Optoma 4K Ultra HD Projectors

4K Ultra HD

What Is 4K Ultra HD?

How many more pixels can you fit into a single screen?

The answer is 4x what you are seeing now. Manufacturers are continuing to push the limits in respect to picture clarity and sharpness with 4K Ultra HD displays. This method of display quadruples the number of pixels on the screen that 1080p displays were capable of. It also produces both more vivid colors and more realistic images.

This technology has been slow to expand into the home theater market due to high prices but has seen a growth in recent years thanks to more affordable projectors becoming available.

The Rise of 4K Ultra HD

4K has been around since 2003 with the first 4K camera—the Dalsa Origin—being released for cinematographic purposes. Although the capability was there, the projection of movies at 4K resolution did not begin until 2011. The first home theater projector released in 2012 costing upwards of $10,000. Since then the production and commercial sales of 4K projectors have slowly increased as their prices have decreased. It is now possible to get high quality 4K home theater projectors for under $5,000 making it much more affordable to bring that movie atmosphere home.

Through the creation of 4K it has allowed nearly 8.3 million pixels to be presented to viewers on each 4K display — creating a crisper imagine that can create a more realistic experience.

Optoma Leads in Projector Display Technology

Optoma has been at the forefront of display technology and the addition of 4K has not slowed them down. They manufactured the first 4K Ultra HD ultra short throw laser projector in 2016. Optoma followed that up with the first 4K Ultra HD laser projector for home cinema the following year. Optoma and projectors have been a star-studded combination, and they continue to innovate and provide top of the line technology with each new model.

Most 4K TVs perform best when viewers are sitting 5 to 6 feet away from the TV to fully view the improvement in resolution. However, most viewers sit much farther back from their TV. Optoma’s projectors allow viewers to sit as far as 10 feet back and still get the full effect of resolution.

Optoma Looks to Keep Leading

The UHD50 4K Ultra HD Home Theater Projector offers a solid base for a home cinema. It boasts HDR technology with HDR10 & DCI-P3 to ensure viewers are getting the brightest whites and the darkest blacks—a 500,000 to 1 contrast ratio. It is also equipped for 4K Ultra HD HDR gaming

Some Optoma projectors even offer 3D capabilities—like the UHD60 4K Ultra HD Home Theater Projector—on top of all the other innovative features. This projector brings 3,000 ANSI lumens and an impressive 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio. These features bring stunning darks and breathtaking picture quality.

Looking at the top of the line in display technology will lead straight to the UHD65 4K Ultra High-Definition Home Cinema Projector—featuring true 4K Ultra HD projection capable of high levels of detail, color and an ultra sharp image. The Dynamic Black technology delivers 1,200,000 to 1 contrast ratio making for stunning black levels. This projector is designed to deliver the ultimate home cinema experience.

The newest innovation from Optoma comes in the UHD51A 4K UHD Smarthome Projector with Amazon Alexa Integration. This is the first 4K Ultra HD projector that will work with Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

Optoma is the Right Choice 

Optoma has consistently innovated and found ways to stay at the forefront of home theater technology. Through providing top of the line 4K Ultra HD projectors and integrating new technology—like Amazon Alexa—to their projectors Optoma has always found ways to stay ahead of the competition.

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