Flipping the Fall Fixer Upper

fixer upper

Tools to Seal the Deal

According to Real Estate Worldwide, an estimated 250,000 people in the US look for fixer upper properties to flip each year. Fall is an especially busy time to home flip.

  • Moving tends to be cheaper during the fall.
  • The weather is cooler—making rehab work easier—and everyone wants to be in their new digs before the winter holidays.
  • The possibility of much-needed off-season work for contractors may mean flippers can negotiate better prices.

In order to tap into the flipper fixer upper market, create an eye-grabbing, 3-D display that will draw interest. At the heart of your display should be tools that flippers or home remodelers need.

Reality Check

Reality TV shows about flipping often don’t deal with budget pitfalls. Show customers you care by posting a thought-provoking, reality-check sheet that encourages potential flippers to think things through before committing to a purchase:

  • Budgets can go out the window rather quickly, escalating costs and overpricing the fixer upper for the neighborhood, making it hard to sell
  • Too-cheap upgrades can also make the house harder to sell
  • First time flippers should plan on flipping a cheap house into a nice one, rather than flip a nice house into a premium one

Tool Choices

Whether your flippers do most of the work themselves or hire contractors, everybody needs quality tools to get the job done right. These kinds of tools are also ideal for a homeowner’s own remodeling needs.

Here are some ideas on what to showcase, based on the needs of a typical fixer upper.

1. Structural Remodeling

It’s best to buy a house with a floor plan that works and that has a good foundation, roof, plumbing and mechanical systems. But sometimes the walls have to move or at the very least the drywall needs to be replaced. Make sure flippers have pro grade tools with which to tear out, install and clean up!

2. Wiring and Custom Installations

Existing wiring in a fixer upper can be a mess. Or worse, the wiring is so unsafe that it can’t handle modern appliances. In those cases, an electrician needs to be called in. But speaker and intercom wiring is another story. If there is an antiquated in-house intercom, it can be updated. And for a higher-end flip—as well as remodeling projects—it’s a great time to install ceiling speakers for a home entertainment system!

3. Finishing and Hardware

Seasoned flippers never underestimate the value of new paint, new hardware and attention to detail. Bathrooms and utility rooms should be properly vented and a smart door lock is a great selling point!

4. Curb Appeal and Landscaping

If the outside of the house is an eyesore, potential buyers will drive right on by. So, a neat, clean and manicured appearance is a must!

For Sale

Flips require work. Regardless of the structural or aesthetic need, the goal is to get in and out of that fixer upper in under 3 months to generate a quick profit and avoid the slow, winter real estate months. Therefore, help your flippers maximize jobsite productivity by selling them quality products. Check out all our tools and home improvement SKUs on Petra.com!

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