfinders can help land the main dish for a meal to be cooked on site or taken home for later.
  • Speaking of cooking, a portable BBQ grill can sizzle those fish or any meat or veggies your customers bring along.
  • For those who like to walk the shoreline, a metal detector will provide hours of fun and perhaps even yield some treasure!
  • What’s a day near water without music? All weather speakers with AM/FM radio and Bluetooth streaming enable your customers to create their own soundtrack for a great time.
  • Water and storms don’t mix. Severe weather can blow in any time of year. Stock portable weather alert radios so your customers can stay weather aware.
  • To help keep the grounds clean, a foldable trash can not only holds garbage, it can double as a ball bag, towel bag or gear bag!


Whether it’s a country drive or a hike out in nature, knowing location is a must. Carry products that keep everyone connected and safe.

  • GPS hiking receivers not only include preloaded maps, they can support geocaching, keep track of trails and so much more.
  • Satellite communicators can maintain contact when off the grid, including the ability to trigger interactive SOS messages.
  • 2 way radios are easy to use devices that keep families in touch when out of sight of each other. Since smartphones rely on cellular towers, the radios are ideal for remote areas.
  • First aid kits are a must-have when tackling adventure in the boonies. So be sure to keep them in stock!

Home Sweet Home

No matter where that one-day road trip is, you want to make sure the journey itself is a safe one. This means you should also carry vehicle safety accessories like portable jump starters with air compressors, power inverters and cell phone booster kits for cars.

Help that late summer quick getaway be remembered for the good times, not the hazards!