College Prep 101—Safety and Success at School


The fall 2018 semester will be here before you know it. When that time arrives, millions of freshmen will enter a completely alien environment—the college campus.

For many, the experience will be not only exciting but more than a little scary. After all, they will be leaving the comfort zones that they have known for their entire lives up to this point.

With this major life-change in mind, here are a few suggested products to help college students feel safe, secure and ready for success in the new academic year!

Safe and Secure on the College Campus

Bike Locks

  • Bicycles serve as a reliable mode of transportation between classes, but theft is a very real concern. To stay on the safe side, students should be equipped with a security device like this Matchkey Bike Lock from WordLock. It comes with two keys that match the color of the lock and contain its keyword.

Personal Security

  • Assault remains an unfortunate reality on campus. Students in general and young women, in particular, should take precautions. Personal security essentials like pepper spray stand the test of time as an effective means of thwarting attacks.

Keeping Track of the Important Stuff

Laptop Backpacks

  • Laptop PCs have largely replaced traditional pen and paper in the classroom. SKUs like the 15.6” Notebook Backpack from Case Logic provide a durable means of transporting these precious devices from one place to another. Other great options come from manufacturers like Mobile Edge and Tucano.

Cell Phones Cases

Back at the Dorm

The Bare Necessities

  • A jolt of morning energy may be necessary to get students to that 9 a.m. psychology class on time. Help make this happen by stocking affordable, easy-to-use coffee makers. And don’t forget the microwave to warm up those breakfast Hot Pockets! Magic Chef offers numerous reliable options that won’t break the bank.


  • Students living away from home for the first time will need a way to keep drinks and food cold. That’s why compact refrigerators have been a dorm-room staple for decades! To give just one great example, the Culinar 1.7 Cubic-ft Compact Refrigerator retails for less than $100 and provides auto defrost, ultra-quiet operation and a space-saving flush-back design.

Gaming Accessories

  • After a long day of classes, even the most diligent student will need some time to unwind. Give them the gift of gaming with products like the Atlantic Gaming Desk, which includes a charging station, speaker trays, storage drawer and too many other great features to list here! Then there are the latest accessories for major consoles like Nintendo and PlayStation.


Consider yourself a graduate of this brief course on useful products for the campus and dorm room. Interested in more advanced studies? Feel free to contact one of our representatives or browse the extensive inventory encompassing multiple product categories on!